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Why people don't leave the city for the land

Recently we were brainstorming on why people just don't go and live in nature. I mean 100.000's of abandoned villages, available and almost free land all over the place, whats really keeping everyone in this madness ?!?

Most people completely entangled by their broken programs from the youth which strongly dictates a fear of life. People are convinced that life is dangerous.

Our programs tell us that system will protect us from wild and dangerous nature.

Here is an example from the movie “Into the wild” - it shows us that a human which is programmed to live in to society is not taught at all how to survive or thrive in nature. He doesn't even have an adequate and proper thinking process.

The main character goes into wild nature in winter and basically just kills himself because of his stupidity. He does not know how to live according to seasons, how to stock up provisions and make preserves, and what proper actions are needed to be performed in order to operate in severe season (fire wood provisions, oven for warmth, insulation etc) .

In order for us to understand the step-by-step actions which are required from us to live on the land we need to change everything in our state of consciousness.

Because most of us were formed by the system whereby we just go to a hypermarket to buy ready made products, we do not realise that these products are from the land and most of us do not know how to prepare or grow the products we consume.

We just know what we need is packaged and sold to us and therefore we are not able to create a self sufficient life, because we never prepared for ourselves what we consume.

We think that everything can be acquired through money and we believe that nature does not give it's abundance of fruits and gifts without special conditions where it is chemically fertilised, packaged and sold...

We do not believe that we can create something with our own hands , and if we do create something on the land then we will burn out completely, and nature will suck all the juices out of us... and we'll just just drop dead from over exhaustion after growing 2 kgs of potatoes (for eg.)

Whilst we are being chased by the programs we simply execute everything they dictate, WITHOUT REALISING that a specific programs is dictating what we do. We simply do! We take our broken programs as CORE TRUTH. We do not realise that we believe in these programs but we simply "trust" that this is how life works. But we never question where this belief comes from.

Another broken program which keeps us in the city is our belief in status and that we are "SOMEBODY" if we have plenty material (home, car...) and non material (status, titles...) to prove our self worth. If these "Values" are sacred to me and the only place where I get "them" is in the city then how on earth will I ever leave the city.

Then leaving the city = death of all of these "values" and this means death of me. i.e. if I falsely equate MYSELF to all the fake "values" which I am programmed on, then loss of these "values" = a death of me.

The real truth is: when I let go of these fake "values" in reality I will gain true freedom however my programs dictate the opposite - that I will die...

Here is another example: When some kids came from America to Russia and saw real chickens they started crying in fear because they only saw a packages of 3 "bush" chicken legs and they truly believed that chickens have 3 legs. The children got scared, this is how messed up they are by the system and its' programming. These children are so far removed from understanding how nature functions and how nature wants to share it's amazing gifts with everyone who is prepared to just accept them (mulch the land, grow comfrey to fixate nitrogen, compost kitchen waste and humanure, water and care for her)

When I leave a system of coordinates which sold everything ready made for me I am now not able to have the ability to support myself... as absurdly as this sounds.

In order for us to stop being scared of nature which is ever giving and ever providing, we need to go through a lengthy path of of physical work on the land, learning organic principles of growing food as well as deep psychological work with my subconsciousness and broken programs.

Our broken programs scream completely opposite to us "Nature is an enemy" but we do not hear the truth - "Earth is ever giving and caring". This happens because we believe that everything we use and need can be bought with money...

Zoya and Alosha

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