practical know how on emotional maturity + diy skills for living on the land

Alёsha Lynoff

We are losing 5 billion acres of old-growth forest each year, for the heating of our homes 

Emulating the models, systems, and elements of nature we have developed an affordable DIY home, for cold climate. Wautillarium passively achieves a  year-round comfortable t°, using laws of physics and compost producing thermophilic bacteria. Wautillarium is an innovative, game-changing building technology, inspired by and in alignment with nature, inviting you to create and live within a harmonious home, that threads lightly on the Earth".

My love for Bio Architecture and nature started back in 2000with curvilinear decor of clubs and events (3D Deco). This set me on a journey around the world in search of structural Gaudi forms. In 2007 I went to Mexico on a flying concrete workshop with Steve Kohler and this spun me further on a journey around the world learning practical permaculture wisdom as well as EMR & Geopathic stress protection from international ecological masters Mike Reynolds (1 month Earthship academy and apprenticeship in Malawi), Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Design Course) Ibrahim Karim (Bio Geometry, Nader Khalili (Cal-Earth), Hajjar Gibran (Dome Gaia), Josh Kearns (slow sand biochar filtration), John Todd (living machines) and a few others.

I have practically experimented with all the learned wisdom on my farm as well as our urban permaculture playground homestead. Now that I have relocated to Russia I am busy redesigning an Earthship to be temperature stable in the harshest northern climates of our planet with no winter sun - WAUTILLARIUM BIOTECTURE

Making countless expensive mistakes in my permaculture ecosystems assisted me to perfect nature-inspired eco-tech.

My ethos to mimic nature's genius as we catch what comes from the sky, treat wastewater and garbage as assets, and creatively use natural resources to create self-regenerative Bio-Architectural homes induced with beauty, life force, and self-regeneration.

I am not prepared to close my eyes to the ecological disaster which is approaching at a scary pace, When one is not hiding from the truth like it is accustomed by our society, we clearly see the necessary steps that we ought to undertake in the shortest time frame. These exact action steps are what we are disseminating through our live and online training all over the world.


Together with my wife Zoya we are not just bringing up the urgency towards actions on our ecological state, we put the emphasis on our inner emotional states that result in our cancerous actions that lead towards an ecological catastrophe. Join our youtube channel 


Workshops attended

  • 2007 – 2 week Ferro Cement Gaudi Construction in Mexico

  • 2008 – Cob Construction with Florian Kroll in Johannesburg

  • 2010 – 1 week Grow Bio Intensive workshop with John Jeavons in South Africa

  • 2011 – Living Eco Machine construction and basics of Ecological design with John Todd at the largest wetland in the world (Okavango Delta)

  • 2011 – Earthship Bio Tecture Seminar in Taos New Mexico

  • 2011 – 10 day practical training on SuperAdobe at Cal-Earth Institute of Land Art and Architecture in California.

  • 2012 – 2 week Permaculture Design Certification with Geoff Lawton

  • 2013 – 3 week Earthship School Build in Malawi. Construction using tires, cans, bottles as well as other low tech ways for 3rdworld countries

  • 2015 – 1 week practical on Slow Sand Bio Char Filtration with Josh Kearns from Aqueous solutions in Thailand

  • 2016 – 10 days workshop on Air Crete Dome building with Dome Gaia in Mexico

  • 2020 – Full 1 month Earthship Academy with Earthship Veteran crew

  • 2020 - Food Forest Workshop with Martin Crawford  


Zoya Lynoff

Zoya, Alёsha's wife, has spent many years trying to understand why people carry deep suffering throughout their lives. From her early childhood years, she has realized that almost every adult thinks that they need to play a "double game". Living a miserable life, with incredible tenacity they simultaneously imitate a joyful state. Only when she started to play this same fake role, in her adult years, did she link that the obsession to live a successful and happy life is the source of suffering.

Between the following two points of duality: 

  • fear to look towards one's sacred honest feelings and 

  • imitation of fake happiness

we birth a gigantic mountain of suffering, which lasts an entire life.

Only until Zoya understood that even by asking the right questions she could not change anything in her inner state, she started to "archaeologically dig" and meticulously unravel the polarity war at the level of neurons. Through many years of deep inner practice, she opened up towards the feeling of mindful harmony and a peaceful inner state.

You can contact us at:  alosha {at} bioveda.co