I am launching a new guided online training program where I will take you through you all the aspects of designing your own solar passive eco-home. We will kick off with paperwork using basic tools such as a compass and a ruler and then, as a group, we will take my latest (Dec 2021) Earthship-inspired drawing into Rhino 3D software. Yes, you will draw this same design with me as I guide you along every step of the way.


The course will be interwoven with short video snippets from my previous live builds, as I explain hands-on conclusions and construction methodologies to get our homes from paper > to > 3D software > to > to physical reality. My main aim is for you to be able to build your creations and live in them or rent them out for additional income.

It will be a guided class with ten 2 hour sessions over the course of 5 weeks. The camera will be placed right over my desk so you will see my hands and full-scale drawing, as you follow along. I will share my screen whenever we are doing Rhino 3D work so you can see exactly what to do and why. If you fall behind you can always go back to tutorials and watch them again.

At our course, we will take a close look at the blueprints for the EcoDome from CalEarth and details from the Earthship plan views. This will guide you to all the details that need to be in place on our set of drawings in order for our homes to be approved by a structural engineer  - which is a first vital step for our Bio Shelters to get a "Certification of Occupancy" stamp.

What makes my design methodology and teaching methods unique is that you will learn how to design buildings that can be practically constructed with a minimal amount of materials (due to catenary domes and vaults) by an amateur builder with little or no prior building experience.

Being able to visualize your home first on paper and then in 3D is the first big step towards realizing your dwelling in reality. We all have different needs and live in a variety of climatic conditions, thus said being able to create your own masterpiece to fit your family and location on earth is a great way to save a lot of money on architectural fees.

I will delve deep into the basic rules and guides that ought to be observed for our homes to stay structurally strong. These include but are not limited to - the distance between openings, shape, and size of openings in Sandbag and Aircrete homes. Also safe wall thickness in relation to the size of your rooms.

We will look at the pros and cons of 3 building techniques that we can use to create our homes 

  1. Sandbag construction of domes and vaults 

  2. Aircrete and hemp bricks of domes and arches

  3. Ferro cement and monolithic construction of domes, vaults, and seashells

We will have a live telegram group for the duration of training where you will be able to ask questions and interact between other students and me, prior to and after the lessons.

The aim of this course is for you to be able to present your own set of professional drawings to a structural engineer and local authorities. Without a proper set of drawings, you have no chance of having your home ever approved.  Architectural fees clock up very quickly especially when it comes to something they are not used to, such as natural buildings with vaulted or domed ceilings.

Because the eco-construction techniques we use are very cost-effective and can be done at your own pace DIY style, the only thing that is left to do is: to visualize what you want to build. If you can see it from all sides, which the 3D software allows you to do, then you can build it!

No prior Rhino 3D software training is required. I will direct you to a preparatory video to get to know the controls and in our training, I will guide you step by step on how to build every part of the building. You do however need to be somewhat computer savvy. All the skills I teach can and will be mastered as you practice. 

The layout of the 10 lessons over the course of 5 weeks


  1. presentation of my past designs and their detailed study of why, how, and what. Taking detailed study what challenges that are experienced in building these structures 

  2. Micro-SyS Drawing of a simple bio-shelter on paper, compass, ruler. Deep understanding of why do we design homes with these basic catenary shapes

  3. Working with tracing paper, planning plumbing and electrical. Complete the design on paper in color

  4. Drawing Micro-SyS design in 3D from start 

  5. Finishing up the Micro-SyS design in 3D software 

  6. Studying a complex version of Therm-iUM 2022 and laying it out in Rhino 3D

  7. Therm-iUM >>> drawing the greenhouse and walls as well as the roof structure 

  8. Therm-iUM >>> finishing the burial, adding plants, and lighting our home

  9. Detailed study of Cal-Earth and Earthship blueprints 

  10. We will look at what is necessary for our eco-homes to be approved by code


here are various home designs that I drefw over theyears that we will study during one of the lectures. The final 2022 design is what we are going to draw in Rhino 3D software.

  • conceptualize your home based on your climate, budget, needs, and level of skills

  • draw your concepts on paper, top view (plan), side view (section), elevation

  • take your sketches from paper all the way into 3D software and draw them in 3D

  • add details to your drawings that are necessary to meet the code

  • what it takes (liquid waste, structural integrity permit etc)  to get our homes approved

  • detailed study of a professional blueprint from CalEarth as well as Earthship Biotecture.  

  • You will be provided with 1 drawing of your choice from my 3D library


Q: After paying $105 USD, when can I have access to the course? Does it start in January or now? 

A: We will start around the 27th of January. It is a guided live training that will happen online, it is not a prerecorded course


Q: Do we have a monthly payment plan?

A: We believe in fair energy exchange. The best we can do is for you to pay one week upfront x5 weeks OR 50% deposit in Dec and 50% halfway into the course 

Q: I am worried that with my schedule and different time zones I will not be able to attend live sessions.  

A: My presentation will be recorded and an email with the video link will be sent out immediately. If for some reason everyone can't make it all at one time then I am prepared to do 1x AM and 1x PM live sessions every day to be able to answer all your questions and assist you with anything that you are stuck with.  

Q: Is this course just about 3D drawing, what if I am not computer savvy?

A: Our guided course will include quite a bit of time designing on paper with a compass pencil and a ruler. Rhino 3D is very intuitive, and with practice, you will become better and better. I will teach you all the tools I use in Rhino 3D to design our eco homes.


Q: If I can't or don't want to draw in 3D can I still build my home. 

A: Of course, you can. If you can draw a scale sketch of your home as seen from the top, side, and a few slices through it, you will be able to build your own home. This is exactly what we will cove at our training 

Q: Your next course looks very interesting - I am pausing as I consider the investment that Rhino 7 requires, I am not an official student with credentials of any kind to get the student version, so the commercial license is nearly $1,000 - is there an alternative you would suggest to look into?

A: Rhino 3D is free for 3 months and after that, with a new email you can get it for another 3 months and so on...

6 months is ample time to design a home. No need to pay for the software at the moment unless you start pushing professional designs for others.


The cost of our 20-hour training is $210 (incl. PayPal fees)