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Hi, my name is Alosha and I'm the brain behind Bio-Veda Academy. I design Passive, Integrated Living Bio Shelter Habitats, that are inspired by nature and I teach DIY natural building methods that are easily replicable by anyone who is willing to put in the time.

In my new Trio of Vaults Video training  you’ll learn how to draft a vaulted home using pencil & compass and then I will show you how to model this same drawing in 3D CAD. By having these basic architectural skills, you'll be able to make the necessary changes to suit the available materials at hand, your budget constraints and even accommodate the building code restrictions.

You will also learn how to build the following 3X types of Vaults from ground up:

  1. Buried "Hobbit" style Roman Arch Vaulted Home that cost me 1000 USD on materials 

  2. Gothic Arch Home (coming winter 2023) that I 've build as my own family home

  3. Ferro cement vault that we built in Brazil at my workshop

Even if you absolutely have no money, you'll resonate with my methodology as I'll share with you ways to use free materials such as palettes, throw away plywood for beams as well as polystyrene for insulation. As I sponsor all my builds I FOCUS ON KEEPING THE COSTS DOWN by finding alternatives in everything I do.

If you follow my step-by-step construction instructions I guarantee you that you will be able to build you own arched home at a fraction of the price of the conventional home.

if you have any questions, we have LIVE ZOOM calls as well as a chat room on social media

What can be better than to be able to say to yourself: "I am not just an artist or a builder; I AM A CREATOR , because I was able to follow through from my own idea to its creation in a physical realm, just by using my head and hands...

I present to you Bio-Veda's new hands-on course, with LIVE ZOOM support, which is unique of its kind in the world of Bio-Architecture: 

Click to view a 200 sq ft Gothic Arch construction blueprint for countries with strict building codes



  • After your payment you will receive 7x detailed construction step-by-step lessons on  how to build a Roman Arch Buried Hobbit Vault as well as how to draw a complex geometrical foundation on the ground. Sample lesson is here

  • On the 2nd of September, we will start with a live zoom session where we will dive into an in-depth pencil drawing class drawing the top, side and front view of our gothic arches, whilst sharing some do's and don'ts. There will be a repetition of this lesson for every 30 new students we get

  • Then I will release 1-2 3D drawing lessons which you will be able to follow and redraw  them in Rhino 3D

  • From mid November 2023 I will release 1 in-depth construction lessons every 1-2 weeks on the Gothic Arch and HyperAdobe Walls

  • You will be able to ask questions about any of the construction process in our telegram group

  • For all the students I have uploaded a bonus step-by-step construction lesson on  Earthship's WATER ORGANISING MODULE (a 12V system to deliver and pressurise stored water to all your taps)

The presale price of our Trio of Vaults Course is $150 USD and it includes a 200 sq.ft. construction blueprint  (ONLY UNTIL THE END OF NOV)


Q: Will I be able to build a gothic arched home or roman arched home after watching this course


A: Yes you will be able to build your own home. My step-by-step instructions DO NOT skip a step. By following what I did you will reach the same result. With practice you will become a better builder

Q: What if I don't have money for timber and costly insulation, will I still be able to build a home?


A: I am also building on a super tight budget, at times stopping my construction to make a some funds in order to continue. I will brainstorm with you some ideas on how to build on literally with no money. For example by using free palettes and striping them. Your arches can be made up of glulam (layers of timber sandwiched & glued together) timber pieces that are salvaged from palettes or from throwaway construction plywood. Timber from palettes or salvaged yards can also be used to cover the arched struts. As far as insulation goes, free polystyrene from packaging can be made into an excellent super low cost insulation. 

Q: When can I have access to the course? When does it start? 

A: 7X lessons with details construction details of the hobbit buried roman arch vault will be released straight after the purchase (please allow for up to 24 hours for registration. Lesson on Hyper Adobe will be released by Nov-Dec 2023 and the remaining gothic arch lessons will be released Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

Q: You have so many various designs, why did you settle on the Gothic Arch

A: I found it to be the best and fastest way for an inexperienced builder to create a large home on a shoe-string budget. Now that I am living in a home I am able to design and experiment with my signature Wautillarium Home 

Q: If I can't get through all the material by the end of the course, will I have access to the videos?

A: Yes our tutorials will be available to watch indefinitely into the future as I keep on yearly paying for my vimeo subscription.

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