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You may ask how is it possible that an architect, who usually can't even hold a hammer, can be a builder at the same time  ?!

I  dare to state that fusing an architect's drafting skills with DIY building skills is the best that our reality offers, for anyone who wants to TRULY build their own debt free home. 


I just launched our new training that provides an opportunity to learn, through guided practice, drawing and building skills. You will be able to draft your dream home on paper & CAD and then be guided, from earthworks to the completion of construction!


By being able to use pencil, compass & a ruler as well as 3D CAD, you'll be able to make the necessary changes that suit the available materials at hand, budget and even accommodate any building code restrictions. Besides the drafting, our training goes in depth of the finest details on how to build a 500 SQ FT home that fits under the building code radar, from foundation all the way to plumbing.

You will learn to build 2X types of Vaults: a buried "Hobbit" style Roman Arch Vaulted Home, that cost me 1000 USD on materials and a Gothic Arch Home that I 've build as my own family home.

Even if you absolutely have no money, I'll share with you ways to use free materials such as palettes, throw away plywood for beams as well as polystyrene for insulation.

What can be better than to be able to say to yourself: "I am not just an artist or a builder; I AM A CREATOR , because I was able to follow through from my own idea to its creation in a physical realm, just by using my head and hands...

I present to you Bio-Veda's new hands-on course, with LIVE ZOOM support, which is unique of its kind in the world of Bio-Architecture: ​




  • After your payment you will receive 7x detailed construction step-by-step lessons on  how to build a Roman Arch Buried Hobbit Vault as well as how to draw a complex geometrical foundation on the ground. Sample lesson is here

  • On the 2nd of September, we will start with a live zoom session where we will dive into an in-depth pencil drawing class drawing the top, side and front view of our gothic arches, whilst sharing some do's and don'ts

  • Then I will release 1-2 3D drawing lessons which you will be able to follow and redraw  them in Rhino 3D

  • We will then have another zoom call to answer all your questions about Rhino 3D drawing class.

  • From mid September I will release 1-2 in-depth construction lessons on the Gothic Arch 

  • You will be able to ask questions about any of the construction process in our telegram group

  • For all the students that register before 15h of August I will provide a full bonus step-by-step construction lesson on  WATER ORGANISING MODULE (a 12V system to deliver and pressurise stored water to all your taps)

  • In the middle of October we will have a final ZOOM call where you can ask anything that is still unclear to you.


training started on 16/09/23 Next class is in 2024
all lessons are prerecorded and you can watch them without an expiry date.
All zoom sessions are recorded as well

The cost of our Draft & Construct a Duo of Vaults Course is $200


Q: Will I be able to build a gothic arched home or roman arched home after watching this course


A: Yes you will be able to build your own home. My step-by-step instructions DO NOT skip a step. By following what I did you will reach the same result. With practice you will become better and better. 

Q: What if I don't have money for timber and costly insulation, will I still be able to build a home?


A: Myself I am building on a super tight budget, at times stopping my construction to make a some funds in order to continue. Yes I will brainstorm with you some ideas on how to build on literally with no money. For example by using free palettes and striping them. Your arches can be made up of glulam (layers of timber sandwiched & glued together)  timber pieces that are salvaged from palettes. Timber from palettes or salvaged yards can also be used to cover the arched struts. As far as insulation goes, free polystyrene from packaging can be made into an excellent super low cost insulation. 

Q: Rhino 3D costs  1000 USD, I can't afford that

A: There is a 3 months trial version which is more than ample for you to do all the necessary design and modifications to your gothic arched vault. I will provide a version for you that you can use for Mac, forever. PC version needs a little tinkering (by you) but I also have it installed forever for free.


Q: When can I have access to the course? When does it start? 

A: 7X lessons with details construction details of the hobbit buried roman arch vault will be released straight after the purchase (please allow for up to 24 hours for registration. We will kick off on the 2nd of Sep with the drawing part of the course (with other 2D & 3D Bio-Tecture Drawing Course students) and then continue with the building part. You will have the entire training by no later then mid October

Q: You have so many various designs, why did you settle on the Gothic Arch

A: I found it to be the best and fastest way for an inexperienced builder to create a large home on a shoe-string budget. I was able to build it mostly alone with one other labourer helping me when I needed a pair of extra hands, when hanging the windows. To accelerate the build on a rare occasion I had 2 other labourers whilst mounting the tin roof and building hyperadobe walls.

Q: Do we have a monthly payment plan?

A: You can make a 50 USD payment per month X4 months

Q: Is this course just about 3D drawing, what if I am not computer savvy?

A: 3D CAD part is about 5% of the course. The other 5% is the pen, pencil and graph paper part.  Thus  even if you can not draw your gothic arch in 3D CAD you WILL STILL BE ABLE TO BUILD YOUR HOME. All planning will just need to be done by you on paper. Paper part of the course ALSO does not require you to be able to draw. We will use compass, pencil and a ruler.  If you can draw a scale sketch of your home as seen from the top, the side, and the front; you will be able to build your own home. My focus will be to link drawing to real life experience.

Q: If I can't get through all the material by the end of the course, will I have access to the videos?

A: Yes our tutorials will be available for at least another year.

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