a self-study online video course which will assist you to create water Self Sufficiency in micro spaces, in the shortest time possible; through a variety of low tech DIY & affordable projects.


learn to build your life supporting off-the-water-grid eco system

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Immerse yourself into a healing symbiosis with nature by learning how to build your own Water Self Sufficiency eco system. Having your own abundant source of portable water is paramount to your sovereignty. 

Mike Reynolds from Earthship academy wisely stated that water supply is effected by war, political disputes, economic crisis, drought and now even the pandemic. Water availability is linked to too many variables that are out of our control. 

Healthy living water for our bodies and for growing of our food is a sure way to build healthy immune system. Bio-UPgrade your skills with Bio-Veda's step-by-step online Water Self Sufficiency video class 



Learn from the comfort of your home how to:


  1. Harvest rain and snow from road, pavements, roof and in the ground 

  2. Build beautiful and discreet water reservoirs that will enhance  any landscape

  3. Construct a low cost bio char filter which turns city rain into living spring water

  4. Build biological botanical wetlands which reuse all the waste water 7X over

  5. Transform a chlorine pool into a healthy eco pond for swimming &  water back up 

  6. Design and implement terraces & earthworks that make up water wise food forests

In our Abundance of Water online step-by-step video immersion you will learn how to practically build up your own Water Self Sufficiency life supporting eco system


$99 for full Bio Dome Home masterclass


Learn build an alternative low cost gutter systems + simple permaculture earthworks that impregnate and store water in the ground. You will also learn how to build a simple leaf and dust catcher which filters roof water

Learn to construct 3 types of water tanks: Ferro Cement 6000L + Sandbag 16000L + underground 40000L water reservoir underneath a dome home + build constructed wetland to transform chlorine pool into an eco pond

Learn to build a Slow Sand Biochar filter which will treat 300 Litres of city rain or borehole water ,per day, and turn it into to pristine spring quality. You will also learn how to remove Iron from borehole water and pretreat and remove nutrients from funky harvested water prior to Bio Char filtration.

Learn to create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water. We will install a biogas digester which will make flammable methane from sewerage and build a wetland to turn poo into clean irrigation 

About your trainer

Alosha is  a visionary leader designer, inventor, master geometer and water wizard. 

He has converted his suburban home into a self sustaining and self regenerative living organisms that is completely off the water and electrical grid without tapping into any ancient borehole water.

He has completed his degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega and has attended over 10 international workshops on self sustainability with the following experts.


Mike Reynolds -

Geoff Lawton - Alosha received his permaculture design certificate through his school

Mike Reynolds - Alosha studied EarthShip Biotecture with Mike and constructed wetlands and botanical cells which have been perfected for over 45 years. In 2020 Alosha has completed a full Earthship Academy
Josh Kearns - Alosha learnt Bio-Char filtration in Thailand from Aqueous Solutions.
John Todd - has taught Alosha the basics of ecological design , biomimicry and construction of eco living machines.

Thomas Linders - Alosha studied from Linders. Thomas has been constructing wetlands for over 20 years.

Spending 3 years on a farm he experimented with low cost dome shelters , food growing Machines , earthworks, wetland constructions  and holistic ecological design.

Here's how the Abundance of Water course is structured
Detailed theory
  • Before every module you will learn a little  theory prior the practical application. This will assist you to think for yourself should you want to make any changes to your DIY eco system.

  • Intro and class room theory: roof gutters, leaf catcher, first flush,                                    pavement catchment & road catchment

  • NEW LESSON Building of the tower with a gravity shower under and

       plumbing a water tank 

  • Mistakes & improvements

Hard Surface
Harvesting water in the ground - Earthworks
  • Eight principles of successful water harvesting 

  • Different types of earthworks: berm & basin, swales and terraces

  • Mistakes and Improvements

Sandbag water reservoir
  •  Construction of sand bags with a floor slab and sump

  •  Construction of ferro cement supportive wall

  •  Plastering & water proofing

Underground reservoir with usable flooring above
  •  Excavation and construction of walls

  •  Construction of concrete beam & ferro cement dome roof 

  •  Air crete filler for flooring

Ferro Cement reservoir
  • Foundation preparation, wiring the mesh & ply wood tying 

  • Dome roof construction

  • Plumbing, plastering  & water proofing

Transforming a standard pool into a biological storage
  •  We will construct 2 types of perfected pool wetlands 

  • Excavation for wetland liner installation

  • Planting and sourcing aquatic plants from local eco systems

  • Testing & Maintenance + detailed mistakes & improvements  

Bio char slow sand filter
  • Pre treatment of very dirty or iron rich water water

  • Making bio char and making of biochar gassier oven

  • Sifting and cleaning stone, sand & biochar                                  

  • Ball valve installation

  • Preparation and setting up of the drums  and plumbing 

  • Testing the flow  & maintenance & mistakes and improvements

  • Click here to view the test results from our Bio Char filtered city rain

Delivery of pressurised water to all of your taps
  • Municipal bypass valve installation by proffecinal plumber

  • Plumbing of Bio char slow sand filter to the pump 

  • Testing the system

  • Mistakes and improvements

Creating a constructed wetland
  • Container, rock entrance + plumbing of the system

  • Filling the container with the correct aggregate - NO SMELL

  • Aquatic planting, where to source then and how to plant them

  • Irrigation with treated grey water and toilet flushing

  • Siphoning pump & other tech for low lying outlets

Treating sewage whilst making methane
  • Creation of a sewerage treating constructed wetland

  • Installation of already made biogas digester

  • Plumbing of sewage

  • Outlet tank & safely irrigating with treated sewage

  • How to build a sexy composting toilet

  • Mistakes & improvements

Upcycling - Kitchen and Laundry
  • Building a simple grease trap for passive flow into the garden

  • Trench & earthworks, filling the trench with correct medium

  • Maintenance of the grease trap

Alosha's latest  invention an off-the-grid trailer
  • learn how to arrange all of the water eco tech puzzles to create an off the water grid trailer biome. (all sketches will be shared in a video lesson)

    • Harvest water with a stretch tarp (tested amazingly back in 2012

    • store it in 250 Gal IBC tank

    • 2 part composting toilet using 250 Ga IBC tank

    • Slow sand bio char filter to treat all harvested rain water

    • grey and kitchen water recycling

    • loads of micro green trays.

  • trailer is encapsulated as a green house with shower facilities​

Construction of your own food growing machine
  • Sourcing of the drum and container preparation

  • Cutting the drum up and extruding planter pockets with a gas torch

  • Plumbing of your irrigation system for the food grower

  • Creating a worm tower & installing it into the food growing machine 

  • Setting up a automatic gravity flow earthworm tea extractor

  • Planting the plants and the right choices for east, west, north & south

  • Creating a micro green & nursery station for the shade side


10 awesome bonuses to assist you on your eco path. You can read about them here

$50 for full online video training class 

Learn the following start to finish DIY curvilinear projects

  • rain water harvesting - from roof + road + pavement + soil

  • 3 DIY water storage tanks including an underground bunker

  • construction of eco pool which you can drink and irrigate from

  • biochar slow sand drinking water filtration using recycled materials

  • kitchen water recycling with a grease trap -> direct to garden

  • bath and shower waste water recycling with a constructed wetland

  • garden terraces which retain moisture and stop erosion

  • flood proof wall with vesica pisces storage pockets

  • vortex pipe to activate all of your drinking water 

What do our students say about our training
"I am saving 2500 Litres per week"

After I finished this grey water wetland eco system using Alosha's online training course, I have about 2500 Litres extra  to use every week in the garden.

Jp - Johannesburg

"Your course is Awesome"

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into it! I am also grateful for showing the mistakes you made in the videos as they are also great for learning. I am in the process of starting the wetland section in the water course, and am very much looking forward to learning the techniques, plants, and processes you are using. 


Please know that even if there is a slow start to your dream you have changed our lives, and if you can do that with at least one person it is worth it, because in time another person will see the value. And perhaps the seed needs to wait before germinating.


Thank you for all of your work and the classes. What you are doing is really important. 

In gratitude, Shawn and Renae

"The feeling of this course is very inclusive"

Alosha, your authentic energy for the good of all by offering this gift of training and guiding us is the leading reason I am on this program. The personal commentary is so helpful and allows me to make the notes I need in my work book. The practical sections are paced well allowing time for thought and clearly show that 'organic' thinking means we can enhance decisions at every step. I have enjoyed one on one conversation already to fine-tune some details which is awesome and fills me with confidence.

Amana Triggs - Canada

" I found it to be impressively thorough and , at times , downright entertaining"

I am still in the midst of the training. I have greatly enjoyed it thus far and plan to continue working through the material. I have been so inspired by this course i am now planning for a future career move to contract and build eco homes in my region.!!  Eventually would like to have several of these homes and run them as rentals.  I am obsessed with the working of the land , growing food , and that.  But i also want to be a landlord and provide safe and healing homes  for people. 

I consider myself a 3rd-gen permaculturist. I am 31 year old female and live in New Orleans , Louisiana , USA.

Simple to understand and engaging to watch, with all the tools and practical advice in one place.

I have known and worked with Alosha in the exhibition and eventing industry for well over ten years and have been following his work with Bio Veda with great enthusiasm since he started this new and exciting venture. I have watched many of his videos that are not only informative, but authentic, entertaining and often amusing.


Alosha is a pioneer in the field and has invested a great deal of time and money to bring these informative courses to the public. If you are daunted by the prospect of harvesting your own rain water and living off the grid, I highly recommend you immerse yourself in Alosha’s world and online courses. His friendly and honest approach has had me riveted. These practical, DIY online manuals are exactly what I have been looking for. 

Tracy Maritz - South Africa

"my mind is opening to all the incredible applications"

I have enjoyed every minute of the education presented in these courses. More importantly, my mind is opening to all the incredible applications in and around my home and community.  I can’t wait to see my wetlands and gardens flourishing with abundance. I’m so grateful to witness simple solutions I can implement. I see conquest of the challenges we all face as we make a better home for our families. 

I also shared your videos with my 9 year old and 4th grade students here in Utah in the United States. I have never seen them so excited. They were researching and talking about permaculture, aquaponics, kombucha, and the incredibly beautiful design work of Gaudi. So much fun and so inspiring.   I look forward to be seeing the future they create. Thank you, Alosha, for planting a visionary seed in the minds of our children. I am so excited to try the methods you have shown here.


Derrell Humphries - USA 


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ZERO RISK TO YOU  - Try our Living Eco Home training out, for 30 days, 

and if it is not right for you, then send us ONE email  for a FULL REFUND