My consultancy and bio-architectural services


My passion for as long as I remember has been the design of curvilinear nature & Antoni Gaudi inspired Bio-Architecture. Being a natural builder I have merged my design ethics with not just a pretty pictures but with hands-on practicality. 


I design what can be built with minimum amount of effort and skill. In our Dome and Water course I teach the know-how behind some of the methods of our construction. In my new Wautillarium training (which I am busy working on right now) I explain all the new methodologies of building a Solar Passive Earthship Hybrid that are designed for Subzero t° and most erratic weather patterns. 

My design is inspired by and includes the following:

  • Biomimicry - using the laws of physics and earths' eco systemic designs

  • Permaculture - language of patterns and stacking multiple functions 

  • Bio-Architecture - Earthships and their methodologies 

  • Geothermal greenhouse - to tap into the thermal heat qualities of the earth

  • Bio-Geometry - using energy of shape to balance the EMR within the home 

  • Waste to resource - UPcycling waste water for plants & using tyres for foundations 

  • Low tech - simple methods of construction that can be build by 1-2 people

  • Building without debt - being able to build a home even with small income. 

Moving on to the land, changing lifestyle and building a home is a complex process with many variables and unforeseen challenges. They can be planned for in order to have a smooth process whilst avoiding the costly mistakes. Having lived on the land myself and building 7 natural homes all over the world I believe I have enough experience to share with you.


If you are planning to change your life style by moving on the land, you will need 2 things: a home and a new source of income. I'd love to brainstorm with you and help you streamline your move and your build.

I can assist you with the following:

  1. Consultation to fine tune your vision and mission with your new move ​

  2. Design of your centre or airbnb rental units to produce income on your land

  3. Modelling of your Off-Grid home in 3D CAD software designed for your climate 

  4. Drafting blueprints for your home for submission to building authorities.

  5. Guidance for the duration of your build to streamline construction and help you to avoid mistakes.

If you need help with any of the above and then please book a 30 minute meeting where we can discuss how I may be of assistance to you and your project.


Alosha Lynov (Inventor, teacher, researcher and natural builder)