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My consultancy and bio-architectural services


My passion for as long as I remember has been the design of curvilinear nature & Antoni Gaudi inspired Bio-Architecture. Being a natural builder I have merged my design ethics with not just a pretty pictures but with hands-on practicality. 


I design what can be built with minimum amount of effort and skill. In our Dome and Water course I teach the know-how behind some of the methods of our construction. In my new Wautillarium training (which I am busy working on right now) I explain all the new methodologies of building a Solar Passive Earthship Hybrid that are designed for Subzero t° and most erratic weather patterns. 

My design is inspired by and includes the following:

  • Biomimicry - using the laws of physics and earths' eco systemic designs

  • Permaculture - language of patterns and stacking multiple functions 

  • Bio-Architecture - Earthships and their methodologies 

  • Geothermal greenhouse - to tap into the thermal heat qualities of the earth

  • Bio-Geometry - using energy of shape to balance the EMR within the home 

  • Waste to resource - UPcycling waste water for plants & using tyres for foundations 

  • Low tech - simple methods of construction that can be build by 1-2 people

  • Building without debt - being able to build a home even with small income. 

Moving on to the land, changing lifestyle and building a home is a complex process with many variables and unforeseen challenges. They can be planned for in order to have a smooth process whilst avoiding the costly mistakes. Having lived on the land myself and building 7 natural homes all over the world I believe I have enough experience to share with you.


If you are planning to change your life style by moving on the land, you will need 2 things: a home and a new source of income. I'd love to brainstorm with you and help you streamline your move and your build.

I can assist you with the following:

  • Designing a solar passive heating and cooling system for your home or temporary shelter.

  • Consultation to fine tune your vision and mission with your new move to the land

  • Design of your  income healing / training centre or airbnb rental units.

  • 3D modelling of your Off-Grid home, designed especially for your climate.

  • Drafting blueprints for your home for submission to building authorities.

  • Guidance for the duration of your build to streamline construction and help you to avoid mistakes.

prior to our meeting I will need you to prepare by answer the following questions

  • what budget do you have to build ?

  • how soon do you want to move in ?

  • how many people will be assisting with construction?

  • do you want to build slowly 1 room at a time or get a larger team to construct entire home in a season?

  • how strict are your building regulations ?

  • what are your preferred materials ?

  • what are your preferred geometries & shapes ?

  • have you experienced a dome or a vault?

  • do you have any skills that will assist your home construction?

  • are you going to be managing your own build?

  • what is your climate?

  • do you have any building / plumbing skills ?

  • will you be outsourcing the construction, doing it yourself or working together with a team?

  • how sensitive are you to electromagnetic radiation ?

  • is the home for just you, a couple or a growing family?

  • what is the appropriate angle of slope is your building site?

If you need help with any of the above and then please book a 60-90 minute consult. My fee is 100 USD. The payment info can be found on this page


Alosha Lynov (Inventor, teacher, researcher and natural builder)

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