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Imagine you are a kid and in your local park you notice some crop circle geometries that get chalked out on lawn. Volunteers start forming these geometries into foundations made from car tires that support long woven “anaconda" potato bags... ordinary people sculpt complex catenary vaults using Augmented Reality glasses that allow them to build roofs without form work…

You are in awe and inspired, you can’t wait for school to end as you run back to the building site.

The process of construction is unlike you’ve seen before, people are sharing potluck whilst building a stellar hobbit cove, aesthetically merging earth with waste. You are asked to help taping half bottles into bricks that others are using to construct internal walls. The excavator arrives and covers the roof and back walls with soil that was dug from a pond in-front... the pond you later find out will reflect additional sunlight and bounce it inside the space.

A few months later you arrive at the open day and in the green house you see lush banana and orange trees surrounded by colourful berry bushes, all growing whilst it is snowing outside!, it’s warm but you see no heating source.

You place your phone into a google card-box, that was given to you upon arrival and with it you SEE HOW NATURE TAKES CARE of food, shelter, dirty water and provide comfortable temperature. You SEE the hot air travelling from the top of greenhouse for long term storage in the buried berm as well as the giant "flask". As someone washes their hands, the grey water travels under your feet into a wetland and then gets treated to flush the loo... You mind is blown and visual senses are tendalising, you keep on dreaming that your school taught you in similar ways. 

After 5 minutes of seeing the visual animation overlayed over the biological ecosystems you experience as well as feeling the earthen structure around you, you totally get it how thermophilic bacteria and laws of physics keep the space warm.

You take AR glasses off to climb up a spiral dreamcatcher, made of rope, to bath in fine mist of water that impregnates a giant rainbow projected from a prism facing the sun… You leave in awe, wanting to take care of our Earth and become.........



These playful centres operate on laws of nature and are driven by natural phenomena and laws of physics, thus providing our children a holistic view of science, biology view of the reality we all live in. 

The actual buildings, that hands-on workshops and tours take place - mimic nature's genius. They operate laws of physics and is made from waste materials that are used in a creative ways. From way that our centres are going to be build to all the seminars they are going to  be hosted inside. Time spent at our centres will stimulate the minds of young and old, showing how to regenerate soils, filter water with plants and fungi, grow mushrooms, build timeless vaults and walls made of creative use of waste and earth. If children learn the gentle care of the Earth, it is a first grand step towards caring for Each other. Including computer sciences and Augmented Reality to deliver a cutting edge learning experience to natural sciences such as math, geometry, biology, physics, science, music and astronomy 




HANDS-ON COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENTIAL SEMINARS on sculptural geometry, parametric mathematics, Living Machine biology, catenary sculptural geometric vaults and arches, construction of curvilinear hobbit homes and EXPERIENCING the laws of physics are just some of the lessons I can teach. Our training and fun programs will employ a variety of balanced individuals who have not forgotten how to learn through play and story telling.  


Combining state of the art Augmented Reality to observe the mechanics behind real life’s natural phenomena such as:


  • bathing in the rainbow with mist and prism split sunlight, 

  • plants treating water in botanical cell wetlands, 

  • bacteria and worms breaking down food waste to regenerate soils 

  • various experiments of sending love VS ignorance to plants and seeing the result

  • Lazer cutting our geometric mandalas that are designed on sacred geometry

  • 3D printing various components 

  • Vortexing  and restructuring water with Schaubergers’ impellers 

  • Studying our experiments on frozen water, soils, insects etc through a microscope


All will enhance the learning experience and bring subjects like Biology, Math, Geometry ,  Science and Physics and a whole new and inspiring light.

Transform our children’s education experience in a warm womb like atmosphere so they can take the reins of the future world that most of us are going to REINCARNATE BACK INTO 

After travelling the world to learn eco tech, bio-geometry  water filtration and bio-architecture from some of the best masters, I've manifested all that I have been taught on my own property and developed working models of biomimicry inspired living eco systems and various eco homes.


My life long mission is to create an academy of integral symbiosis in eco design, bio architecture and nature's tech.


I recently returned to my homeland to bring this knowledge to our youth through these academies that I need your support to build them in our city parks.


These hands-on training centres will be a great addition to our schooling system as they visually show a wholistic picture of how things works in our world,  from laws of physics and nature's geometry to biomimicry and applied mathematics. Teenagers and young adults can participate in learning through DIY guided model making to understand concepts such as: nature inspired eco tech, natural building, biomimetic engineering, water treatment and creative and useful use of waste


A believe these skills are needed to breed a new biomimetic engineers, industrial designers, creatives and general workforce with critical thinking and strategic out of the box mindset. 

From the time I left school, I’ve been self employed entrepreneur, eco designer and a visionary. With 16 year of experience my previous 3D Deco business in South Africa and Dubai and over 2300 international students in my online Bioveda academy; I believe I have what it takes to launch a series of Symbiotic Academies all over our country, starting with the first one in St Pietersburg.


INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE PLANET (donate on patreon)

contact me on telegram if you wish to be part of the vision:

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