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fireproof timberless self heating home

For every tree we cut for our construction and heating needs the climate change burns 10!!!

Thus I have been inspired to develop, build and teach the construction of a DIY code-compliant, self-sufficient, living habitat infused with biology, laws of physics, and curvilinear sacred geometry.

This eco-home can be built by anyone using just our online or live step-by-step training. Wautillarium is a self-heating and cooling home is designed for the really harsh northern subzero t°.

It uses 95% less timber in its construction method. It produces fresh air through evapotranspiration of its food and water plants that recycle wastewater multiple times in the Botanical Wetlands. The growing tunnel adjacent to the sunny side, stores heat the entire summer in thermal mass for wintertime and grows year-round nutrient-dense herbs and veg. And of course, Wautillarium harvests rain from the roof and stores then purifies it with sand and biochar.

The Bio-Geometry component protects the dweller within from harmful Electro Magnetic Radiation.

I recently relocated 10000 miles 60° North to test Wautillarium Solar Passive house in a harsh and dark winter climate. The site is prepped and the foundations are dug. Developing a Wautillarium self-heating home for a subzero t° is my life's work. Countless sketches and 3D renders have been done. Most of the components that I speak of have already tested on my farm and previous urban plot, where I've recorded the dome and water video courses.

My mentor, Mike Reynolds from Earthship Biotecture, successfully tested out the thermal mass and insulation. His homes need NO heating in the wintertime. I attended his 30-day academy class as well as 2 live builds in Taos and Malawi.

Russ Finch from Nebraska's “greenhouse in the snow” successfully tested out the geothermal for year-round food production. Jean Pain perfected a compost heating method, it even heated hot water in the middle of snowy winter.

I've taken on the challenge to combine all the above permaculture eco-tech together with Sacred geometry and EMR protection to develop a nurturing and self-regenerative home.

By preordering the Wautillarium Living Bio Shelter training, for Cold Climate, not only will you invest in the future of humanity by mitigating deforestation you will also get our guided professional video training at ¼ of its final 2022 release price.

I will also gift you our full Water self-sufficiency + Aircrete & Super-adobe Dome home course that 1500+ students paid 200 bucks for.

Your investment will fuel my R&D and give you the freedom to live off-grid anywhere on Earth. The first 3 lessons have already been recorded and they'll be released soon. I look forward to meeting you in our digital classroom and one day at our live hands-on workshop.

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