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In 2011 I bought my dream land and in 2013 I lost everything

Many people believe that as soon as they find their land with all the necessary conditions at an affordable price, preferably with plenty water then everything will be alright. I am stating that this belief has nothing to do with reality.

People can not acquire, transform and thrive on the land, not because there are no suitable circumstances , but because we do not have internal consent as well as tranquillity!

Let's wrap up my land story, so how it happen that I’ve lost it so quickly? As soon as we have landed there, I was obsessed was with my greediness to do everything massive and grand, a program I received from my dad - "LOAD IN TRAIN CARRIAGE SIZE MY BOY” he constantly said to me .

This thinking, with all it's massiveness spilled over on my ecological projects which cost me a bankruptcy. And of course trying to do such grandness always comes at a cost of using the hands of hired labour.

Why did I do it? - Well I though I will be the cool dude on top of the world who will get his daddy's approval

The fathers of the men I hired, for centuries have been working for food and shelter, whilst serving their white slave masters. Now their sons work for cut paper which barely covers their food and shelter.

Trying to co create with the builders on equal terms seamed ridiculous and out of the question. It was MY land and they work for me, period... I had my nose way too high for that. Even whilst I was building with them I gave orders from a high end position of a boss.

Due to my old greedy colonial consciousness, I could easily withhold an arbitrary amount of the promised cut paper. Within a few short weeks after a monetary disagreement with one of the workers, 2 robbers in masks torn into our home, with a knife and hammer, attacking my son and my ex wife, whilst I was outside. They stole all our equipment, laptops and so on, but strangely they did not harm them, how robbers usually rape and kill in South Africa.

Soon after we have abandoned the farm, I lost all my funds and the whole land project froze all dug up and uncompleted… after sometime I've sold it for pennies.

Some great writer said: “to replace the old slavery system a new way came about in a totally new package…now men work in exchange for cut paper” Apartheid will never be forgotten and all that is still currently happening will neither be forgotten nor forgiven, even if we deny that current hierarchy is the same old slavery.

Slavery is still continuing within our families, schools, offices, army... everywhere.

Right now a second part of a popular film - THRIVE is coming about. In the part 2 they continue discussing what is standing in the way between us and our thriving life in nature. They continue believing that a system ("Matrix”) is something that is outside of us. It’s THEM who are controlling US.For as long as we keep on believing that a sick system is an external exploiter and deny to realise that we who are all a sick system, we will continue dreaming in Thrive 3, Thrive 4 … but life free from slavery will only remain a dream in the movies, but it will never become a reality !!! The children will be under the control of parents, the parents who are under the control of their bosses will ever more suppress their children. The children once grown up will revenge their parents and strive to prove their self worth whilst finding others who will bend under them and so on - THIS IS A CIRCLE OF HIERARCHY, WHICH WILL NEVER END until we realise how deeply it has penetrated the fabric of our society.

For as long as a relationship between a slave master and a slave will keep going we will continue having an internal dialogue of a tyrant and victim and thus said we will project these vertical relationships on to everyone else. For as long as there is an internal battle within each one of us of: power and control VS humiliated and suppressed, we will never step up to a level of a SELF SUFFICIENT CREATOR, even if we acquire our perfect land. All of it will end up in a similar way to my story.

Sure let us continue talking about relocation to lands, about our opportunities whilst living in nature but it is time to realise that NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT SPECIFIC INNER WORK that frees us up from being thrown from a role of a manipulator to stupid performer and back to manipulator over and over again.

For as long as we don’t end this story, we will only keep on recreating destruction and decay in our relationship within ourselves as well as outer world, our family members…wherever we are - be it in a city or a homestead in pristine nature.

Your opining is really important for us Stephen Bartlett. To share the above concept with others we would love to hear your advice on the best possible way to present it to others.

We would really be grateful if you can find the time to answer below questions by hitting the reply button

  1. How much resistance do you feel when you hear above?

  2. Which aspect of above subject give you hope that you can end it (or do you get the feeling that it’s impossible to end it)

  3. What is the best possible way that you feel we should deliver this information so others do not feel fear for it this information, but rather feel the urge towards internal transformation?

  4. What stories, what thoughts, what delivery of information should we share so people can see that it is available and accessible for every human being?

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