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Why are we not ready to build eco-communities?

This is yet another conversation in a series of discussions. Today we truthfully voice the conclusions from our own experiences based on self-examination; why are we so far away from building multidimensional multi-faceted relationships within our families and eco-communities In Russian kindergartens, all children are taught a game of Musical Chairs: where one chair is taken away at a time and children frantically run to grab the remaining ones. In the end, only one chair is left with one last child sitting in it. Everyone cheers them on, praises the last one, proclaiming them as a winner. We never analyzed how terrible this victory is to be joyful to have what others don't. Most of us grew up on this game, on this kind of thinking. Now with this system of coordinates, deeply imprinted into our subconsciousness, would we really want for everyone to be joyful? For everyone to feel good? We are taught to be joyful when others don't have what we have, and my entire nervous and belief system is impregnated with this kind of thinking, To be happy that I am better than you. So how will a person who got trained that "superiority over others is paramount" will suddenly wake up tomorrow and thrive whilst seeing others thrive? The more that a person feels suppressed = hate themselves, the more they want others to serve them. The more we are wholesome and in harmony the more we thrive when we can care for others in the SAME way as we love and care for ourselves (the important point here is that we do not victimize ourselves for the joy of others) So what internal path we ought to go through in order for us to truly thrive when we are able to care for others in the same way as we care for ourselves. >>> watch our latest video discussing this:

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