Yearly we are losing millions of acres of old growth forest used for heating our homes.  Emulating the models, systems, and elements of nature we have developed an affordable DIY home, for cold climate. Wautillarium passively achieves year-round comfortable , using laws of physics and compost producing thermophilic bacteria.
Our Living Bio Shelter Organism is an innovative, game-changing building technology, inspired by and in alignment with nature. We invite you to co-create the 1st prototype, to be used as a creative & experimental communal immersion LAB, that will inspire others to tread lightly on the Earth". ​

We Alёsha & Zoya Lynoff bio architects and founders of Bio-Veda Academy developed a revolutionary autonomous eco-home designed to withstand the extremely cold climates of our planet, without the use of firewood or fossil fuels.


Having a built-in self-heating mechanism with thermophilic bacteria, Wautillarium home taps into the energy of the sun and laws of physics to provide a stable temperature year-round.


The first 2 prototypes are going to be used as research experimental LABs & communal creative spaces. This fractal will seed worldwide through live & online workshops as well as a DIY VR book.


Currently, large mature trees are being burned by a single home in one winter month. This mass genocide is happening on a global scale, depleting our planetary’s living lungs. Inspired by the science of Bio-Geometry and Bio-Architecture I mimicked nature's genius to develop a functional dwelling that heats, feeds, and cleans up after its inhabitants whilst being curvilinear and comfortable.


The Wautillarium is made from recycled waste materials mixed with earth, and once plastered, will not off-gas any toxic fumes (tested and verified), thereby resulting in a safe and healthy EcoHome to inhabit. Wautillarium Autonomous BioShelter provides a nurturing habitat and mutually rewarding symbiotic relationship between the planet and human alike;


  • Self-heating & cooling through storage solar energy in thermal mass and thermophilic bacteria that break down carbon and nitrogen to produce a wealth of compost

  • Construction materials are post-consumer waste & superadobe

  • Upcycled all of its wastewater for food production, toilet flushing, and heating

  • DIY wind turbine and solar panels to provide for its own power needs

  • Harvested, stored, filtered, and pressurized rain/snow for all the water needs

  • Grew year around nutrient-dense food using living machine & EM technology

  • Has built-in fun interactive nature emergence Lab for year-around play with dream catcher climbing net, 3D solar calendar Almanac, wind flutes,  rainbows, brewing of EM and compost tea as well as air operated living machine

  • Sacred Geometry is built into all the foundation to height ratios - EMR Technology is humanized through BioGeometrical design.



We would love for you take part in Wautillarium’s vision! 

The first unit will be used as a creative pottery, woodworking and blacksmith workshop which will further sprout a community eco centre at 60 degrees North latitude in the heart of Russia.


Any form of support is welcome to help build the first prototype. Your donations, ideas & research or sharing of below graphics, doing a video interview,  coming to build with us or pre purchasing our online Wautillarium or ready made Dome & Water course ensures our success. 


In our self-study online comprehensive training you'll practically learn how to build an affordable Earthship inspired self-sustaining & self-regenerative living habitat, specifically designed for the cold climate with little winter sun. 


Your PREorder investment into our  video course is a key component to R&D Wautillarium


what makes wautillarium different from other eco-homes



Thick wall mass including wall and roof insulation as per Earthship design. In addition we'll be adding insulation under the floor to stop "heat sink" effect.  Wautillarium will tap into Geothermal heat & use Jean Pain wood chip compost method to warm up water and air. It will include a "super efficient russian oven" which will double up for sauna + kitchen cooking with all excess heat storing in the walls and MASS couch. it is developed not to heat space in summer



The home will be build using tires in the foundation, earth, cans and bottles as per Earthship design. Superadobe will replace 2/3rds of the tyre walls. I have great experience and love for this material as seen from my previous living eco home training. By building this home with 200 tyres, cans and bottles you will counterbalance all the waste you will produce through out your life. 



I have reworked a typical W.O.M. from Earthship by combining it with our robust Slow Sand Bio Char filter. This allowed to substantially drop the price and increase the quality of drinking water whilst using up filtration medium which is prepared by home owner (gravel, sand and biochar) This module will include all the practical steps necessary to deliver stored water to all the taps. We will also include the implosion device to revitalize the drinking water.



This module will deliver electricity to your home and all of your appliances. In addition to standard solar we will also be using a steam powered 3 kWa generator which will be connected to the wood fired oven. This will give us big power only when we need it for power tools, whilst all excess heat will be stored in the mass wall for winter use. This contraption will greatly reduce the price of the off-the=power-grid battery bank and solar/wind/hydro system.



In summer the cool air will be pulled in from the northern side. In winter the fresh air will be taken underground 30 metres away, allowing it to be heated geothermally and enter into the oven. When the oven is not fired it will just be used as a warm fresh air inlet when fired it will create a very unique negative pressure zone (tried & tested) and warm the floor without conventional piping at a fraction of the cost. All air will be filtered with fungi filter 



During my bio-geometry training with Ibrahim Karim, I've learned about the harmful effects of geopathic stress and the importance of testing the land prior to the positioning of sleeping spaces. You'll learn how to test your own site. Certainertain geometries will be used in the construction + metal waste into the building material to create a protective layer. The entire home is designed using sacred geometry which will add to the overall wellness of the dweller.



At the front of the house under a separate green house will be an aquaculture pool which will take use up the final overflow water from the wetland treated septic. This water will be further polished up by John Todd's Living Eco Machine, that I am testing out right now.  I am hoping that this water will be clean enough for swimming as well as it will constantly circulate through the aqua botanical cell as well as eco machine and separate biochar filter.



The price of a global Earthship is 400.000 USD as stated by my teacher Mike Reynolds. I have redesigned the home adding some of the unique methods I've been building with for the last 13 years. With simplified tire septic, dream catcher mezzanine, DIY water reservoir, living roof, polycarbonate green house, significantly smaller solar system as well as superadobe walls; will bring the constrcution cost right down whilst making the actual build easier with way less crew.


My name is Alosha Lynov, I am a founder of Bio-Veda Academy

My love for liquid architecture, rivers and indigenous forests set me on a journey around the world learning practical permaculture wisdom as well as EMR & Geopathic stress protection from international ecological masters (to mention e few of the courses I attended: Earthship Academy with Mike Reynolds, Permaculture Design with Geoff Lawton, Bio Geometry with Ibrahim Karim, Cal-Earth with Nader Khalili, Dome Gaia with Hajjar Gibran...)

I have practically experimented with all the learned wisdom on my farm as well as the urban permaculture playground homestead. Now that I have relocated to Northern Russia I am busy developing and building Wautillarium eco-home designed for cold climate and little sunshine


Making countless expensive mistakes in my permaculture ecosystems assisted me to perfect nature-inspired water ecosystems as well as living eco homes.

My ethos is to catch what comes from the sky, treat wastewater and garbage as assets and creatively use natural resources to create self-regenerative Bio-Spheres induced with beauty, life-force and spacial comfort.


Current price $150  // can be paid over 5 months 
By pre-purchasing our online video training you will assist us to develop this eco-home, to be used as a research lab, that will revolutionize the way a shelter heats itself (without firewood or any of the conventional ways that are currently being used) and inspire our future generations to build in similar ways. This summer we are hosting a 3-week workshop as well as a 4-week internship in Russia.

You can also donate for the construction of our first prototype to be used as a creative communal center and R&D immersion LAB. (PayPal address: zoyayankovskaya.ru@gmail.com)

"By watching the videos on your course, I feel as if I have been there in person"

As an online student of your bioveda.co, first of all, I would like to thank you for the fabulous course - the sharing of all your videos, the ideas that work, the mistakes, the failure etc. By watching the videos on your course, I feel as if I have been there in person doing the course and this had boosted my confidence to such a level that I could dream of building my own dome house.


To cut the story short, last September an opportunity came my way to purchase land. I started to build a dome house in that land with effect from 19th November 2018. The dome house is under construction and I am attaching herewith the today's photos and videos of the construction. Once complete this may be the first residential dome house in India.


Being in India, you know, there are a lot of disadvantages. Even though I am very much interested to build an aircrete or a superadobe dome, I found out that it is very very difficult (impossible, you may say) to get materials for the same.


In the end, I have to make a compromise. I thought let me see if I can build the dome house using materials and resources that are available locally. With that in mind, I went to the village, where my land is, and select a team of skilled and unskilled labourers (daily wages) and started. I am using AAC blocks to build the dome house, which is similar to aircrete blocks and very lightweight.

Since 19th November 2018, I am been thinking of writing to you, but then I thought that when I have a problem, I will write. But till date, the construction is going smoothly. Today after me and a friend filmed the construction using his drone camera, I feel that I should not wait any longer and should share this with you.

Pearlet Toi - India

"my mind is opening to all the incredible applications"

I have enjoyed every minute of the education presented in your living eco-home course. More importantly, my mind is opening to all the incredible applications in and around my home and community.  I can’t wait to see my wetlands and gardens flourishing with abundance. I’m so grateful to witness simple solutions I can implement. I see conquest of the challenges we all face as we make a better home for our families. 

I also shared your videos with my 9-year-old and 4th-grade students here in Utah in the United States. I have never seen them so excited. They were researching and talking about permaculture, aquaponics, kombucha, and the incredibly beautiful design work of Gaudi. So much fun and so inspiring.   I look forward to be seeing the future they create. Thank you, Alosha, for planting a visionary seed in the minds of our children. I am so excited to try the methods you have shown here.


Derrell Humphries 

"Your course is Awesome"

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into it! I am also grateful for showing the mistakes you made in the videos as they are also great for learning. I am in the process of starting the wetland section in the watercourse and am very much looking forward to learning the techniques, plants, and processes you are using. 


Please know that even if there is a slow start to your dream you have changed our lives, and if you can do that with at least one person it is worth it because in time another person will see the value. And perhaps the seed needs to wait before germinating.


Thank you for all of your work and the classes. What you are doing is really important. 

In gratitude, Shawn and Renae

" I found it to be impressively thorough and downright entertaining"

I am still in the midst of the training. I have greatly enjoyed it thus far and plan to continue working through the material. I have been so inspired by this course I am now planning for a future career move to contract and build eco-homes in my region.!! 

I consider myself a 3rd-gen permaculturist. I am a 31-year-old female and live in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.