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Above are two complimentary video lessons that I'd like to share with you:


  1. How to bend robust arches, without any glue. These same arches supported a wooden hobbit vault loaded with earth, turf and snow, rated at 10000 kg per square metre

  2. A lesson on how to draw complex sacred home designs on the ground


The PDF text version of the lesson above, can be viewed >>> 


These lessons are taken from our new Wautillarium Bio-Architecture training: It is a step-by-step video course that delves into tremendous details on all the bits and bobs of HOW-TO construct a lo-tech & low cost, food producing Earthship Bio Shelter that emulates the models, systems, elements and geometry of nature to achieve year-round comfortable t° as well as the robustness for seismic activity.


To passively cool and heat itself Wautillarium uses the laws of physics, mean temperature of the earth as well as compost producing thermophilic bacteria. 


The entire 333 FT2 home cost me 1000 bucks for all the materials incl. the glass facade and chimney flues... and my friends just overwintered in it, with temperatures reaching -58 Fahrenheit !!!


I fuse my Bio-Architecture training with a consciousness integration to psychologically prepare our students on how they can get started on the barren land from scratch.


I look forward to supporting your build in our biweekly zoom support calls, that will run until the end of 2023! 



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