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Why is Santa Claus a destiny destroyer?

As long as Santa Claus comes to our children, we will continue to observe a growing generation of passive consumers.

From our very youth this magical figure associates with a butterfly feeling of hopes and dreams that somebody who is "BIG & STRONG" will make my wishes come true, for me "SMALL & WEAK".

This early formed belief is extremely detrimental for the rest of our lives.

Most definitely a realisation that a good Santa Claus is in reality a destructive program who make us stupid and passive can bring upon a shock and denial Of course you might denial towards we saying. But if you choose to look deeper then this realisation will bring upon solutions to unresolvable problems.

At first I was shocked myself when I heard that our Russian president removed Santa Claus from all schools and kinder gardens during the festive season I thought that this made the children lose a great magic symbol.

But let us compare lives of two human beings:

On the one hand we have someone who researches, fantasises, finds interesting solutions and constantly learns new skills. He experiences excitement for creation of his own reality. A creator feels curiosity, joy, enthusiasm, and excitements towards his life full of unlimited possibilities.

And on the other side we have an amorphous consumer which is convinced that their parents, government, God etc are obliged to provide everything he wants. This person lives a very boring and empty life without creativity. This type of person demands, complains, gets offended, blames and hates. Such a life wasted down the drain, it is limited to basic animal functions: to eat, defecate, sleep and copulate.

So here we have two very different lives of: an unlimited human being and passive larva consumer.

Do you have any more doubts that children which were formed within such programming are able to create their very own joyful reality full of opportunities?

Alosha & Zoya

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