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partner up to cross-pollinate natural building & homesteading self sufficiency skills

Partnership and affiliation has proven to be the easiest and fastest way to get the message across to each others lists of subscribers, due to our relationships and trust with them.


I invite you to collaborate and promote each others' products. Alternatively you are welcome to promote our new courses, on any platform of your choice. Graphics, text and video for online promotion are here Print graphics can be designed on request .

Bio-Veda is an online and on-the-land academy that focuses on R&D of nature inspired eco tech, whilst disseminating the hands-on skills through our online and live courses. Bio-Veda's focus is to regenerate the water ecosystems, through living machines and to develop a self-heating, self-cooling and food producing autonomous living bio shelter for erratic weather


We offer 50% commission for every student that signs up from your promotional efforts.


Ouf off-grid eco courses share the wisdom on how to:

  • Learn to draft Bio-Architecture for any climate 

  • Get off the water grid through weekend projects

  • Build 2 types of dome homes from bricks and bags

  • Build a Bio-Char Filter for pure drinking water 

  • Build an eco system to reuse wastewater 7x around garden and home

  • Construct a 6 month emergency water back up


We'll provide the following:

  • all graphics: square for instagram or youTube post, banner for email and 1280x720 for video

  • graphics will be provided in png without background, with white background as well a with a dark one to suit your look

  • if need be, custom graphics modification can be designed with specific background colours  and dimensions

  • short info video that can be downloaded from vimeo

  • tracking of all sales as soon as students register for our training with a promo code.




"Our DomeGaia student, Alosha Lynov, shares a lot of valuable information in his online video courses. He demonstrates his knowledge with detailed shots of actual projects on workshop sites and in the classroom as a lecturer. We sent two emails inviting our tribe to his online training which resulted in over 200 new students joining the BioVeda Academy and $35,000 in commissions! Alosha continues to send commission payments regularly and honestly. And he is always open to new ideas and edits for the sales pages and campaign emails so that needs are met on both sides. We look forward to working with him more!" - Hajjar Gibran, DomeGaia

"Thank you, Alosha, it's a priviledge to be your JV partner, I really enjoy your impressive courses as well as your professional approach in organising promotions. And it's a good way to earn some money too!" Yury Smirnoff - Eco Minded

"It has been a great pleasure for me to team up with Alosha Lynov. One of the most passionate and knowledgeable people I have collaborated with . Thank you for your honesty, integrity and sharing your wisdom with me. In Unity, Michael Tellinger, UBUNTU 

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