to empower your tribe with practical permaculture in action wisdom


How would you like to inspire your tribe to create an Off-The-Water-Grid eco system or 

learn to build their dream home for under $15K, without climbing into debt? 

Do good and have passive income flow to you at 50% from every ticket sale !


Empower your subscribers with our online Master Class enabling them to:

  • Build their own debt free off - grid ecological cosy home

  • Get off the water grid through a few fun weekend projects

  • Filter and activate water to a super, nutritious, living quality

  • Learning to build a Bio Char Filter for pure drinking water 

  • Reusing waste water 7x around their garden and home

  • Having a 6 month emergency water back up


What is required of you:

  • share our prepared mailer with your tribe or a short video to your youtube subscribers inviting them to our complimentary eco community and natural building class. 

  • After our 5 series value packed webinar we will invite them to check out the full Living Eco Home Masterclass.

  • Thats it, thereafter we will transfer 50% commission for every ticket sold within 7 days into your Pay pal account

Voila it's that easy !


example of our complimentary webinar sign up page and class


"Our DomeGaia student, Alosha Lynov, shares a lot of valuable information in his online video courses. He demonstrates his knowledge with detailed shots of actual projects on workshop sites and in the classroom as a lecturer. We sent two emails inviting our tribe to his online training which resulted in over 200 new students joining the BioVeda Academy and $30,000 in commissions! Alosha continues to send commission payments regularly and honestly. And he is always open to new ideas and edits for the sales pages and campaign emails so that needs are met on both sides. We look forward to working with him more!" - Hajjar Gibran, DomeGaia


"Thank you, Alosha, it's a priviledge to be your JV partner, I really enjoy your impressive courses as well as your professional approach in organising promotions. And it's a good way to earn some money too!" Yury Smirnoff - Eco Minded

"It has been a great pleasure for me to team up with Alosha Lynov. One of the most passionate and knowledgeable people I have collaborated with . Thank you for your honesty, integrity and sharing your wisdom with me. In Unity, Michael Tellinger, UBUNTU