T8 Vaulted Earthship with a water filter, storage tank and wetland

  • DATE: 24th of May - 14th of June 2020

  • INVESTMENT: $1618 for a 3 week workshop including food & basic accommodation,  your deposit is fully refundable up intill 3 month before the workshop 

  • LOCATION: Staraya Russa (halfway between Moscow & St Petersburg) 

Learn to build an Earthship utilising 3 home building techniques:

Air Crete + Super Adobe Dome + Ferro Cement Vault 


Each day we will gather for meals and a quality debrief session of the previous day.

In the evenings there will be a lot of free time for exploration and relaxation where you can enjoy meaningful conversations with other students or take a stroll around the country side. We will also gather around the fire and enjoy singing combined with live musical instruments.

In the mornings, we will do yoga class or some planting in the garden.

During our hands on practical workshop you will learn how to:

  • Build a slow sand bio char water filter (RUSSIAN WORKSHOP ONLY)

  • 10000 Litre water tank (RUSSIAN WORKSHOP ONLY)

  • Constructed wetland for grey water treatment (RUS & USA workshop)

  • Building a ferro cement arch ceiling (RUS & USA workshop)

  • Building a roman arch dome with light weight bricks (RUSSIA ONLY)

  • Building a lancet arch dome with super adobe (RUS & USA workshop)


  • Making of door and window forms and pouring a window frame

  • Installing sandbag foundation and supporting buttresses

  • Installing of sky light, doors and windows (video tutorials). 

  • Building of the walls and roof with air crete bricks

  • Explanation and practical plumbing of grey water and potable water

  • Plastering and finishing touches (video tutorials and practical)

  • Running the electrical conduits in the walls and installing lights (video tutorials)

  • Building of a septic tank (hole will be dug and ready for installation)

  • Design your home using Bio mimicry and solar passive design

  • Draw your future home on the ground

  • Geodesic wooden dome green house (video tutorials) 

You will also receive our full online training with which you will be able to fully complete your structure into a living eco home

What do other students say about our live dome training:

“The best way to learn the practical side of earthen bag and an AirCrete dome building techniques. Highly recommended” - JP Pieterse

“Hands-on co-creation at it's best. Truly helpful, insightful and inspirational. The food was awesome. Highly recommended" - Cameron Kirrane

“A playground for innovation, experimentation and connection. An experience I will definitely be repeating.” - Sam Eades

“GoDome! What an awesome, grounding, gathering journey into the elegance of Dome economics. Deep Gratitude.” - Murray van Wyk

“Construction meets Bio Geometry and ecological design, a unique experience for those wanting to change the world for the better.” - Toni Laderach

"Amazing how confident I am, that I am able to replicate everything that was taught at the Dome live training . Entered the workshop with no prior building experience but feel like skills rose from 0 to 100 in just 2 weeks"  - Paul Odendaal

"Thank you so much for not only sharing and introducing us to your library, but also for sharing your home, your family and your knowledge, with us. I learned so very much from those 2 weeks. Not only from the practical building skills but also from the assembled souls. Its hard to put into words the gratitude I feel to you.  Your energy and tenacity is so lovely and infectious. Please continue being you 😊😊 - Autumn Langis

We will be working 6 days a week. On Sunday we will have a trip to City of Dawn...more info coming


We will have all meals catered for on site, and it will all be fresh local
produce, prepared locally, and all good healthy mostly organic produce, basically vegetarian, with
some fish options. Organic Green juices from wild herbs will be available everyday on tap.


RUSSIAN WORKSHOP - Price of the 3 week workshop (in Russia) is 1618 USD and will include full vegetarian + fish catering as well as basic accommodation. Please bring your sleeping bags

AMERICAN WORKSHOP - Price of the 2 week workshop (in USA Utah) is 1618 USD and will include full home style  catering and camping accommodation. 



Benefits Of Attending a Bio Veda Live Workshop

There is NOTHING like getting hands-on experience with a building system and repeating the process until it becomes muscle memory.  Its one thing to read some information watch a few random videos and start building, but it's another thing to actually work with the process. Asking questions and gaining knowledge that is not shared anywhere else was very very helpful.

Yes, you can figure it out.   However, avoiding mistakes that cause unsafe conditions or failure because of lacking information and knowledge to understand the "why" behind what you are doing could be a real learning experience. Avoid loss of money, frustration, failure, the danger of making something Dangerous, and the pain of knowing you lost valuable time

Reasons To Attend A Workshop

  • Gain Muscle Memory, Really get a grasp on every aspect of the process and know when it looks and feels correct

  • New Friends & Contacts

  • Learn & Understand WHY things are done the way they are. Don't reinvent the wheel and waste much time and money doing it "Better" your way.

  • Get details not discussed anywhere else.

  • Be Absolutely Confident That You Can Get It Done

  • Have People With Experience to Call On

  • Learn Oher Skills Related To Building

  • Learn About Various Styles Of Building

  • Satisfy the itch for natural building along with a nice change of pace on a working vacation.

  • Learn Best Practices

  • Get Actionable Materials To Take Home


Our Workshops Add The Following:

  • Lower Cost

  • Discount For Second Person

  • Electric Wiring Training

  • Solar System Training

  • Low Student To Teacher Ratio

  • Detailed Videos To Watch At Home

  • Understand the "WHY" of what you are doing

  • Know What a Compressive Structure Is

  • Know what you should NOT DO

  • Learn The process Faster



Keep in mind that the farm is a rural area in the countryside, and there are few stores nearby.  We will provide sleeping pads, and a foam sitting/meditation cushion, which some people use as a pillow.

  • Sun Hat, Sunscreen, light clothing for when it's sunny. Swimming costume, we will be swimming every day in mountain river 

  • Tools: pliers, leather gloves, water proof gloves, dust mask, eye protection (cheap sunglasses will do), work clothes.

  • Any personal items you will need for the duration of the course, including probiotics, vitamins, and health supplements

  • Good walking/hiking shoes/boots

  • A headlamp or flashlight/torch and batteries

  • A reusable water bottle. Water is pure and in abundance here 

  • A notebook for taking course notes

  • Yoga mat (optional; some people last year used their sleeping pads)

  • Extra Russian Rubbles for personal expenses, souvenirs etc. There are no ATM machines , card facilities or banks near the farm.

  • Songs, stories, and poetry or any special talent you wish to share with the group.

  • any musical instruments you would like to bring as we will be jamming around the fire

  • Small gifts for new friends

  • Warmer clothes for evening time 

  • A mindful attitude...

In general, pack as light as possible.


Russia - Staraya Russa (halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg 


Please check which workshop you will be attending and on what dates and bring appropriate clothing for the season and always a little extra something warm.


More info coming soon 


Please check with your country and it's requirements for Russian visas. We can provide an invitation letter.

CONTACT INFO RUSSIA: Alosha: Whats app: +2782 3333748 Tel # in Russia: +7 968 618 618 6