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Friends, I would love to invite you to our first hands-on vault building workshop with a rich cultural program. The building experience will be happening on our land, 60 miles from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe  - St Pietersburg

I am inspired to host you in our homeland and share what our country has to offer.


This will be an unusual building event mixed with a loads of cultural outings as we really want you to experience the beauty, rich traditions as well as dome & vault architecture of our historic city.


We are going to be building my latest Wautillarium, to be used as an interactive edu-centre for youth and uni students. More info about the edu-center can be found on our Edu-Lab page


I will prepare all the rammed tire foundations as well as the Hyperadobe walls. Together we will create a horizontal binding beam for the earthen vault as well as mount the sockets for the second room that will hold the timber arches. 

The one vault will be made using stabilised earth with 20% cement and 80 % earth. It will be using a form work method that I learned  from CalEarth institute of land Art and Architecture in California. 


The other vault will be a wooden one that I recently build in Siberia. 


I see these two structures and our collaborative natural building workshop as the together, the meeting of the East and the West


This will not be a heavy duty strenuous building workshop, but rather the craftsmanship of unique building technologies, literally that are the roof over your head 😉 So you are not going to be pounding tires or ramming the sandbags as all of that will be prepared prior to your arrival.

You’ll learn how to weave the mesh on the formwork and then pour the stabilised earth that we will prepare in my cement mixer. After that we’ll weave the diagonal timber planks on the DIY arches that were will construct. 


You will also learn how to finish the vaults up with waterproofing using the bitumen membrane. I will also show you an alternative low cost method using the super adobe bags impregnated with bitumen emulsion, that I used on our domes in South Africa.

Insulation, the important clay lock, and now the roof of our hobbit edu centre will be ready to receive plants


We should be able to start the glazing so you can see how to connect and fuze a glass facade with a an earthen vault as well as the timber one. We might not finish the glazing as our cultural and architectural are just as important for your inspiration. 

This celebration is for all those who want to:


Learn to build an affordable, lo-tech and incredibly fast to construct vault. The home you'll learn to build is developed  to stay under the strict Canadian and US building code radar so you can build in your own homeland without having to submit plans (the cost of the 333 sq. ft. vault, in the pic above, was 1000 USD) 


Get to experience the cultural traditions of our country: 

  1. We are going to visit a traditional village home with a "banya" experience including an oak leafed "venichek"; (included)

  2. Mouth watering traditional Russian food (included)

  3. Boat trip through the Grand Neva River and water canals of St Pietersburg (optional)

  4. Picnics with a fire in the forest with a traditional ethnic russian band (included)

  5. Outing to "Hermitage" museum, symphonic orchestra and ballet (optional)


Learn the details about immigration to our homeland,

  1. getting citizenship

  2. opportunities to realise business ideas such as 3D printed property development business to meet the ever growing demand of people wanting to live in fascist-free countries

  3. purchasing your own private property

  4. meeting of other permaculture communities                                                


Learn the details about immigration to our homeland 


  1. getting citizenship - we will get a professional immigration officer / lawyer to explain how the whole process works

  2. opportunities to realise business ideas such as 3D printed property development business to meet the ever growing demand of people wanting to live in fascist-free countries

  3. purchasing your own private property

Our natural building gathering in Russia is all about: 


Outings, forums and friendships, to create opportunities for collaboration, mutual support and inspiration.


We are looking forward to be finally meeting you in person, in our friendly country. 


here is some key info:

VISA: visa type should be just tourist visa. Not educational or anything else. Getting a tourist visa should be super simple, it’s just unfriendly nato countries kicked some Russian consulates out of their countries. Consulates still operate by email like in the case with US and continue to issue visas electronically.


DEPOSIT: The deposit is 500 USD. It can be used for any of our workshops. 90% of deposit is refundable if you notify us at least 8 weeks prior the start of the workshop. Once we receive your deposit we will provide an invitation letter.  Please send your passport information to alosha{at} 


Crypto payment is preferred, and it has a minimal fee to move money around. Your deposit will be valid for any other future workshops as well.


We will be running our workshops on yearly basis 


WORKSHOP START DATE: New  🌙 on August 16th 2023. Arrive a day before to settle in. Duration of the training will be 2 weeks. All the outings are excluded to make the price affordable for all.

PRICE OF THE TRAINING; The  price of the two week seminar will be 1750 USD. 


The $1750 price will include the following:


  • 15 nights of nice accommodation 1-2 people per room. We will rent a large & quality home

  • all the food

  • travel to & from site as well as transfers to & from airport (if grouped together with other students)

  • forest/river picnic with a russian ethnic band.

  • an immigration professional to provide the information about the exact laws and knowhow with regards to relocating to our country 

  • Russian sauna


Budget for 16-50 USD per outing incl. transport (theatre being most expensive everything else is really affordable). As usual, food will be served on site or at the house. You are welcome to eat before going to an outing alternatively budget an extra 7 USD for a good meal.

TRAVELLING TO ST PIETERSBURG FOR FUN: The city is safe any time of the day or night. Trains back to our site and house will go regularly, until 12:00 midnight. Uber operates swifty and taxi from the train stop back to your home should not be more than 3-4 USD., The train ride is 3 USD each way. The building site is 7 minutes walk from train station.


I will take the first trip with you to show you the ins & outs of travel. You can get the sim cards anywhere (BEELINE / TELE2 (BEST RECEPTION) / MTS / MEGAFON)

Please join this group only if you are ready to commit with a 500 USD deposit for our live training in August 2023, In Russia. 



A proposal to invest into a permaculture inspired property development or to purchase a Living Eco Home in Russia - an opportunity to flip your life






It is becoming ever so harder to live in a world where one can get punished if they  don’t support LGBT movement or transvestites who teach our children at schools. 


The mere fact of accepting such absurdity, shatters our values and our beliefs. 


Remember that not so long ago cutting off the reproductive organs  from a warriors was the highest form of punishment!!! Men without genitals were called EVNUX and they were morally and mentally broken for life. As far as hermaphroditism goes, which is the development of both male and female reproductive organs in a human, was and still is classified as abnormality. This was a tragedy and classified as severe illness. 


What is presented as uniqueness and cherished as above the rest, not so long ago  in was classified as the worst illness and mental disorder.  


It is important to understand that these “new age” concepts break the institute of the family, they stops us from having children who will continue our kin forth into the future, 


This is a Genocide of a human race and it is planned. Those who. Planned it are no longer hiding it!


If you do not accept this insanity and in some places actively promote it, then you are ridiculed and can be punished. Check out the new laws on transvestites that are being passed in US right now. They can cause all kinds of nonsense but if we retaliate and put them back in place then we are the ones that will be jailed. If you do not believe the jailed part then read this book, to understand what is happening in US prisons and how people are jailed on purpose to produce slave labour for AMWAY co and the likes.



You have gotta be a BLIND not to see how the German ideas from 1930’s and 40 are spreading like wild fire all over Europe, Canada, Australia and US RIGHT NOW. This virus is impregnating the world faster than speed ion light. The true history is already erased from the schools especially in these countries. 


Without the knowledge of history people don’t know what happened in the past thus are not able to analyse the information that is presented infant of them right now. You will not even be able to see that history is repeating itself but with ever harsher claws. So harsh that most people will not be able to survive it, in the very near future. I am not trying to promote doom and gloom but it is very important to get out of any mess is to understand what exactly is this mess we are in. It’s like with any disease, you gotta identify it so you can eradicate it bang on in the right place.


I know that this is your dear homeland, possibly a place you were born and have friends and family. South Africa was also my homeland where I spend a majority of my life. My son and my mom are still living in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They chose to stay there.


However I saw were a country was going, violent crime rates were rising at exponential pace. I experienced 8 robberies, one at a gun point, and 2 with a knife, I eventually dropped everything at the age of 40. I left South Africa, walking out of my half paid off house, with just a couple of suitcases. Loosing everything I acquired, I will still never look back!



Here were we live, we are not locking our doors, we do not have burglar bars, I can walk anywhere anytime of the day or night. 


Transportation system is like clockwork. And 3/4 of the population grow food and have been doing so forever. This means that people coming and robbing you for food, is just out of the question!



I invite you to visit and get to experience one of the last islands of freedom, completely isolated from the insanity that is happening around the “civilised” world. Just to name a few:


• LGBD is not welcomed and is classified is illness

• You can build any size home if it is under 57 feet or 19 metres high. You do not ask any questions from any one , and you do not even have to register it. You wake up and want to build… you build and move in. Of it falls on your head, there is none to sue. You take responsibility for what you build on your land. This is the way it is meant to be. Laws that state that you have to get certificate of occupancy as well as a myriad of other engineering and architectural stamps and certificates are NOT for our own good. These laws are designed especially to enslave humanity, from being able to build what  people wish, move in when they wish at any stage of the build and live how they wish. In our country this is the norm, and always has been.

• You can fish without any license

• You can walk and camp in any nature without paying anything or asking anyone

• Traditional family values are honoured

• The old age homes are ONLY for those who don’t have kids, otherwise children take care of paren

• You can get 60X packets of vegetable seeds for 1 USD. In fact vegetable seeds are 

• Cheap and abundant land

• Most of our pharmacies sell herbs for treatment.

• Grannies sell organic produces and home made pickles on the streets and it is welcomed and promoted here

• Fascism, racism and nazism are forbidden by law. Russia is made up of over 150 ethnic cultures. Various languages are taught throughout out the different areas of Russia. Our history of how we integrated various ethnic tribes is vastly different to how British, French, and Americans took over continents

• Crime rate is incredibly low.

• Inflation is moving close to 3%

• Learning try  history based on facts is promoted and taught to precision. We remember history. Did you know that 30.000.000 died in WW2 protection the world from fascism, yet our country is not even mentioned as the winning party.



We invite you to experience the last island of freedom. It is not very pretty and perfect like the western world, but it is real. Our people do not always carry the fake smiles but our people are truly warm and helpful.


This island of freedom is simple, Being Russian is not a nationality, it is a mentality. We are multilingual, multi racial, multi national country. Various ethnic languages are taught in the schools in the various regions that joined our country. One of one biggest values is equality within all people from a position of respecting another. Not suppressing others for their differences.


For those of you who want to get citizenship and visas, we will assist in what ever way possible. A professional immigration officer will be present at our upcoming natural building workshop in August 2023.




I have a unique and thought through business opportunity of printing permaculture biomimicry inspired villages. Here is my proposal that I am passionate and proud to present:





A property development company, which builds biomimicry inspired natural homes that are nested in permaculture food forest gardens infused by ponds with fish and good natural landscaping design.


These villages will be able to welcome an ever larger amount of people who want to relocate to our country, releasing themselves and their families from the insanity that’s brewing within their own countries.


Our property development company will be financed by international people who want to immigrate to Russia and invest into a lucrative business model whilst receiving a home at the same time.


These are not eco villages or co-housing communities with all of their dogmas, however the best of these features are taken from the eco village and com housing movements. 


The best way to sum up is:


Venus project + Arcosanti + Davis homes California (food forest) + permaculture earthworks + Wautillarium evergreen Earthships + Gaudi + business immediate opportunities & cooperation and support within each village we build.



There are quite a few ways to get citizenship. Learning the language and passing the exams or meeting a loved one and marrying etc.  However a solid and guaranteed way is to either invest 180.000 USD into a business or 450.000 USD into your own private property.


I propose this minimal investment of 180.000 USD in order to get your citizenship.  This fee will cover a fair investment in the form of shares (that will grow over time)  in the  Wautillarium Biomimetic Construction Company and as a by-product you will receive a home.


Investing into a business in a new country with a new foreign language is tricky. Natural building and permaculture is my passion and I welcome you to join the team.


You do not need to start up large, I welcome you to just visit us and get to know our beautiful homeland, come dance with us, sing with us around the fire, enjoy a boat ride, picnic in the forest and get to know our culture at the upcoming natural building worksop in the middle of August.






- centralised vegetable gardens that are not shaded by neighbours’ tree or a house.  Simplifies the irrigation, composting and promotes community interactions 


- every home will have all what is needed, kitchen, bathroom, shower etc. 


- there will be centralised children’s play , barbecue and outdoor kitchen area that promote dialogue and interaction


- co-working spaces with fast internet, good natural lighting, high ceilings, plants all year around, promoting a good healthy working environment promoting interactions and cooperation between people


- depending on the size of the village, a permaculture natural pool, pond or a dam will be built in, around the relaxation zones. These will be children safe with shallow entrances


- the main benefit of this village will be that, non Russian speaking people who want to relocate to our country, can easily integrate into a new environment within the supportive structure of the village. These will be multicultural, multi lingual , multi colour  villages

- this is NOT a sect or a cult. There will be no leaders or followers. It is best to classify our villages as: A well designed and wisely landscaped neighbourhoods that takes into account a pathway of the sun, natural contour lines of the earth, geopathic stress zones, wildlife habitats and climatic habitat. 


- Villages will be build at various locations starting 60 miles from St Pietersburg, as that’s where we live.and then spreading out to wilder lands, with electricity connections,  out in nature. There are already an abundance of abandoned villages with reasonable roads and electricity


- Organised Russian language tuition that will be split by everyone in the village.


- Due to the ownership of private property established families or individuals can sell or rent their properties and relocate to other places or start up new villages in new locations ****  


- centralised pump that is serviced and that delivers pressurised water to all households. This will reduce the cost of everyone installing their own pumps and managing it themselves. Pumping water is free., and it is too much of it here in our climate.


- centralised organised permaculture composting area that’s hidden out of sight yet provides nutritious compost for future vegetable gardens


- good access roads and centralised parking / parking areas (depending on the size of the village) and walking paths no nearby homes


- Well thought through permaculture land design and landscaping. Participation from village members on Landscaping common areas is encouraged alternative a small fee to keep the place tiny ( this will be by agreement from people who live within the village) 


- Depending on the amount financing, from you the home and land owner, the house can be either fully complete and ready to move in, or require finishing touches (complete under the roof and dry)

Various options will have a different price tag.


- homes will be of similar colour just like in the Earthship community, taking inspiration from natural palettes found within the surrounding landscape. Certain bright unique features can be done on the front south facing facade of each home 


- the placement of the homes will be hexagonally staggered, in such a way that everyone has privacy. All homes will be buried from the northern si


de, just like an earthship. This will provide more privacy and good views  so from your vide you will see mounds of grass and flowers. It is like living in a f mood forest park


- centralised tool workshop and garage, to fix cars, do carpentry and other handy work. This is a good practice tased from US called Makers Spaces. Everyone does not have to invest in the same tools but rather put in communally to purchase and manage tools. This is again by agreement from village members who will require such tool workshop.


- the designs of the house will be done according wautillarium - earthship hybrid home models . From a studio all there way to a 4 bed room home


- homes can be build upon and added to should you wish to including a second storey vaulted curvilinear structure. 


- future property owners get to know other village members through zoom calls


- due to cold winters all wautillarium homes will have a year-around edible garden as per earthship concept



Once the business gets streamlined, approximately 2 years, it will take 2 weeks for a completion of a home. We will be able to build homes simultaneously moving the 3D printer to new location within the same village. All walls get printed in 48 hours. The vaulted roof will also be pre printed separately. Channels for plumping, electrical, heating and cooling as well as fresh air will all be planned within the 3D printed design.


Want to try out something small: we have 2 lands with 2 old homes that you are welcome to try out a village life in leu for doing some renovations with your hands. There is an abundance of fruit trees and fields of herbal teas, edible mushrooms that you could already collect, dry and sell.


Come and join us an out natural building workshop and get to know Zoya and myself as well as our beautiful homeland.


• My full bio can be viewed here:

• My telegram group where I am gathering participants who want to come to our live workshop with a cultural program

• My email - //

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