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a self-study online video course which will assist you to create water Self Sufficiency in micro spaces, in the shortest time possible; through a variety of low tech DIY & affordable projects.

a self-study video online course that will assist you to create water Self Sufficiency in micro

spaces, in the shortest time possible; through a variety of low tech DIY & affordable projects.

Become an Ambassador of Self - Sufficiency and Water Sustainability.


Our Abundance of Water Master Class is easy to follow online video training that that will teach you through detailed  step-by-step video tutorials how to practically create full water self Sufficiency, wherever you are living on the planet.

Alosha the visionary
Abundance of Water Master Class
will assist you to:
  1. Harvests rain from roof, pavement and in the ground using earthworks 

  2. Stores rain discretely in visually appealing low cost DIY reservoirs

  3. Filters city rain with a DIY Bio Char Slow Sand filter at a rate of 300 L p/d

  4. Pressurises harvested filtered water to all your taps through a vortex pipe

  5. Cleans all your bath & kitchen waste water, using a micro constructed wetland and then automatically irrigates your garden and flushes loos

Revitalise and empower your home with low cost thriving eco systems that you together with your family and friends constructed over a few fun weekends. These luscious & functional eco systems are now treating all the polluted rain from your roof into mineral spring water, whilst allowing you to get 7x more uses from all of your water waste for garden irrigation, flushing of loos and gas production.


1. All water harvesting strategies, including hard surface run-offs such as roofs, drive ways and even catchment of water from the road.

2. How to make a first flush system that will keep all the dirt and leaves from going into your water tank.

3. How to easily construct permaculture earthworks using basic garden tools and garden waste


1. Theory and practical of how to build successful and safe water storage.  The do's and the don'ts.

2. Step by step guide on how to create a durable and long lasting 4000 Gallon / 16000 Litre sand bag water tank moulds to any straight wall like a "hand in glove"

3. Construction from start to finish of a low cost ferro cement water reservoir.  This 12000 Litre water tank will cost you 1/3 of a plastic one and will outlast it by an additional 100 + years. 


4. Construction of a 10000 Gal / 40000 litre underground water tank. Perfect opportunity to store water under a driveway / garage or even a house.

BONUS: How to convert a conventional pool into an eco pool so it  can be used as  back up storage that you can swim in, irrigate from & plumb it into your Bio Char water filter to be pressurised for home use 

Filtration &

Quality drinking water is non existent in our cities, so having your own water that is as pure as a mountain spring is key to healthy living. Additional chemicals in our tap water  erode teeth and cause a variety of illnesses and birth defects We will learn from start to finish:

1. The creation from start to finish of a Slow Sand Bio Char Filter. We will even teach you how to make your own gasifier  oven that makes the Bio Char from Invasive species o hard wood. We will do all the plumbing of this 4 stage low tech and low cost filter (150 USD for all materials) . The filter will deliver 300 litres of water per day for 3 years after which the Bio Char will need to be replaced to provide a further  3 years of use.

2. How to make a simple copper vortex pipe so it can energise and bring life-force  to all your water

4. How to easily bring minerals to your living water so it can nourish your body.

5. How to disconnect from municipality water and connect your Bio Char filter to home with a pressurised pump. This will include a 3 way valve should you ever need to reconnect to the grid again.

WATER TEST RESULTS from our Bio Char water that is harvested from Rain and stored in the pool

Up Cycling

1. How to construct  your own wetland for bath and shower water treatment . This will immediately create an additional bulk of water that can be safely used for irrigation of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs, without clogging the soil with soaps and phosphates.

2. How to use grey water that you bathed with yesterday  to  flush your toilet today.

3. Wetlands of various shapes and sizes made from 3 different low cost, available materials.  Two wetland types  will be constructed: one with visible water and floating plants and another whereby water travels through the aggregate  without any visible water on the surface. No smell or mosquitos

4. How to construct a simple trench filled with garden waste so it can take your Kitchen grease trap water

5. How to create a sewerage treatment wetland and plant it out with aquatic plants. This wetland will treat all water from your biogas digester / septic tank safely with out any smell. We also include installation of  the biogas digester itself and priming it for methane production

Why Does This Training Deliver Such Incredible Results?
1. Detailed theory prior to any project 

Classroom style theory will be presented that is well researched from the top eco literature on the planet . The theory will be condensed to a practical application and important "messages to take home"

2. Practical step by step video instructions all the way

Detailed camera footage with all possible angles will show you exactly how to execute all the parts of every construction.  The online course is replicated so you will feel as if you are attending every course live. 

3. Debrief of mistakes and how to avoid them

Within each module mistakes and hiccups are discussed.
Alosha made mistakes which cost him over $20000.  You will receive the  perfected working model so you can avoid these unnecessary bumps.

4. A variety of projects to suit any timeline and budget

We will teach you how to create 3 types of storage methods, 4 types of constructed wetlands and a variety of garden earthworks. All of these projects practically do the same thing but look deferent to each other and thus can be constructed in very different time lines and budgets depending on your preference.

5. Q & A video recordings after each module 

For the duration of 6 months we will take all the questions about each particular module / project and answer them in as much details as possible. Future answers to questions posted by other students will also be available to you for the duration of 10 years in the comments section under each module 

6. Go at your own pace with no down time

One of the main frustrations in attending live training is that there is a lot of standing around time whereby students can not participate because of an instructors inability to manage a large number of students or the job at hand only requires 2 hands. We have eliminated this completely by presenting you with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to know in order to execute a task. You will be able to watch the course in your own time and go back to any of the sections anytime you need to.

About your trainer

Alosha is  a visionary leader designer, inventor, master geometer and water wizard. 

He has converted his suburban home into a self sustaining and self regenerative living organisms that is completely off the water and electrical grid without tapping into any ancient borehole water.

He has completed his degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega and has attended over 10 international workshops on self sustainability with the following experts.


Geoff Lawton - Alosha received his permaculture design certificate through his school

Mike Reynolds - Alosha studied EarthShip Biotecture with Mike and constructed wetlands and botanical cells which have been perfected for over 45 years. 
Josh Kearns - Alosha learnt Bio-Char filtration in Thailand from Aqueous Solutions.
John Todd - has taught Alosha the basics of ecological design , biomimicry and construction of eco living machines.

Thomas Linders - Alosha studied from Linders. Thomas has been constructing wetlands for over 20 years.

Spending 3 years on a farm he experimented with low cost dome shelters , food growing Machines , earthworks, wetland constructions  and holistic ecological design.

Up cycling
Food Machine
Here's how the Abundance of Water course Is structured
  • Intro and class room theory: roof gutters, leaf catcher, first flush,                                         pavement catchment & road catchment

  • Mistakes & improvements

Hard Surface
Harvesting water in the ground - Earthworks
  • Eight principles of successful water harvesting & 26 earthworks       harvesting tips

  • Different types of earthworks: berm & basin, swales and terraces

  • Vegetation

  • Mistakes & improvements

Sandbag water reservoir
  •  Construction of sand bags

  •  Construction of ferro cement supportive wall

  •  Plastering & water proofing

  •  Floor slab & sump construction

  •  Mistakes & improvements

Underground reservoir with usable flooring above
  •  Excavation

  •  Construction of walls

  •  Construction of concrete beam & ferro cement dome roof 

  •  Air crete filler for flooring

  •  Mistakes & improvements

Ferro Cement reservoir
  • Foundation preparation

  • Wiring the mesh & ply wood tying 

  • Dome roof construction

  • Plumbing

  • Plastering  & water proofing

  • Mistakes & improvements 

Transforming a standard pool into a biological storage
  • We wil build 3 types of pool wetlands from start to finish 

  • Excavation for wetland 

  • Liner installation and other water proofing methods 

  • Plumbing rock entrance

  • Planting and sourcing aquatic plants from local eco systems

  • Variety of solar and conventional pumps 

  • Testing & Maintenance

  • Mistakes & improvements

Bio char slow sand filter
  • Pre treatment of very dirty water

  • Making bio char and making of biochar gassier

  • Sifting and cleaning stone, sand & biochar                                  

  • Ball valve installation

  • Preparation and setting up of the drums 

  • Plumbing of the entire filter

  • Testing the flow  & maintenance

  • Mistakes and improvements

Turning filtered water into living elixir
  • Water wizards

  • Construction your own copper vortex pipe

  • Introduction to flow forms

  • Introduction to magnetism and simple ways to realign water

  • Mineralization of your water

Delivery of pressurised water to all of your taps
  • Municipal bypass valve installation by proffecinal plumber

  • Plumbing of Bio char slow sand filter to the pump 

  • Testing the system

  • Mistakes and improvements

Creating a mini constructed wetland
  • Container, rock entrance

  • Cutting the cage & cutting the drum

  • Plumbing of the system

  • Filling the container with stones, soil, sand

  • Aquatic planting, where to source then and how to plant them

  • Irrigation with treated grey water

  • Installing a mechanism for automatic toilet flushing

  • Siphoning pump & other tech for low lying outlets

  • Mistakes & improvements

Treating sewerage and making biogas
  • Creation of a sewerage treating constructed wetland

  • Installation of ready made biogas digester

  • How to make a low cost septic tank using tires

  • Plumbing of sewerage

  • Priming you  biogas digester for methane production

  • Outlet tank & safely irrigating with treated sewerage

  • Mistakes & improvements

Upcycling - Kitchen and Laundry
  • Building a simple grease trap

  • Plumbing your grease trap out for passive flow into the garden

  • Trench & earthworks, filling the trench with correct medium

  • Testing of the system & utilisation of treated water

  • Maintenance of the grease trap

  • Creating a banana circle for grey water treatment.

  • Mistakes & improvements

Construction of your own food growing machine
  • Sourcing of the drum and container preparation

  • Cutting the drum up and extruding planter pockets with a gas torch

  • Plumbing of your irrigation system for the food grower

  • Creating a worm tower & installing it into the food growing machine 

  • Setting up a automatic gravity flow earthworm tea extractor

  • Planting the plants and the right choices for east, west, north & south

  • Creating a micro green & nursery station for the shade side

Additional materials to assist you on your path of abundance
  • Creating of Banana circle to safely treat grey water 

  • Checklists and systems to assist you with planning and maintenance

  • Ecological garden consults 

  • Grey water presentation by of the top  wetland experts - Thomas Linders

  • Eco Design Vault consisting of  35+ of Alosha's behind the scenes  inventions

  • Conscious Wisdom from the some of the top "Giants" of the planet

  • Creating irrigation from start to finish, including drip irrigation under mulch

  • All about worms and container gardening in small spaces with 70 year wizard

  • Off-the-water-grid trailer blue print and explanatory video 

What do our students say about our training
"I am saving 2500 Litres per week"

After I finished this grey water wetland eco system using Alosha's online training course, I have about 2500 Litres extra  to use every week in the garden.

Jp - Johannesburg

"Your course is Awesome"

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into it! I am also grateful for showing the mistakes you made in the videos as they are also great for learning. I am in the process of starting the wetland section in the water course, and am very much looking forward to learning the techniques, plants, and processes you are using. 


Please know that even if there is a slow start to your dream you have changed our lives, and if you can do that with at least one person it is worth it, because in time another person will see the value. And perhaps the seed needs to wait before germinating.


Thank you for all of your work and the classes. What you are doing is really important. 

In gratitude, Shawn and Renae

"The feeling of this course is very inclusive"

Alosha, your authentic energy for the good of all by offering this gift of training and guiding us is the leading reason I am on this program. The personal commentary is so helpful and allows me to make the notes I need in my work book. The practical sections are paced well allowing time for thought and clearly show that 'organic' thinking means we can enhance decisions at every step. I have enjoyed one on one conversation already to fine-tune some details which is awesome and fills me with confidence.

Amanah Triggs


In this bonus we  included over 3 hours of footage from various paid consults that commissioned  Alosha Lynov to bring the self regenerative design to a variety of different properties. Alosha describes a variety of topics, in a suburban as well as a farm plot, such as tree mulching, earthworks, grey water treatment, positioning of wetlands, land angles and organic food growing. He discusses with a client a problem sewerage area with faulty septic and how to resolve such a blockage in an ecological manner. These consults will give you a great perspective on what can be implemented in your garden with a bit of creativity and literally free materials.

In our Eco Design Vault you'll find over 50 various sketches and artworks of conceptual ideas that are designed on nature's inspired geometrical patterns. From biological shelters and vortexing water treatment to designs of schools, kids’ play grounds, entire community blocks and food growing machines. These ideas will surely raise your awareness about curvilinear designs that are aligned with universal geometries. Alosha was  inspired by sacred geometry as well as various leaders in ecological field when drawing these concepts and ideas on paper.

In this bonus package you will be presented with vital excel and document systems which will assist you with a variety of your eco home needs. A detailed questionnaire is included which will make you ascertain your grey water  outlets, water consumption, rain fall, soil types etc. We also included a weekly routine checklist for a gardener or maintenance team to make sure that your gutters are cleaned, leaf catchers are emptied of leaves, grease trap is inspected and cleaned out, irrigation water filters are checked and blasted out if need be and a lot more. We also included a monthly calendar so you can plan the teams and budget for your future eco projects.

In this bonus package Alosha shares a variety of topics that will come in handy through out your journey on an eco path. What is your role in the garden and how to work with hired labour. Governmental regulations and how to work with them. How to extract your own vision and how to follow it through all the way. Safe utilisation of a vast types of waste to create beauty and abundance in your garden. How to create self worth, thrive with your Mission and be of great service to our planet and all it's beings 

Here Alosha will unpack, from start to finish the basics of irrigation. We will plump up a timer, connect pipes and install the sprayers, misters and drip irrigation under mulch. 


In this module we will plumb up the submersible pump to automatically irrigate your organic garden with waste water. 


In this video I will share with you the details behind Intentional Russian Villages / Kin Domains. These communities were Inspired by a set of books written by Vladimir Megre on Anastasia.


She brought down a lot of ancient vedic knowledge on how we can get out of the current mess. I have read the books in Russian several times and have visited Russian eco villages. In this video I will pr provide you with a lot of details on how we can set up successful eco villages in the future. 

I have recorded a 2 hour tour with my good friend Natalie, a 70 year old pensioner, who is not scared to get her hands dirty.

She has figured out a really awesome way to grow food and herbs in raised containers with zero water waste all powered by her successful worm farming. She will teach us exactly how this is all created from start to finish. All about worms and container growing with Natalie Rowles

My latest invention, an off the water grid mobile trailer including a composting toilet, 1200 Litres of back up water, aquaponic system, food growing machine, grey water wetlands and grease trap all on 6 square metres of space.

Our off-the-water-grid trailer consists of a variety low-tech biological and simple elements. It will process all kitchen water with a grease trap by removing the fats and the bits so the water can be used to passively feed the garden. 2 layered constructed wetlands will clean up all bath and shower water and get it to the level that this water can be used to bath and shower again.


An Awe Inspiring Self Regenerative Life is awaiting for you


Including construction of Food Growing Machine and 10 BONUSES 



190 USD

JUST constructed wetlands


46 USD



423 USD

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