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  • Друзья, теперь плейлист видеокурса "Интеграция сознания" будет постоянно пополняться новыми уроками. То есть, это теперь не ограниченный курс из нескольких десятков уроков, а наш с вами интерактив, где я, исходя из ваших вопросов, записываю новые уроки с простыми и, вместе с тем, подробными схематизированными разъяснениями.

    К закрытому интерактивному видеокурсу "Интеграция сознания" приступайте, если вы УЖЕ прошли бесплатные видеокурсы
    "Освобождение от эмоциональной боли"  и "Прокачка дня" 


а также вот эти три вебинара


Zoya has spend many years trying to understand why people carry deep suffering throughout their lives. From her early childhood years she has realised that almost every adult thinks that they needs to play a "double game". Living a miserable life, with incredible tenacity they simultaneously imitate a joyful state. Only when she started to play this same fake role, in her adulthood years, did she link that the obsession to live the successful and happy life is the source of suffering.

Between the following two points of duality: 

  • fear to look towards one's sacral honest feelings and 

  • imitation of fake happiness

we birth a gigantic awful mountain of suffering, which last an entire life.

Only until Zoya understood that even by asking the right questions she could not change anything in her inner state, she started to "archeologically dig" and meticulously unravel the polarity war at the level of neurons. Through many years of deep inner practice she opened up towards the feeling of mindful harmony and peaceful inner state.



This is a detailed step by step training in which we will work through key programs which create feeling of anxiety, guilt, self hate etc.


The difficulty of this course is in the incredible resistance, whist working with these broken programs. You will need to take responsibility for yourself to do the work on regular basis


If we do take responsibility for our transformation and there is no-one that will keep on pushing us, we will gain much strength  for our true rebirthing from a deeply scarred & shaking "animal" into an inspired , joyful creator with it's wings fully spread out.

In our online training we will cover in depth the following theory:

  • how the swing of polarity pendulum forms our feelings, behavioural models and their consequences

  • how complex of social programs form: causal-reactive connections our through forms, repeated life scenarios and self fulfilling prophecy 

  • how these programs affect the state of our body and form illnesses

  • how hierarchy affects us and how to find a way out of this rabbit hole

  • process work and the nitty gritty of consciousness integration

Стоимость подписки 6 000 руб

6000 ₽

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