Thank you for the opportunity to design your home and help you with your Vision. I look forward to our meeting where we will kickstart the process of developing your future solar passive dwelling or lifestyle on the land.

In this meeting we will go through some critical questions to stimulate our thoughts towards designing of your home. I am sure you have some answers already, however in order for us to spend our time productively I recommend you to try and answer most of these questions prior to our call:

  • what budget do you have to build ?

  • how soon do you want to move in ?

  • do you want to build slowly 1 room at a time or get a larger team to construct entire home in a season?

  • how strict are your building regulations ?

  • what are your preferred materials ?

  • what are your preferred geometries & shapes ?

  • have you experienced a dome or a vault?

  • what is your climate ?

  • do you have any building / plumbing skills ?

  • will you be outsourcing the construction, doing it yourself or working together with a team?

  • how sensitive are you to electromagnetic radiation ?

  • is the home for just you, a couple or a growing family


Your answers to above questions will allow me to come up with a home solution that works optimally in your climate and that fits you and your family, your abilities and level of skills.

   Alosha Lynov