Host a Workshop

We believe that people everywhere have a basic right to create quality housing for themselves. Help spread this knowledge. If you are able to host a workshop, this is the fastest, least expensive, and most fun way to build your AirCrete and Super Adobe Dome! Imagine having a team of 30 or more enthusiastic builders working on your project! Work becomes play and a lot gets done in a short amount of time. It’s a big win/win for everyone. 

A fiber reinforced AirCrete is fire-proof, rot-proof, water-proof, termite-proof, and very strong against the destructive forces of earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. It is relatively simple, with only basic skills, to build a very beautiful, high quality, energy efficient AirCrete home for a small fraction of the cost of conventional housing. In Addition to AriCrete we will build a small 3 m diameter and 3.3 m tall sand bag / super adobe room. 

Bio Veda Workshops bring people together for an experience of a lifetime. We follow an age-old tradition of building for each other. And as we build, we build friendships, community, and skills that free us from the high costs of conventional housing. A Bio Veda Workshop is the most efficient, enjoyable and inexpensive way to build. In exchange for hosting the workshop you get a free dome! 

Bio Veda supervises the construction of your AirCrete and Super Adobe dome with up to 35 participants who learn by providing hands-on labour.
There is definitely a lot to gain by hosting a workshop and it requires a lot of careful preparation.

Before you apply to be a host, please read carefully through Host Requirements and Workshop Host Manual (curtesy of dome gaia and Hajjar Gibran) 

Here are some FAQ which host have:

2. Would October be a good time for you?


Perfect if we can book in advance with a deposit so I can lock in time for your workshop


3. Would it be a 10 day or 14 day workshop?


In 14 days we will be able to build 2 domes (Aircrete and sandbag like we did in africa ) and in 10 days only 1. 


4. Would it be just aircrete (or aircrete plus earth bags)?


answered above 


5. Can we have access to plans for the building before the workshop for getting council approval (and any other advice in this matter - building regulations)?


Yes we will provide a professional drawing and some test results from Cal Earth re sandbag structure. One of our students just build a dome In a=Australie and I will find out from here what she had to submit to get the dome approved. 


6. What is the minimum number of people required?


20 people would be really awesome but we can run workshop with a minimum of 16 people. Over 20 people I will bring my partner to assist with training and large crew.


We will also require 2 labourers to continuously prepare sand bag soil and cement mix or one labourer + concrete mixer (for sandy soils) or paddle mixer (for clay) 


7. We need more clarity around the payment system - is it that we organise everything, and in return get 2 free passes to the workshop, plus the labour of the dome built? or is it different?


You as a host pay for materials + get the necessary tools which can be used to build multiple structures in the future. We charge 800-1000 USD per student (depending on quantity of students). Together with students we build you 2 domes in 2 weeks. We have a Sunday in between which would be great to see something awesome. Students pay for the outing separately. Students pay for food and accommodation over and above that. You need to get 18+ students for this workshop to happen. I can help with video and graphic support as well as web page like I did for Nepal crew.

Apply to Be a Host