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Would you like me to assist you with building your home or a training center?

there are two ways to go about it.

  1. workshop-style for small and simple builds such as a double dome or a vault

  2. managing a proper full-size eco home and construction site with unskilled volunteers and laborers for larger more complex home builds (350 sq feet and up) >> this option will require a 20000 USD investment for each month of our time. Due to the complexity of the construction process, we will require an additional skilled handyman for the duration of the build. Above pictures from Brazil (with a spiral walk in shower) was accomplished in 3 weeks (excluding the foundation which took another 1 week) Our Brazilian host is completing this home in their own time)

Below is important information that  you need to know before organizing a workshop or a build on your land 

We believe that people everywhere have a basic right to create quality housing for themselves. Help spread this knowledge. If you are able to host a workshop, this is the fastest, least expensive, and most fun way to build yourself a small home to move onto your land or build additional accommodation for Airbnb rental. Imagine having a team of 30 or more enthusiastic builders working on your project! Work becomes play and a lot gets done in a short amount of time. It’s a big win/win for everyone. 


Bio Veda workshops bring people together for an experience of a lifetime. We follow an age-old tradition of building for each other. And as we build, we build friendships, community, and skills that free us from the high costs of conventional housing. A Bio Veda Workshop is the most efficient, enjoyable, and inexpensive way to build.

In exchange for hosting the workshop, you get a home space in a short time! Bio Veda supervises the construction of your AirCrete and Super Adobe dome with up to 35 participants who learn by providing hands-on participation.

There is definitely a lot to gain by hosting a workshop and it requires a lot of careful preparation.


  1. In order to host a workshop, you need to have land and finances for tools, building materials, and our minimal management fee. 

  2. The more students we get the cheaper the build will be for you the host.  At 10 paying students (1000 USD for tuition + excl food and accomodation)  the host will only pay 5000 USD fee to Bio-Veda. If we get more than 15 paying students, my fee for the host will be ZERO. Only my travel food and accomodation will need to be covered  

  3. For full size, 900 square feet home, the workshop-style build is not the right format. Laborers and volunteers are better suited for full-size home builds. The workshop can be organized in the last week of the build so students are not burdened by pounding 6000 feet worth of earthbags for the walls.

  4. a new 333 sq ft wooden vault is an amazing workshop structure.

  5. You will need to prepare the site and get the building materials and tools prior to our arrival.

  6. Our minimal fee is 15000 USD for a 3 week total excluding travel and jet lag. In the worst-case scenario where we do not get any students, then we need to be guaranteed to be paid this fee.

  7. There is a  3000 USD deposit to lock in the dates for the workshop.  The finances are sorted on the first day of arrival. I.e If there are no students then there has to be sufficient labourers to build the structure. I will manage the labourers. 3000 USD gets paid at least a week prior to our arrival and the remaining 5000 USD has to be paid on the first day of our arrival. 

  8. The host pays for flights and adequate comfortable accommodation for the trainer as well as an assistant.

  9. Bio-Veda charges 1000 USD per student for training (which gets deducted from your 15000 USD guarantee), thus recommended fee for a 2 week-long workshop fee is $1500 - $2000per student (including food and accommodation)

  10. If the site, building materials, or tools are not prepared prior to our arrival then there will be a penalty charge of 1000 USD per day for any additional work we have to do or manage. This penalty is there to protect us in case we have to run around and organize things on your behalf.  We will provide you with a full excel spreadsheet of everything that needs to be purchased and organized for the successful build 

  11. The host organizes catering (3 meals per day) and accommodation with a shuttle to and from the hotel where students stay. Students pay for accommodation and meals separately directly to the host.

  12. It is the responsibility of the host to prepare the foundation prior to our arrival as per the specs and instructional video from Bio-Veda. Foundation made bigger than the stipulated size will have to be REDONE and this will result in non completion of the build.

  13. The host needs to assist with marketing. Bio-Veda will provide a promotional info video, workshop registration page we as well as graphics of various sizes for print and social media. 

  14. Bio-Veda will provide 2 free tickets to the workshop to the host for any of their friends / workers 

  15. If any bullying or humiliating will happen from students, volunteers or laborers, there will be one warning given and if nothing changes then such individuals will be asked to leave the site immediately. We need full support from the host in order to accomplish the removal of bullies  from the workshop site and the living premises.

  16. Our accommodation need to be separate from the students, volunteers, and laborers. It has to be clean , quiet and comfortable in temperature, so we can recharge and rest.

  17. Please note that STUDENTS ARE NOT LABOURERS and If you want a decent size home and not a tiny house then additional labourers need to be acquired. NB: 17 students with 2 labourers can pull off 5.5 m aircrete dome + a 3 metres internal diameter sandbag dome in 12 working days. THAT IS ALL !!!

  18. If labourers do not speak english then please have a handyman on site who speaks both languages.

Please message me on telegram or email me if you have sufficient funds and expertise to organise this complex building event event - Alosha Lynov

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