What do you get when you Bio Mimic Natures Genius and combine it with practical wisdom of other eco Wizards who did the same thing?

You get DIY eco tech which takes care of our needs​:

  • Rain water Harvesting and Storage tanks

  • Great and black water recycling wetlands 

  • Rain & pond water filtration for potable use

  • Eco pool conversion for back up purposes

  • Fully Off-the-Grid Solar Living eco Home

If you would love to:

  • Learn practical permaculture in action OR

  • Transform your home into a living eco system OR

  • Construct your Off-Grid eco home in Nature OR

  • Prepare for uncertain future 

then you might want to hear my advice from a 12 year hands on experience with all the costly mistakes I've done  - Alosha Lynov (inventor & teacher)