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Support our Bio Veda Academy in South Africa from being auctioned off on 6th of Nov 2018

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BELOW are the perks which we are offering to our supporters


80 USD


160 USD


320 USD


600 USD

Wautilli Arkaima Permaculture School of Practical Self Regenerative Abundance


“ Our students will learn how to bio-design and build debt-free, fully off-grid natural homes made from earth and indigenous low cost materials. Our Bio Shelters mimic Natures Genius whilst harmoniously integrating into the surrounding environment. All waste water from our structures will feed into Self - Regenerative build in wetland ecologies which feed organic food forest, vegetable and medicinal herb gardens. “ - Alosha Lynov


At our Eco Institute we will teach a series of live and online master classes inspiring and empowering our students to:


  • Learn from start to finish how to build fully off grid eco dome homes


  • Harness an entire water cycle from Harvesting & storage of rain to filtration & upcycling of grey water. From the roof as well as in the soil using permaculture earthworks 


  • Learn how to grow food forest biospheres and bio-intensive organic vegetable gardens


  • Learn about Natural Geometries, Energies of Shape and harmonising with environment through positioning as well as Lunar and Celestial Almanac.


  • Learn about key entrepreneurship skills in order for our education to be converted into triple bottom line Abundance and Self Replicable business models



We will diversify our education to suit the following 3 age groups 


  1. We will inspire scholars aged from 10 -14 on on alternatives in home and eco systemic design

  2. Architecture, Biology and Natural sciences university students with 2-4 week advanced practical courses on organic food , eco shelter and living water subjects

  3. Mature folk who wish to follow a path of Self Sustainability & Self Regenerative Abundant Bio - Design


For the last 10 years I have been building a permaculture training school in Johannesburg.  I have travelled the world attending live workshops from top ecological experts that have invested at least 40 years of practical experience in Living Water , Organic Food & Eco Shelter fields. 


I have almost completed an ecological off-grid institute sharing the art of practical & integrated self sustainability inspiring local communities to live an Abundant and profitable lively hoods.


“Our students will learn how to Bio design and construct Ecological homes made from waste discharging it's waste water to self regenerative constructed wetland ecologies that feed food forest recreational parks and aquaculture systems . Key entrepreneurship skills will be taught to our interns to ensure that the knowledge is transformed into profitable business models” 


My name is Alosha Lynov and my passion is Practical Self Sustainability. I have recently sold my Event Decor Business to pursue my eco passion of teaching our planetary community on how they can thrive in harmony wth nature and universal laws without climbing into the bed with the bank.

Why is this so important 

The reason that this Permaculture school is so important is because it will teach the practical know how of all the aspects of Self Sufficiency. From growing of your own food to building eco homes using waste, without debt, that keep cycling all waste water for food irrigation and flushing of loos.

We focus on skills transferral and “teach the teachers as well as future entrepreneurs” that will spread the knowledge and practical wisdom to the rest of the community, eventually taking over the entire townships with it's profitable and self sustainable models that have triple bottom line.

We will teach local communities in Zulu, Xhosa and English how to get off the grid through growing their own food forest parks and nutritionally dense vegetables whilst treating all human waste water via constructed wetlands. Thereafter students will learn how build simple and almost free shelters using tires, sandbags, cans and bottles. These houses will heat, cool and energise themselves using wind, sun and permaculture design ethics without the use of electricity, gas or fire. These houses will be partially sponsored by corporation that produce the waste on the first place.

We have to change the environments that we live in, current gridded up cities just breed chaos and scarcity. I believe we have to start creating new reality eco villages and cities that welcome Universal laws and natural phenomena.

Our eco Institute will teach future leaders on how to design their way to abundance whilst co creating together with nature and all of it's forces. We will also teach how to turn Electro Magnetic Radiation into healing vibrations using Bio Geometry


By investing into our eco school you will invest into my grand vision of inspiring one billion people to thrive sustainably on Earth. I will not stop until I have shifted one billion people on how to Abundantly live in harmony with nature and each other. 


I have already invested 10 years and over 200.000 USD into this school. It is 93% complete and we require funds to complete the remaining 10%.


What We Need & What You Get

We currently require 40000 USD. 

The funds will be used to complete a 1 month Earthship academy at Taos New Mexico after which I will be certified to teach the creation of a fully off-the-grid homes that are build entirely from waste, powered by waste water whilst releasing no waste into our our planet or the grid.

The remainder of funds will be used to complete an aircrete  Dome Home additional classroom constructed above a 40000 L underground reservoir. We will build this classroom through a live workshop.

The final cash flow is needed for food forest plants, flooring for outside and indoor classroom and finishing up of paving  in a parking lot that we have constructed 

Of course the most important budget is required for marketing of our Permaculture School of Wizardry to other schools, institutions and private folk.

As an energy exchange we are giving away our fully completed online Abundance of Water Video Master class that I have put together whilst working on this property. We also have 2 more workshops coming up - Eco Dome Home Construction as well as Food Forest Biosphere  & Grow Bio Intensive Urban Farming.

If we do not reach our entire goal the funds will go towards basic completion of the school so we can open our doors and start teaching the teacher ,s children and future leaders. 

By being able to open our doors we will instantly start generating income that will assist in all other projects that need full completion. 


The Impact

This is one of the most important projects on the planet. Spreading permaculture knowledge with the practical applied wisdom will change our planet around for the better. It will empower our communities to create Abundance thriving livelihoods in sync with Grand Organised Design and our planet. 

There is an alternative reality to capitalist and money enslavement and we will teach it in the most practical hands on way.

My track record has been successful. I have completed 4 eco Machines, 2 sand bad dome homes, 2 biochar filters, converted a pool at this training facility and build 3 types of water storage reservoirs. This resulted in this very property getting completely off the water grid without the use of the borehole. I have trained over 30 unskilled africans into eco construction and wetland creation.

Teaching is one of my highest values together with Bio -  Inventive Design and entrepreneurship. I have been sharing practical eco consciousness via my newsletters since 2008.

You can also join my mailing list at for a weekly VLOG on how to practically create a new reality on earth.

I am extremely focused and get things done 

Let us uplift Africa and our planet as a whole... help us so we can help you to create an entire new reality on Earth, based on Natural Laws, Self Regeneration, Healing and Abundance !

A l o s h a

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