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In our self study online comprehensive training you will practically learn how to build an affordable eco dome home which is inspired on permaculture principles. This Bio-shelter comes with its own custom build gutter for rain water harvesting, a constructed botanical wetland as well as an Earthship inspired truck tire septic - for all your responsible waste water treatment. 


Our course covers in great detail how to build a hidden 10000 Gal underground water reservoir or bunker which is placed underneath your future home. 

The water training course is part of this program and covers full rain water filtration through a slow sand biochar filter, as well as 2 more types water tanks. Extensive theory for all modules is included as well, combining some of the most important practical know how you need will need in getting yourself fully off the water grid.

We also teach a variety of other Super Adobe projects for natural pool conversion, a wavy flood proof wall as well as terraces which turn your garden into a sponge

We are currently developing all the water tech and eco home solutions for cold Russian climate !


Learn in comfort, wherever you are, how to :

build 2 types of dome homes from foundation all the way to skylight, Air Crete and a Super Adobe Dome. Includes intensive theory on: designing your home on graph paper + various climates, fengshui, bio geometry,  tensile forces, plumbing etc.


In 2020 we will be building and recording an eco vault with a geodesic glass green house. Geodesic green house will transform this vault into low cost Earthship. This home will be designed to withstand the harshest climate on the planet and will be build during our 3 week live workshop in Russia 24th of May 2020

easily build beautiful curvilinear permaculture terraces which turn your garden into a sponge. We will also construct a 54 metre curvilinear wall with water / recycling / sleeping spaces. The bionincly shaped terraces and walls can frame any parking bays, tree benches and constructed wetlands. 

build an alternative low cost gutter systems + simple permaculture earthworks that impregnate and store water in the ground. You will also learn how to build a simple leaf and dust catcher. We will also construct paddies for catchment of rain water from the road

build 3 types of water tanks for a variety of budgets and skill sets:
Ferro Cement 6000L + Sandbag 16000L + underground 40000L water reservoir underneath a dome home + build constructed wetland to transform chlorine pool into an eco pond

create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water. We will install (not make) a biogas digester which will make flammable methane with yet another constructed wetland to treat sewerage.

build your own DIY Bio Char filter & Bio Char from start to finish, which will treat city rain / borehole water at a rate of 300 litres per day. You will also learn how to pressurise it to your home and how to bring life to your water

dome home & water self sufficiency training

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