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In our self study online comprehensive video course you will practically learn how to easily design and build your own affordable eco dome home with an underground 10000 Gal hidden bunker / water reservoir.


This Bio-shelter is equipped with rainwater harvesting, a constructed botanical wetland for wastewater treatment which allows you to UPcycle your grey water for garden irrigation and flushing of loos. You will learn how to build a dirt-cheap septic tank linked to an approved black water treatment wetland


We also included a variety of SuperAdobe projects for natural pool conversion (drinking quality water), a wavy flood barrier wall as well as terraces which turn your garden into a living sponge.


build 2 types of dome homes from foundation all the way to skylight, Air Crete and a Super Adobe Dome. Includes intensive theory on: designing your home on graph paper + various climates, fengshui, bio geometry,  tensile forces, plumbing etc.


Receive all of our newest designs, to inspire you on your eco build for Wautillarium T7 as well as other eco dome homes which Alosha Lynov has been crafting since 2007 

easily build beautiful curvilinear permaculture terraces which turn your garden into a sponge. From parking bays to tree benches. We will also construct a 54 metre curvilinear wall with water / recycling holding spaces.

build an alternative low cost gutter systems as well as benches around your dome home which harvest and treat the rain fall / snowmelt that comes off the curvilinear roof of your home

build how to build an underground 40000L water reservoir, with a ferro cement ceiling. This space can also be used as a cellar, an aquaponic growing space or a hide out bunker incase of an emergency.

create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water. We will install (not make) a biogas digester which will make flammable methane with yet another constructed wetland to treat sewerage.

Bio Dome Home - Masterclass
With our 100% self-paced, step-by-step detailed video tutorials you will learn how to: 
  • Integrate Solar passive design and tree orientation in your home

  • Cold Climate construction - Build with MASS and insulation

  • Learn how to find the right land and join / build a community

  • Design Bio Geometrically to evoke harmonic resonance

  • Plan the overhead and cross section view on graph paper

  • Plan all of your electrical and plumping on paper and on site

  • Test your soil and Air Crete Mix for safe construction

  • Learn how to design openings and support them with buttresses

  • Install door and windows into the Sand Bag / Air Crete medium

  • How to water proof your home and stop the capillary action

  • How to build a 3D sky light - Almanac Solar & Lunar Calendar

  • Apply plastering and finishing techniques

  • Building of an Air Crete & Sandbag dome from ground up

  • Build  your own self supporting archways for all the openings

  • How to plan your home on graph paper, with electrical and plumbing 

  • How to design a solar passive design and orientation 

  • How to integrate Sacred Bio Geometry and Feng Shui 

  • How to connect your home to the stars as the pyramids did 

  • Tyre, Air-crete, ferro cement and Super Adobe basics 

  • How to test your Soil and air-crete mix 

  • What are chains and compasses and how to work with them

Foundation work
  • The foundation itself will be build from long sandbags filled with stabilised earth

  • Sandbags allow for incredible free style curvilinear building style.

  • We will dig out the foundations and install the damp course to prevent capillary action of water siphoning upwards in your walls.

  • We will create an accurate connection between two mediums gripping Air Crete to the sand bag

Building Walls
  • The sand bags will continue up until belly button level allowing you to use a wall as a comfortable leaning surface.

  • In this lesson you will learn the practicalities of barbwire installation in order to create structures  which have a balance of tension and compression working hand in hand together. This allows for the construction of super strong structures which mimic Natures Geometrical genius

  • You will learn how to make your own eco foam from  soap. We will go into precision of the actual  ratios

  • You will learn how to construct tire walls with a ferro cement roof.

  • We will also cover the construction of single curvature Vaults which are straight rooms with rounded ceilings.

& Arches + butresses
  • We will construct special forms which we will pour air crete into. These forms are designed to take optimal amount of ready mix.

  • We will pour the air crete into the forms and construct a giant knife which can slice Air Crete "cakes" up into smaller bricks. 

  • We will discuss the importance of butresses when constructing geometrical spherical buildings and how big the buttress needs to be in order to withstand the outwards pressure from the openings.

  • You will learn a tried and tested method on how we can insert doors and windows into our structures.

  • We will discuss a way to make your own smaller portal windows that can open and close.

  • We will build an entire window frame off - site and position into the wall

Ceiling & skylight
  • When reaching the upper levels closing up the  tighter curvature you will learn how to shape the Air Crete bricks and sandbags so they create a "snug" fit.

  • You will learn how to place counter weights in order for the bricks in the upper levels to stay in their position whilst in construction.

  • Combination of temperature stable mass in the sandbags and insulative properties of Air Crete will result in stable temperatures through out the year.

  • A useful skill in construction is the practical know how on concrete beam creation with a weaved ferro cement dome roof. This is very handy when making an underground water reservoir or building your home two storeys high.

Plumbing, Electrical
  • We will install a low cost truck tire septic tank under a toilet. 

  • You will learn how to build an outdoor shower which will automatically drain to a constructed wetland 

  • We will connect the electrical as we go along and insert it into the folds of the sandbags and Air Crete bricks.

  • I will show you how to wire up a simple 12 volt system with an inverter, charge controller batteries and solar panels

About me 

My name is Alosha Lynov, I am a founder of Bio-Veda Academy. I was born in Uzbekistan, grew up in Russia and then moved to South Africa in my teenage years with my family


My love for liquid architecture, rivers and indigenous forests set me on a journey around the world learning practical permaculture wisdom as well as EMR & Geopathic stress protection from international ecological masters. During my travels, I have attended 11 international workshops on self-sustainability in the fields of ecological housing, treatment of rain and UP cycling of wastewater as well as the growing of organic food


Some of the teachers I learned from are Geoff Lawton, Mike Reynolds, John Todd, Josh Kearns, John Jeavons, Ibrahim Karim, Nader Khalili, Hajjar Gibran as well as many others.


I have practically experimented all I learned for the last 12 years on my farm and urban permaculture playground homestead in South Africa (which we abandoned in 2020 and relocated to Russia). Now all of this eco-tech will be developed for cold climate and new lessons will be added shortly.


Making countless expensive mistakes in my permaculture ecosystems assisted me to perfect the BioVeda nature-inspired water ecosystems and eco-homes online courses.


Since 2007 Alosha I presented 4 practical water, 3 dome building workshops as well as various seminars presenting the wisdom of self-sufficient living all over the world.multiple global workshops teaching Water Self Sufficiency and Eco Home construction. 

My ethos is to catch what comes from the sky, treat wastewater and garbage as assets and creatively use natural resources to create self-regenerative Bio-Spheres induced with beauty, life-force and spacial comfort.


Here is what our students say about our Living Eco Home Masterclass

"By watching the videos on your course, I feel as if I have been there in person"

As an online student of your, first of all I would like to thank you for the fabulous course - the sharing of all your videos, the ideas that work, the mistakes, the failure etc. By watching the videos on your course, I feel as if I have been there in person doing the course and this had boost my confidence to such a level that I could dream of building my own dome house.


To cut the story short, last September an opportunity came my way to purchase a land. I started to build a dome house in that land with effect from 19th November 2018. The dome house is under construction and I am attaching herewith the today's photos and videos of the construction. Once complete this may be the first residential dome house in India.


Being in India, you know, there are a lot of disadvantages. Even though I am very much interested to build an aircrete or a super adobe dome, I found out that it is very very difficult (impossible, you may say) to get materials for the same.


In the end, I have to make a compromise. I thought let me see if I can build the dome house using materials and resources that are available locally. With that in mind, I went to the village, where my land is, and select a team of skilled and unskilled labourers (daily wages) and started. I am using AAC blocks to build the dome house, which are similar to aircrete blocks and very light weight.

Since 19th November 2018, I am been thinking of writing to you, but then I thought that when I have a problem, I will write. But till date, the construction is going smoothly. Today after me and a friend filmed the construction using his drone camera, I feel that I should not wait any longer and should share this with you.

Pearlet Toi - India

"my mind is opening to all the incredible applications"

I have enjoyed every minute of the education presented in these courses. More importantly, my mind is opening to all the incredible applications in and around my home and community.  I can’t wait to see my wetlands and gardens flourishing with abundance. I’m so grateful to witness simple solutions I can implement. I see conquest of the challenges we all face as we make a better home for our families. 

I also shared your videos with my 9 year old and 4th grade students here in Utah in the United States. I have never seen them so excited. They were researching and talking about permaculture, aquaponics, kombucha, and the incredibly beautiful design work of Gaudi. So much fun and so inspiring.   I look forward to be seeing the future they create. Thank you, Alosha, for planting a visionary seed in the minds of our children. I am so excited to try the methods you have shown here.


Derrell Humphries 

"Your course is Awesome"

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into it! I am also grateful for showing the mistakes you made in the videos as they are also great for learning. I am in the process of starting the wetland section in the water course, and am very much looking forward to learning the techniques, plants, and processes you are using. 


Please know that even if there is a slow start to your dream you have changed our lives, and if you can do that with at least one person it is worth it, because in time another person will see the value. And perhaps the seed needs to wait before germinating.


Thank you for all of your work and the classes. What you are doing is really important. 

In gratitude, Shawn and Renae

" I found it to be impressively thorough and , at times , downright entertaining"

I am still in the midst of the training. I have greatly enjoyed it thus far and plan to continue working through the material. I have been so inspired by this course i am now planning for a future career move to contract and build eco homes in my region.!!  Eventually would like to have several of these homes and run them as rentals.  I am obsessed with the working of the land , growing food , and that.  But i also want to be a landlord and provide safe and healing homes  for people. 

I consider myself a 3rd-gen permaculturist. I am 31 year old female and live in New Orleans , Louisiana , USA.

"I love your tutorials.  It is worth every dime tenfold!"

I own 50 acres in upstate South Carolina on a dead end culdesac Rd.  I am blessed to have creeks and swamps, forests, and fields on my property.  I plan to build as many eco dome homes as the rules of man will let me by utilising all the wonderful skills and knowlege you have so amazingly shared.  Thank you so much.

Rober Dillard - USA

"I am saving 2500 Litres per week"

After I finished this grey water wetland eco system using Alosha's online training course, I have about 2500 Litres extra  to use every week in the garden.

Jp - Johannesburg

"I am learning slowly and steady"

Thank you Alosha! It has been an is a blessing for me to watch and study your teachings since summer last year ( both dome construction and water master class) . I am learning slowly and steady because I definetly want to live as much as possible off grid in my own peace of land here in Norway. I am currently participating in growing my own organic vegetables, salads and berries at an organic farm and creating concious dance projects in a start up fase. I am definetly supporting your efforts in creating a more abundant, harmonic planet, life and a free life.

Simen Eriksson (Norway)

"The feeling of this course is very inclusive"

Alosha, your authentic energy for the good of all by offering this gift of training and guiding us is the leading reason I am on this program. The personal commentary is so helpful and allows me to make the notes I need in my work book. The practical sections are paced well allowing time for thought and clearly show that 'organic' thinking means we can enhance decisions at every step. The feeling with this Course is very inclusive. I have enjoyed one on one conversation already to fine-tune some details which is awesome and fills me with confidence.

Amana Triggs

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