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Bio-Veda Academy is a R&D Edu Lab that Innovates and teaches the hands-on construction of a fully Autonomous Solar Passive home nested in a permaculture designed food-forest biome.


Our Biomimetic Living Bio Shelters are fully buriable due to strength that comes from correct catenary geometry within the outer shell as well as the materials that we use.


Wautillarium BioTecture merges laws of physics, BioGeometry, living water eco machines, thermophilic and light producing bacteria, 3D printing, ancient tried-and-tested tech as well as the natural phenomena; into an Interactive Living Bio Shelter Organism that comforts and nurtures its inhabitants.


click on one of the titles below  to explore our training programs, or watch a sample lessons here


“All good designs are inspired by nature. Any natural form of a living organism is designed to suit the function that this organism (a home) has to perform. A successful design of any organism must be able to fuse the laws of physics, the  right materials and correct geometry to consider its habitat, the inhabitant and the function It has to provide.


I, fuse hi-tech technology with curvilinear natural and playful design, traditional building methods and Biomimicry into a LIVING BIO SHELTER ORGANISM


Alësha Lynov

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