The Vision

We are an online and on-the-land institute that focuses on R&D of permaculture and nature inspired eco tech, whilst disseminating this hands-on wisdom through our courses. Our aim is to heal our water ecosystems and develop a self heating, cooling and food producing off-grid, living bio shelter for most erratic weather and uncertainties of the future.

Since 2007 I’ve been developing a living habitat that merges nature with curvilinear interactive play space into one cohesive Bio Shelter Organism that protects and nourishes the people living within, whilst being able to withstand the extreme cold weather without conventional heating. A habitat that uses minimal inputs whilst UPcycling and reusing all of its waste outputs.


In 2020 I’ve relocated back to my home country Russia to develop Wautillarium Eco Home for Subzero t°. Once complete, this biological eco dwelling will heat and cool itself, passively, with laws of physics as well as thermophilic bacteria that thrive on human waste, producing compost for food production. The water cycle loops between shower and food growing - water treating botanical cells.


My name is Alosha Lynov and I am a natural builder, designer, and inventor who has synthesized the greatest minds of the planet in the fields of water ecosystem design, living machines, parametric vaults, and eco-construction, to develop a fully autonomous home that is buriable and thus can handle the harshest and most erratic weather patterns as well as strong wind and snow loads.


I have 13 years of practical experience in eco-construction as well as living machine and ecosystem design. I have a further 16 years of experience at my previous company, 3D Deco, which I started at the age of 19, specializing in exhibitions and event decor of large-scale venues. I have attached 10 slides of some of my functional creative work. Please see slides of my work here

Having learned eco-tech from masters all over the world, I continued to build and experiment on my own land. To date, I have taught over 1600 students at my workshops and online classes the art of mimicking nature's genius and off-the-water-grid bio shelter construction. I’ve been building a self-funded school of Bio Architecture in Johannesburg, which I had to abandon after 13 years of work, due to increased crime during the recent pandemic. Last year, in Russia together with my wife,  we started constructing Wautillarium for cold northern climate with our own hands, to test out all the key concepts and prototype the know-how.


It has been my lifelong mission and dream to create an experimental LAB training students in functional hands-on building techniques creatively infused with the laws of physics, biology, bio geometry, biomimicry, and soil regeneration. I look forward to collaborating with anyone who shares a similar vision, by sharing the R&D of all the eco-tech, that we test out at our educational center. The wisdom gathered at our experimental LAB will be of exceptional value towards the development of self-regenerative living habitat for the future of humankind.

We practically develop and teach the construction of self-sufficient, fireproof eco-homes infused with water recycling, food & air-producing living machines.


The design and various components of our bio habitats are inspired on Biomimicry; from using laws of physics combined with geothermal for heating & cooling the home to Bio Geometry & curvilinear catenary arches to provide strength & EMR protection. 


I inspire our future generations to live in natural, owner-built timber-less* homes that tread lightly on the Earth, replacing firewood with heat from the sun & compost, thus preserving our old-growth forests

Our main aim is to get people to move out of the city and we support this through live and online training in:

What makes our approach different from other permaculture homesteaders is that not only do we cover the necessary hands-on skills needed to build up your own self sufficient life out in nature, by build life-supporting off-the-water-grid tech or the construction of a self-heating Tiny House Earthship for Cold Climate, we also go deeper into the emotional states that one experiences whilst living on the land that can make or break your family and your life.

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