practical know-how on emotional maturity & diy skills for living on the land


As a family, we, Alosha & Zoya from Bio-Veda Academy, have abandoned our home in the final stages of mortgage repayment. It was not an easy decision, but one that completely flipped our lives, unlocking incredible opportunities we could have never dreamt possible.

That's why we have much to share about these bold, scary steps as we break through to a new reality we are co-creating with our bare hands!

We'll inspire you to learn a variety of simple DIY skills and underline their importance in gaining independence from the system!

Our step-by-step journey and facts about our life will show you how to fearlessly and painlessly set yourself free from the hamster wheel trap of our current, socially insane paradigm.

On our YouTube VLOG and website we share:

  • how we, only husband & wife, build our home together, with our bare hands, without any labour

  • how to live in a new reality, independent from the system and monetary "needle"

  • homesteading, food forest gardening, and permaculture in action

  • growing an abundance of healthy, organic food with minimal inputs

  • travelling, couch-surfing style, as well as eco-community building


It's virtually impossible to engage in the above while humanity is trapped in an inferiority complex formed during childhood by a system whose main purpose is suppressing a child's willpower, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

In our content, we share recommendations of the necessary internal process work that empowers constructive, external actions leading to harmony, self-sufficiency and thriving…

Let us take strategic steps, born from the state of inner balance, to build a new reality that makes the old one obsolete.

Recent global changes and the post-global quarantine period have opened the floodgates of unlimited opportunities that seemed impossible before.

Now is a perfect time to break old moulds of enslavement as we transition into new waters of off-grid, sustainable and wholesome living.