The Vision

We practically develop and teach the construction of self sufficient, fireproof eco homes infused with water recycling, food & air producing living machines.


The design and various components of our bio habitats are inspired on Biomimicry; from using laws of physics combined with geothermal for heating & cooling the home to Bio Geometry & curvilinear catenary arches to provide strength & EMR protection. 


I inspire our future generations to live in natural, owner built timber-less* homes that tread lightly on the Earth, replacing firewood with heat from sun & compost, thus preserving our old growth forests

Our main aim is to get people to move out of the city and we support this through live and online training in:


What makes our approach different to other permaculture homesteaders is that not only do we cover the necessary hands-on skills needed to build up your own self sufficient life out in nature, by build life supporting off-the-water-grid tech or the construction of a self heating Tiny House Earthship for Cold Climate, we also go deeply into the emotional states that one experiences whilst living on the land that can make or break your family and your life.

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