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Become an ambassador of self-sufficiency and water sustainability.

Empower your family and your community. Save up to 75% on your water bill... All from the comfort of your home
Perfect for homes with gardens, balconies, schools & office parks.

100% self-paced, detailed, step-by-step video tutorials.

Introducing Abundance of Water online eco Academy
This course will assist you to turn your home into a self sustainable living machine that :
  1. Harvests rain from roof & pavement as well as in the ground using earthworks and mulch

  2. Stores rain discretely or in visually appealing DIY reservoirs

  3. Filters city rain with a DIY bio char slow sand filter at 300 L per day

  4. Pressurises filtered water to the house;

  5. Cleans all the bath, shower & kitchen waste water, utilising a micro constructed wetland, for garden irrigation and flushing of toilets;

  6. Reduces your water consumption by at least 75 % after 3 weekend projects


Would you like to experience low cost living whilst maximising the abundance which nature offers?

Bio Veda Eco Academy offers you unique courses created by specialists who are passionate about living in harmony with nature whilst thriving in life.

Our teachings utilise  biodynamic and nature-inspired methodologies.


Bio Veda is an easy to follow online eco Academy that teaches & inspires people through detailed 

step-by-step video tutorials to practically create

Abundant Self Regenerative Living environments.

Our projects are designed  for inexperienced user with low budget.

Each project is guided with theory and practical so you will be able to replicate them in your garden and home. No experience necessary.


All ages and cultures welcome.

Alosha the visionary



With our 100% self-paced, step-by-step detailed video tutorials you will learn how to

  • halve water consumption, for life, by creating 2.5 sq.m.  wetland  for under 100 USD in 5 hour fun weekend project using a second hand drum to create a constructed wetland that will turn 18000 litres of waste every month into usable & storable water.

  • harvest city rain, filter it to spring quality and get 7x uses from it thereafter for growing of organic food, flushing loos and making flammable methane...

  • make a robust Biochar filter that utilises alien hardwood , in one weekend for under R2000 / 200USD , that will turn 300 Litres of city rain every day into spring water.

  • stop floods, fires, droughts and soil erosion  with 3 simple strategies, all utilising garden waste and recycled materials...

  • How to enjoy an additional 48775 Litres of water every month after 2 weekend projects.


1. All water harvesting strategies, including hard surface run-offs such as roofs, drive ways and even catchment of water from the road.

2. How to make a first flush system that will keep all the dirt from going into your water tank.

3. Earthworks and how to construct terraces and swales using garden waste


1. Theory and practical of successful water storage.  The do's and the don'ts.

2. Step by step guide to create a durable and long lasting sand bag water tank that can attach to a straight house wall.

3. Construction from start to finish of a low cost ferro cement tank.  This 12000 Litre water tank will cost you 1/3 of a plastic one and will outlast it by a additional 50 + years. 


4. Construction of a 40000 litre underground water tank. Perfect opportunity to store water under a driveway / garage or even a house.

BONUS: How to convert a conventional pool into an eco pool to be used as  back up storage that you can swim in, irrigate from and plumb it into your water filter to be pressurised to all your taps.

Filtration &

1. Creation from start to finish of a Slow Sand Bio Char Filter. From making your own gasifier  oven that makes the bio-char from Invasive species of Alien hard wood. Includes the plumbing and all the components of this 4 stage low tech and low cost filter (150 USD for all materials) . The filter will deliver 300 litres of water per day for 3 years after which the bio-char will need to be replaced and another 3 years of delivery guaranteed for indefinite period of time.

2. How to make a copper vortex for enlivening water for just $30 (retail $800). 

3. Benefits of magnetized water and how magnets can be be incorporated on your pipes .

4. Treat your own city rain water to super drinking quality water re-mineralised with seashells and stones.

5. How to disconnect from municipality water and connect your bio-char filter to home with a pressurised pump. This will include a 3 way valve should you ever need to reconnect to the grid again.

Click here to see the water test from polluted city rain treated by our bio-char filter 

Up Cycling

1. How to create your own wetland for grey water treatment , i.e. all bath and shower water, so this resource can safely be used for irrigation of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs without clogging the soil with soaps and phosphates.

2. How to use grey water that you bathed with yesterday  to  flush your toilet today.

3. Wetlands of various shapes and sizes made from 3 different low cost, available materials.  Two types wetland  will be constructed, one with visible water and floating plants and another wetland where water travels in the stone and the plants are rooted without any visible water on the surface. No smell or mosquitos

4. How to construct a grease trap for under $20  that can treat kitchen water and irrigate your herbs or fruit trees passively with gravity flow. In this module we will show you how to get this cleaned kitchen water to your garden under  ground  automatically irrigating  a constructed swale.

5. Create a sewerage treatment wetland from beginning to end and plant it out with aquatic plants. This wetland will treat all water from your biogas digester / septic tank safely with out any smell. We also include installation of  the biogas digester itself and priming it for methane production

Food Machine

1. Construct a food growing machine that can grow over 100 vegetables and herbs on 1.2 square metres. It also grows 15 trays of micro greens and wheat grass as well as nursery seedlings  on the non sunny side. It is self irrigated from your grey water or can be combined with it's own wetland. Two sizes will be shown .
Includes: drip irrigations, tiny valves for sprinkling over the trays, varieties of plants thrive in different locations.
2. Construct a worm tower for the middle of the food growing machine that automatically drips out earthworm tea. This food machine is perfect for small spaces as little under 1 square metre. The entire food growing machine can be constructed for less than +- $150 in one day by one person

Getting to Self Sustainability was not so easy, as Alosha did not have a detailed road map

Alosha, founder of the Bio Veda Eco-Academy and the head instructor for online courses, acquired his water wisdom over the past decade through extensive experimentation, coupled with hundreds of planning-sketches.  Through attending a variety of live, practical workshops  around the world, thousands of hours of practical experimentation and lots of expensive mistakes he figured out how to create a self sustaining  water system in the tiniest of spaces in the city.

"Bio Veda Eco-Academy will inspire you to design your way to Self Regenerative Abundance and practically implement it in your living environment through a series of weekend projects suited to variety of budgets and time lines. Our Abundance of Water online eco Academy is the most advanced and detailed course currently on the planet" says Alosha.

This training program has been tested through numerous live workshops, at the Eco Conscious Living centre in Johannesburg.  Footage from our live workshops coupled with other theory and practical outdoor video tutorials will provide a learning model that is easy to follow and understand. 

The comprehensive practical hands-on training you will receive from the Abundance of Water course, is derived from top international experts on holistic water management. Alosha has interviewed and worked with these experts in various workshops  since 2008.

Experts include:

Geoff Lawton - Alosha received his permaculture design certificate through his school

Mike Reynolds - Alosha studied EarthShip Biotecture with Mike and constructed wetlands and botanical cells which have been perfected for over 45 years. 
Josh Kearns - Alosha learnt Bio-Char filtration in Mexico from Aqueous Solutions.
John Todd - has taught Alosha the basics of ecological design , biomimicry and construction of eco living machines.

Why Does This Training Deliver Such Incredible Results?
Here Are 6 Reasons why our students see amazing results from the Bio Veda Courses
1. Detailed theory prior to any project 

Classroom style theory will be presented that is well researched from the top eco literature on the planet . The theory will be condensed to a practical application and important "messages to take home"

2. Practical step by step video instructions all the way

Detailed camera footage with all possible angles will show you exactly how to execute all the parts of every construction.  The online course is replicated so you will feel as if you are attending the course live. 

3. Debrief of mistakes and how to avoid them

Within each module mistakes and hiccups are discussed.
Alosha made mistakes which cost him over $20000.  You will receive the  perfected working model whilst avoiding these unnecessary bumps.

4. A variety of projects to suit any timeline and budget

Quality drinking water is non existent in the cities, so having your own water that is 100 times better than tap water is key to sustainable practice. Additional chemicals erode teeth and cause a variety of illnesses and birth defects.

5. Q & A video recordings after each module 

For the duration of 6 months we will take all the questions about each particular module / project and answer it in as much details as possible. Future answers to questions posted by other students will also be available to you for the duration of 10 years in the comments section under each module 

6. Go at your own pace with no down time

One of the main frustrations in attending live training is that there is a lot of standing around time where people can not participate because of an instructors inability to manage 30 students or the job at hand only requires 2 hands. We have eliminated this completely by presenting you with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to know in order to execute a task. You will be able to watch the course in your own time and go back to any of the sections anytime you need to.

About your trainer

Alosha is  a visionary leader designer, inventor, master geometer and water wizard. His passions lie with Creation of Heavenly earth in it’s mostpractical sense with food, shelter, water and a community of like minded friends.

He has converted his suburban house into a self sustaining and self regenerative living organisms that provides a completely off the water grid whilst not tapping into any ancient water.

He has completed his degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega and has attended over 10 international workshops on self sustainability in the fields of ecological housing , treatment of rain and UP cycling of waste water as well as growing of organic food. He has applied almost all of the practical wisdom that he has gathered from  live trainings at our experimental garden in Johannesburg as well as on his rural experimentation site.

Spending 3 years on a farm he experimented with low cost dome shelters , food growing Machines , earthworks, wetland constructions  and holistic ecological design.

His ethos is to catch what comes from the sky , treat waste water and garbage as assets and creatively use all these resources to create a self regenerative biospheres induced with beauty , life-force and spacial comfort.

When You Go Through This Program And Reach
The State Of Water Abundance you will:


Feel safe and empowered

The water supply can be interrupted through a variety of reasons totally out of your control. A government upheaval, electrical power lines that go down,  bursts pipes and most important is municipal storage dams being empty due to recent changes in weather patterns coupled with unsustainable use of water will result in your taps running dry. Once you start harvesting, treating and up cycling your own water you will be in control of this vital resource and you'll be empowered no matter what happens out there.


Not rely on Authorities to provide you with water

The government is adding a cocktail of chemicals for treatment as well as population control purposes. I recently discovered that most of the pipes delivering water within our city are still piped in ASBESTOS. By catching your own water and treating it with a low tech bio char filter with special revitalisation DIY process you will get a water similar in quality and life force to pristine mountain



Feel healthier and vibrant  

Drinking living water rejuvenates all of your organs and adds a lot of energy to your daily activities. Your brain will fire up and your intuition will awaken. You really start to experience the great feeling of the creator and it usually comes from drinking living pure water combined with organic food and an affirmative thought process.


Save over 53.7 % on water  bill

Rain is free and it is there for us to catch it and use it. Whilst city rain is more polluted than rain in the country side, the bio char slow sand filtration will get 100% of nasties out of your water. All particles have a certain Nano size. These particles get trapped in the pores of the bio char itself, which has a tremendous surface area. Combined with a correctly installed water storage tank where a drain valve is positioned to blast out the settling particles, the city rain water now becomes as pure as the best spring water on the planet. Unlike reverse osmosis which strips water of everything, including beneficial minerals which results in “clean” and hungry water robbing your organisms of minerals so it can replenish itself, the Bio Char Slow Sand Filtration leaves the minerals in whilst the revitalisation module adds more beneficial ones and life force into the water. 


See Your Vision and divine plan with clarity

One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find our purpose. In this program, you’ll discover exercises that will help you gain the clarity and the certainty you need to really commit to living a life that truly inspires you.

Here's how the Abundance of Water course Is structured
Hard Surface
  • Intro and class room theory: roof gutters, leaf catcher, first flush,                                         pavement catchment & road catchment

  • Mistakes & improvements

Harvesting water in the ground - Earthworks
  • Eight principles of successful water harvesting & 26 earthworks       harvesting tips

  • Different types of earthworks: berm & basin, swales, french drains,         other earthworks 

  • Vegetation

  • Mistakes & improvements

Sandbag water reservoir
  •  Construction of sand bags

  •  Construction of ferro cement supportive wall

  •  Plastering &  Water proofing

  •  Floor slab & Sump construction

  •  Mistakes & improvements

Underground reservoir with usable flooring above
  •  Excavation

  •  Construction of walls

  •  Construction of concrete beam & ferro cement dome roof 

  •  Air crete filler for flooring

  •  Mistakes & improvements

Ferro Cement reservoir
  • Foundation preparation

  • Wiring the mech & ply wood tying 

  • Dome roof construction

  • Plumbing

  • Plastering  & water proofing

  • Mistakes & improvements 

Transforming a standard pool into a biological storage
  • Excavation for wetland 

  • Liner installation and other water proofing methods 

  • Plumbing Rock entrance

  • Plants

  • Variety of solar and conventional pumps 

  • Testing & Maintenance

  • Mistakes & improvements

Bio char slow sand filter
  • Pre treatment of very dirty water

  • Making bio char and making of biochar gassier

  • Sifting and cleaning stone, sand & biochar                                  

  • Ball valve installation

  • Preparation and setting up of the drums 

  • Plumbing

  • Testing the flow  & maintenance

  • Mistakes and improvements

Turning filtered water into living elixir
  • Water wizards

  • Construction your own copper vortex pipe

  • Introduction to flow forms

  • Introduction to magnetism and simple ways to realign water

  • Mineralization of your water

Delivery of pressurised water to all of your taps
  • Municipal bypass valve installation by proffecinal plumber

  • Plumbing of Bio char slow sand filter to the pump 

  • Testing the system

  • Mistakes and improvements

Creating a mini constructed wetland
  • Container, rock entrance

  • Cutting the cage & cutting the drum

  • Plumbing of the system

  • Filling the container with stones, soil, sand

  • Aquatic planting, where to source then and how to plant them

  • Irrigation with treated grey water

  • Installing a mechanism for automatic toilet flushing

  • Siphoning pump & other tech for low lying outlets

  • Mistakes & improvements

Treating sewerage and making biogas
  • Constructed wetland

  • Installation of ready made biogas digester

  • Septic tank

  • Plumbing of sewerage

  • Priming you  biogas digester for methane production

  • Outlet tank & safely irrigating with treated sewerage

  • Mistakes & improvements

Upcycling - Kitchen and Laundry
  • Building a simple grease trap

  • Plumbing

  • Trench & earthworks, filling the trench with correct medium

  • Testing of the system & utilisation of treated water

  • Maintenance of the grease trap

  • Creating a banana circle for grey water treatment.

  • Mistakes & improvements

Construction of your own food growing machine
  • Sourcing of the drum and container preparation

  • Plumbing of the drum

  • Plumbing of your irrigation system for the food grower

  • Creating a worm tower & installing it into the food growing machine 

  • Setting up a automatic gravity flow earthworm tea extractor

  • Planting the plants and the right choices for east, west, north & south

  • Creating a micro green & nursery station for the shade side

  • Creating of Banana circle to safely treat grey water 

  • Checklists and systems

  • Ecological consults 

  • Grey water presentation by of the top  wetland experts - Thomas Linders

  • Eco Design Vault consisting of  35+ of Alosha's behind the scenes inventions

  • Conscious Wisdom from the some of the top "Giants" of the planet

  • Creating irrigation from start to finish, including drip irrigation under mulch.

Additional materials to assist you on your path of abundance

Here are some of the common questions Alosha answers in this course:

  • What happens when the ‘grid’ electricity goes down unexpectedly and one cannot run the pumps to access any water?

  • What do to for soaps not to clog up your soil and eco system?

  • How to maintain good quality of water in storage for many months?

  • How easy is it to manipulate the plumbing system?

  • What can one do in an apartment with only a balcony to spare?

  • How does one make city rain water render able for drinking and home use?

  • How to create a mobile grey water system for a rental property?

  • How to REcycle water from below ground concreted outlets?

  • How to safely treat waste water without smell or mosquitos?

  • How to maintain and what is the cost of maintenance for the off-grid water system?

  • Can self-sufficiency be achieved in Suburban areas?

  • How would the price be effected if the entire complex went off of the water grid?

  • How easy is it to manipulate the plumbing system?

  • How does one make city rain water render able for drinking and home use?

  • How to safely use an abundance of water from road runoff?

  • How to make soil absorb all the rain without it skimming on the surface causing erosion?

  • How to utilise all of the excavated soil from an underground reservoir?

  • How to legalise any ecological waste water system?

Bonus materials

In this bonus we  included over 3 hours of footage from various paid consults that commissioned  Alosha Lynov to bring the self regenerative design to a variety of different properties. Alosha describes a variety of topics, in a suburban as well as a farm plot, such as tree mulching, earthworks, grey water treatment, positioning of wetlands, land angles and organic food growing. He discusses with a client a problem sewerage area with faulty septic and how to resolve such a blockage in an ecological manner. These consults will give you a great perspective on what can be implemented in your garden with a bit of creativity and literally free materials.

In this 90 minute presentation, from one of our live eco workshops, Thomas Linders presents basics behind grey and black water wetland ecology. Thomas describes in detail a commercial wetland that he constructed for an upmarket hotel to treat all of their shower, bath and toilet water. This presentation will give you a very good understanding of what can be done with plants for water filtration whilst gently blending the eco filtration into the surrounding landscape. Thomas is one of the leading permaculture teachers and water wizards in Africa with over 25 years of experience in ecological field of water filtration, organic food growing and earthworks implementation.

What do our students say about Alosha's training
"Thank you for a wonderful workshop."

I really enjoyed it.  You are passionate about your subject and it certainly comes across in your presentation.  It is   encouraging to know that there are  other like minded people on this planet. I would love to meet with you at your convenience.

Thyrza Scott

"Thanks for the workshop"

I think the concepts are good and I think it can be useful in a communal area. I have a lot to learn but find it very interesting. Thanks for the opportunity. I will keep in contact. 


"Thank you for a very informative day" 

It far exceeded my expectations with the practical aspect being very interesting. By showing us simple methods and basic material we can re-look at how we handle water. Thank you for a informative day.

Stewart Lombard

"Incredibly informative and so much fun to boot, thank you so much!"

It was wonderful and a lot of fun. Alosha, you are an inspiration.  It is a privilege to watching you not only come up constantly with ideas but to also implement them with such ease. Your designs are incredible, efficient, most times mind-boggling. I look forward to sharing such grand projects in future.

Nancy Hinckeldeyn

"I loved you Abundance of Water course"

I knew some stuff and learnt a lot as well, it was hands on and hard work, but it was most enjoyable. ( I was exhausted but we had much to do on the workshop and you covered quite a lot in a short space of time) 

Margie Goldring

The Bio-Veda Customer Experience

If you have any questions throughout the course, we’ll be there to answer them in a clear and simple way. Making sure our clients can work through these projects without feeling lost and confused is our top priority. You can reach our support team directly at . We guarantee to always be there when you have any questions along with the following:

Attention to detail: We’ll show you exactly what to do and in what order.

A new way of living: We ensure that if you complete this course you will have a more resourceful and abundant life.

30 Day money back guarantee: If you feel that the course doesn’t live up to its promises, we will refund 100% of your investment within 30 days of purchase.

After purchasing the course, you will receive free support from our customer service department for 1 year

Philip de Vries  ( customer consultant )

In our Eco Design Vault you'll find over 50 various sketches and artworks of conceptual ideas that are designed on nature inspire geometrical patterns. From biological shelters and vortexing water treatment to designs of schools, kids’ play grounds, entire community blocks and food growing machines, these ideas will surely raise your awareness about curvilinear designs that are aligned with universal geometries. Alosha was  inspired by sacred geometry as well as various leaders in ecological field when downloading these concepts and ideas on paper.

In this bonus package you will be presented with vital excel and document systems which will assist you with a variety of your eco home needs. A detailed questionnaire is included which will make you ascertain your grey water  outlets, water consumption, rain fall, soil types etc. We also included a weekly routine checklist for a gardener or maintenance team to make sure that your gutters are cleaned, leave catcher are emptied of leaves, grease trap is inspected, irrigation water filters are checked and blasted out if need be and a lot more. We also invoiced a monthly calendar so you can plan the teams and budget for your future eco projects.

In this bonus package Alosha shares a variety of topics that will come in handy through out your journey on an eco path. What is your role in the garden and how to work with hired labour. Governmental regulations and how to work with them. How to extract your own vision and how to follow it through all the way. Safe utilisation of a vast types of waste to create beauty and abundance in your garden. How to create self worth, thrive with your Mission and be of great service to our planet and all it's beings 

Here Alosha will unpack, from start to finish the basics of irrigation. We will plump up a timer, connect pipes and install the sprayers, misters and drip irrigation under mulch. 


In this module we will plumb up the submersible pump to automatically irrigate your organic garden with waste water. 


Eco Dome home

& Food Forest

+ grow bio intensive method

+ Artistic ferro cement tricks

a life of self regenerative abundant design is awaiting for you
When you invest in this program, you’ll get access to:
  • 13 Modules of video tutorials to assist you with an Abundance of Water in your garden

  • Downloadable documents to use when working on your DIY projects

  • Eco tips and how to avoid common mistakes

  • 30 days unconditional money back guarantee

Step by Step detailed online VIDEO Course

Including construction of Food Growing Machine and 7 BONUSES 


190 USD


Alosha's Vision


I am a Visionary edutainer and a master builder of Self Regenerative Bio Geometric living habitats based on BioMimicry principles , cosmic geometries, geomancy and permaculture eco systemic design.


I express my creativity and talents to guide our humanity to co create intelligent new reality research villages and cities that welcome natural laws and elemental kingdom whilst utilising natural phenomena and waste.


All of our Bio shelter organisms are surrounded by food forest parks, producing living air, spring water and a diverse variety of nutritionally dense medicinal food whilst transforming EMR into healing vibrations.


The social structures and lifestyle in our settlements are designed to support all those living within, to joyfully thrive with Health and Abundance whilst serving each other.


Our cities and Villages assist Grand Organised Designer to playfully interact with all the participants so to awaken the visionaries within all beings...

Up cycling
Food Machine

Heaven on Earth Image is created by Jessica Perlstein combined with the image on the right from Ringing Cedars of Russia

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