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We are inviting you to Brazil for a natural building workshop, starting on November 5th  2021.


We will be building a Wautillarium, which is a self-heating and cooling Earthship hybrid infused with Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry.

You will learn 3 building methods all at one workshop:

  1. Rectangular room with a rounded back and vaulted roof

  2. Aircrete Dome with bricks (DomeGaia style)

  3. Hyperadobe and Superadobe dome, walls and wetland with long bags (CalEarth style)


Our hosts Arthur and his family are in the process of forming a self-sufficient community on a 300-acre plot of land in a valley, surrounded by indigenous rainforest. He has invited me to build a Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology dwelling (fusion of Bio Architecture & Nature) and assist with permaculture design for the land.


If you have thought about relocating to a country without restrictive building regulations, or are looking for like-minded friends to collaborate and co-create with, then this is a great opportunity for you to check out the land, climate and people.

During the workshop we will get to know each other while working together. Arthur’s place is so interesting and has so much potential that Zoya and I plan to spend a part of our year in Brazil with Arthur and his family, building up our Natural Building Institute and enjoying growing everything that a warm climate allows.

We will also be sharing some inner process work needed for maintaining healthy relationships, which are paramount for successful community living.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in US or Canada to learn how to build a low tech, low cost eco home for cold and hot climate. 


We will be using Earthship technology for passive solar design including cooling tubes. We will also show you in-depth how to utilize heat from a greenhouse to capture heat for hot water and space heating. The design will allow for use of various materials, including tires in the foundation, superadobe, hyperadobe and a ferro cement vault. The coordinates of the land are  -21.76111, -43.082026 (hyperlink to google maps)

Considering travel is restricted to a lot of places, Brazil is a country where most of us can visit for up to 3 months without any visas or jabs.


How our days at the workshop will roll out:

Each day we will gather for meals. There will also be a classroom training session after one of the daily meals in which we will discuss the work and the ecosystems theory.

Evenings will be free for exploration and relaxation where you can enjoy each other’s company with meaningful conversations with other students. We will also gather around the fire and enjoy singing combined with live musical instruments. (Please bring yours if you have one.)


In practice you will learn how to:


  • Design your home using biomimicry and solar passive design

  • Draw your future home on the ground

  • Wire and plaster a ferro-cement curvilinear roof

  • Bake super adobe mix and build a center room

  • Make door and window forms and pour a window frame

  • Install a tire foundation and supporting buttresses

  • Plan the plumbing of greywater and drinking water

  • Do plastering and finishing touches

  • Wire the basic electrical in a conduits


Click here to read about the workshop leader Alosha Lynov.


Theory that we will cover at our hand-on workshop


Thick wall mass including wall and roof insulation as per Earthship design. In addition we'll be adding insulation under the floor to stop "heat sink" effect.  Wautillarium will tap into Geothermal stable cool ground temperature and use ancient techniques ways to cool itself down such as windtubes 


The home will be build using tires in the foundation, earth, cans and bottles as per Earthship design. Superadobe will replace 2/3rds of the tire walls. I have great experience and love for this material as seen from my previous living eco-home training. By building this home with 200 tyres, cans and bottles you can counterbalance all the waste you will produce throughout your life. 


I have reworked a typical W.O.M. from Earthship by combining it with our robust Slow Sand Bio Char filter. This has allowed us to substantially drop the cost and increase the quality of drinking water whilst using up filtration medium which is prepared by the homeowner (gravel, sand and biochar) This module will include all the practical steps necessary to deliver stored water to all outlets. We will also include the implosion device to revitalize the drinking water.


During my bio-geometry training with Ibrahim Karim, I've learned about the harmful effects of geopathic stress and the importance of testing the land prior to the positioning of sleeping spaces. You'll learn how to test your own site. Certain geometries will be used in the construction + metal waste into the building material to create a protective layer. The entire home is designed using sacred geometry which will add to the overall wellness of the dweller.


The price of a global Earthship is 400.000 USD as stated by my teacher Mike Reynolds. I have redesigned the home adding some of the unique methods I've been building with for the last 13 years. With simplified tire septic, dream catcher mezzanine, DIY water reservoir, living roof, polycarbonate green house, significantly smaller solar system as well as superadobe walls; will bring the construction cost right down while making the actual build easier with way less labor

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This module will deliver electricity to your home and all of your appliances. I will share with you the basics of solar system set up, from low-tech DIY to proper Earthship outback tech.


In summer the cool air will be pulled in from the northern side. In winter the fresh air will be taken underground 30 metres away, allowing it to be heated geothermally and enter into the oven. When the oven is not fired it will just be used as a warm fresh air inlet when fired it will create a very unique negative pressure zone (tried & tested) and warm the floor without conventional piping at a fraction of the cost. All air will be filtered with fungi filter 


The tuition fee:   Tuition is $1500, and includes food, accommodations and scheduled ground transfers.

Workshop dates: Arrivals on November 5, 2021. Departures on November 27, 2021.


Food and Accommodation is included. Food and lodging is included in the tuition. You will be staying in rooms that are prepared for you on the same property. Vegetarian food will be provided with eggs and milk. Some dishes at every meal will be vegan. If you have special dietary need, please send your request to We will do our best to accommodate you, but there may be an added expense.

Outings: We are planning two outings, including a visit to a national park and a trip to the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Visa: Presently, from most countries, no visa is required to enter Brazil for up to 90 days. Before you travel, you should check all requirements.

Logistics:  Ground transportation: A van will be scheduled to arrive at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport on the morning of November 5, 2021. There is a hotel at the airport for student who arrive early. Taxi and bus service is also available, but not included in the tuition.



How many people per bathroom? : The on-site rooms will have up to five persons per bathroom.

Can I have a private room? :  Are private rooms available? Yes, there are two hotels nearby, about 10 minutes by car. There are also pousadas in the area. There is bus and taxi service available from the city. Rooms are about USD $15 per day. Round trip taxi is about USD $8 per day. Round trip bus would be about USD $2 per day.

Do I have to take a PCR covid test? :  We have not taken a PCR test in Brazil, but I’m told they are quick and easy.  The US Dept. of State website says that all persons flying to US have to have a test that is approved in the country. According to my Internet research earlier today, there is rapid testing available, including nasal swab and saliva and blood testing. 

What type of food will be served? : We are planning to serve mostly vegetarian dishes and fish. 

Will I have time for my own spiritual practices in the day? : Yes, there will be ample time for spiritual practice. If you miss anything, there will have a video recording available after the course.

Is experience necessary? : No, experience is not necessary. Everything will be explained and demonstrated. You will only be asked to do what you are comfortable doing.


I have a physical limitation, can I still participate? Everyone is welcome, and there will be a variety of tasks. If you cannot participate, you can still watch and ask questions. You only do what you feel comfortable doing.

What airlines do you recommend between US and Brazil: from Arthur - I have flown between the US and Brazil 147 times. (Seriously!) I prefer American Airlines for service and convenience of the schedule, but any major airline should be fine. I’ve never flown on Copa, which has had the lowest rates, but the schedules were not good and I hear the seating space is cramped. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR AIR TICKETS BEFORE 5TH OF OCTOBER (Thats  when we get the final confirmation on how many other studnets sighed up. We need a minimum of 10 people to run this workshop) 

What is the agreement with deposit? :  we need at least 10 paying students to run this workshop and cover the costs. If for some reason we are not able to get at least 10 people by the 5th of October, we have the right to cancel this event and refund you the entire deposit. Therefore please do not book flights untuill you get a confirmation from me on the 5th of October.  Similarly, if you decide to cancel, please do so by the 5th of October 2021, then I will transfer your deposit (excl. Paypal fees.) If you decide to cancel less than one month prior to the workshop, we reserve the right not to refund your deposit but to keep it for any of our further workshops. 

What does tuition fee include? : The $1500 includes airport transfer, food and lodging. It’s a great deal. It also includes two planned outings.

What should I bring with? : What should I bring with me? We will send you a detailed email. Generally, you will need a notebook, writing utensils, several pairs of strong gloves, dust masks, eye protection, a hat, cool clothing, etc.

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