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Friends, after you've gone through the following free basic training - reBOOT from the ROOT, we recommend you immerse yourself in our in-depth course which was recorded during our 5-day live training in December 2019. 


This daily work with yourself, using a few simple processes will entirely rewire your neuron pathways to bring you freedom from pointless actions, emptiness, self-hate, confusion, drug and alcohol addiction, insomnia, panic attacks etc.


We are accustomed to believing that in order to discover a state of joy we need to gain & reach some goal. The paradox, however, is that our baggage of "gain & reach " is already way too huge. It's impossible to live and even to breathe under the weight of warring social programs.

The realisations that instead of "gaining & reaching", we ought to let go of sick social settings, bring up confusion and denial. However, trying to stubbornly follow along the old path is completely absurd. It will continue the aggravation, inner emptiness and despair 

It's as if we are living in an endless state of nightmare and apathy. Our senses are completely paralysed. We are numb pretending that we are living. We are no longer able to love, to feel and experience nature like a child, feeling the awe and inspiration in all the small details.

In our training, which Zoya developed over 14 years of deep internal processes, you will become free deceiving yourself, allowing you to drop your long-lived pain whilst simultaneously filling up all your relationships with feelings of openness and truth. Dropping this pain and broken baggage of programming will bring a total rebirth, like awakening to a sunny day full of refreshing cool air.

In our video course you will learn how:

  • the swing of polarity pendulum forms our feelings, behavioural models and their consequences

  • complex social programs form causal reactive connections for our thoughts, repeated life scenarios and "self-fulfilling prophecies"

  • these programs affect the state of our body and form illnesses

  • to drop old broken programs causing your anxiety

  • hierarchy affects us and a way out of this rabbit hole

  • to do processes work and the nitty-gritty of consciousness integration

  • to see the world without socially programmed lenses

  • to free yourself from the rat race hamster wheel

  • to break the chains of guilt, shame and self-hate

  • to awaken your creativity

  • to open up multiple symbiotic solutions and your infinite potential that have been trashed by the traditional educational system so we can live a joyful, wholesome and abundant state of being.


It's impossible to change your life's recurring scenario without understanding the root programs that keep on creating it

Until we start formulating and asking ourselves deep and uncomfortable questions, we will not recognise that anxious rushing will not get us to live a thriving life full of satisfaction. We were taught that the anxious rushing will lead to positive changes within our lives, but in reality, a rushing person whipped by anxiety creates a mass of ludicrous, chaotic and destructive actions resulting in absurd & destructive consequences

This will keep us in the trap of repeating chaotic and destructive actions resulting in absurd and destructive circumstances. Even if we think that we have changed something in the trajectory of our actions, in reality, we only change separate segments which do not lead to a radically new outcome for our life that is free from fear, guilt, shame, self-hate and so on.

Therefore until we see broken programs in their entirety, for us to work through in order to release them, we will only change the “decorations” of our lives, but at the global level, we will walk around in circles whilst recreating the same old programs.

"only ONE way to leave the nightmare of A miserable & rotting life. You either realise how much you lie to yourself or not.  Conscious Integration of Life's Aspects is NOT just another conscious practice. We share the art and essence of deep self-observation in order to realise the enormity of denial of your own feelings within your life "


The difficulty of this course is in the incredible resistance, whilst working with these broken programs. You will need to take responsibility for yourself to do the work on a regular basis.


If we do take responsibility for our transformation and there is no-one that will keep on pushing us, we will gain much strength  for our true rebirthing from a deeply scarred & shaking "animal" into an inspired, joyful creator with its wings fully grown

What is included in the training:


  • 26  prerecorded and edited lessons from our 5 day live seminar

  • 50 sample processes that alosha has gone through himself so you can learn how to create your own process for your current situation

  • New lessons will be translated on our new YouTube channel - weekly (currently on Zoya's YouTube channel - Disengage from emotional pain

  • Byweekly text posts from our book - Awakening from Insanity (click for sample)

  • All of the above will be placed on one Bio-Veda platform - Early 2021




During our 2 hour inner work zoom session, in beginning we'll assist you  with the process of working with the emotional pain that is deeply ingrained within your nervous system. It is not easy; it is a lengthy path. However, we do not know of a more powerful, effective way to restitch and rewire all the neural pathways and clusters generating repeated scenarios in one's life. Working through emotional pain will help you jump out of the "stuck record". The result is the acquisition of emotional wellness leading to a thriving new life.


The private consultation works really well if you take the consciousness integration training to work on yourself. Here is a sample video which will show you what you can expect.


Together, we will work through your most pressing situation that is causing the most anxiety in your life.



Even if ones the childhood was terrible and traumatic, due to the result of which they are feeling shameful, pathetic... like everyone are laughing at them all the time, they will still be able to rise from the deepest self abandonment as a result of consciousness integration inner practical work.


How to release oneself from the feeling of anxiety is the most common question with regards to emotional pain. Unfortunately there is no quick answer here for you.  There are plenty folk out there promising that getting rid of anxiety can be done in 15 minutes - it is an absolute lie! Anxiety is not a flash of emotion!, but a complex weave of social programs that eroded our entire nervous system. All social programs are directed towards an image of ever hurrying success. This programme scares us with 1 message: "If you are not a fanatically hurrying machine then you will die from a slow, degrading and miserable death of poverty." Our belief in this BS is so strong that we choose a life of slow and torturing death inside a boiling  urn of anxiety instead of just realising and releasing this programme.


Whilst starting to do deep inner work  at certain point it'll feel like it's impossible to carry on. This happens because the folk that surround us has their consciousness trapped in a net of manipulation. People have a belief that a weak and dependable person will be more needy of manipulations VS sovereign and joyful one. People around us will show resistance,  No-one will welcome the new "I" which is at peace, harmonised and free. this is because people feel like they lost their "sense of purpose" as the new "I" is something they can no longer control


The nature of suffering is generated by the followingall social programs push us towards constant rush. The hurrying in itself births a fear of not meeting expectationsnot becoming successful, rich and famous. All of these NO'create a massive feeling of anxiety and guilt. Feeling of guilt equals: self hate & self repulsion & self disgust.   Our entire subconsciousness has been formed for the durations of our entire lives with one command: RUN! Therefore deep and difficult inner work with a multitude of these programs, will bring us towards a peaceful and wholesome state and not to a "slow, half asleep lazy bum"  like many would like to think. This deep inner silence blossoms with the most interesting ideas and deep multilayered creativity, infinite inspiration and a life full of joy and true abundance 


The more we waste out energy on unmeaning chatter, the more we sugar coat our pains and silence what really matters. Let us stop wasting our lives on degrading within the paradigm of fear and slowly integrate our consciousness one step at a time. No matter how slow and deep this inner work may seem, what can be more difficult and turturing than the slow burning death within an inner hell of fear 


Zoya has spent many years trying to understand why people carry deep suffering throughout their lives. From her early childhood years, she has realised that almost every adult thinks that they need to play a "double game". Living a miserable life, with incredible tenacity they simultaneously imitate a joyful state. Only when she started to play this same fake role, in her adult years, did she link that the obsession to live the successful and happy life is the source of suffering.

Between the following two points of duality: 

  • fear to look towards one's sacred honest feelings and 

  • imitation of fake happiness

we birth a gigantic mountain of suffering, which lasts an entire life.

Only until Zoya understood that even by asking the right questions she could not change anything in her inner state, she started to "archaeologically dig" and meticulously unravel the polarity war at the level of neurons. Through many years of deep inner practice, she opened up towards the feeling of mindful harmony and peaceful inner state.


Alosha love for liquid architecture, rivers, and indigenous forests set him on a journey around the world learning from ecological masters: practical permaculture, natural building, harvesting and filtration of rain, recycling of wastewater as well as growing of organic food. 

Alosha's has been doing process work with Zoya for 24 months and his role is to share his personal realizations and insights into the internal transformations which he has experienced. The proof has been a clearance from all forms of addictions as well as the miraculous transformations within his relationships with others. Some of them have been deeply healed and others discarded.

Alosha has gone on many workshops in the past, trying to find his spark of salvation within. From Ascended Master teaching and meditation to mysticism and plant medicine, all brought him to a total dead end. The internal processes which he learned from Zoya have positively shifted and transformed him.

Zoya can understand and speak basic English and Alosha's role will be to assist with necessary translations.

This path is build upon truth, introspection and ongoing deep inner transformation work


the insights I just received from that session have enlightened me in a way that I thought was no longer possible. I could literally see what was going on in my childhood that caused me to relate and communicate with people the way I do today. It took me back to when I was very young and reliving what I really wanted from the loved ones around me. What I really wanted was not what I received and I have sadly repeated that blindness with my own children. I am striving daily to not do that with my granddaughters, but I can see that I will repeat it unless I deal with the underlying cause of guilt. I understand the steps of the process work much better now, as well. Incredible, my dear friends, absolutely incredible. This process work is truly productive. It took a little bit of courage and vulnerability, but the resulting benefit and growth are undeniable in my life. Learning to do this process work is beautifully simple, yet profoundly powerful.


Thank you Zoya, ooh how I look forward towards communication with other conscious people. Something new and unheard of is happening to me... I'd love to check in with others who have gone through this path, what I am going through is normal. I am still learning from your free webinar. Your words have opened up a deep rotting wound, most painful place... for 10 years I have been back and forth running around between conscious practices, teachers, systems, religions etc... I am trying to find myself. It's all very painful, suffocating and fearful. It feels like my head has been cut off with a guillotine, placed inside a glass sphere and placed on my shoulders being completely separated from my heart. I am looking forward to your full Consciousness Integration masterclass for my deeper healing

not yet sure what our live and online training is all about, then watch our complimentary webinar by clicking below

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