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Learn to draw Bio-Tecture // 2D>3D Drawing Course 


Subject line or  heading: 

Learn to design your DIY solar passive home

Learn to design an off-grid home thats within your budget

Learn to draw a self cooling & heating home on graph paper & 3D CAD

Energy bills skyrocketing? turn to biology & physics for a solution 


Shorter blurb for social media #1:

Learn how to design in 3D & draft your own blueprints for a DIY home you can afford to build. 


Last winter, when temperatures dropped to -25 C° a visionary from the cold northern world developed a masterpiece online training that teaches how to conceptualise, design and draw an off-grid, solar passive and self heating Earthship hybrid. He utilised low tech materials such as super/hyper-adobe bags, tires, bottle bricks for the walls and thin clay tiles or ferrocement for the vaulted catenary roof.


Alosha is a natural building teacher and is currently constructing a prototype of this buriable home. Due to the sheer amount of practical experience, he shares some down to Earth principles and know-how as well as what to avoid when designing a home for your specific climatic conditions.


In his Bio-Veda 12 week online live class you will learn:

- the theory, mechanics, physics and design inspirations

- How to draw on graph paper, with pencil, compass & ruler 

- how to model the same home you drew in 2D, now in Rhino 3D


Check out Alosha's online course and remember to mention that you found out about the training from Janice Plante - Sustainable Building Vancouver Island.

Super short blurb #2: 

Alosha Lynov is a permie inventor and natural builder at the Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology, who prototypes and constructs BioMimicry inspired living bio shelter technics. Check out his latest Bio-Architecture drawing class, where you'll learn how to design a DIY solar passive home you CAN AFFORD to build. Starting from concept > graph paper blueprint > all the way 3D CAD model that can be printed and presented to building authorities.

Email blurb for social media  or email #1:


It has taken 12 years for Alosha from Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology to develop an Earthship inspired Living Bio Shelter that he infused with a EMR protection and added strength through catenary geometrical vaults. 


With energy prices soaring through the roof, very soon keeping our homes warm in winter and cool in summer can bleed us dry of all our financial resources!


Why not turn to nature for answers?!


- Laws of physics have successfully heated large mass and insulation allowed the earth to retain this warmth until colder times

- Thermophilic bacteria breaking down nitrogen and carbon have reached temperature of +65 Celsius for up to 6 months, producing nutritious compost for the garden 

- Cooling tubes buried by earth as well as cooling towers have kept Earthships and Middle Eastern homes at comfortable temperature, even in the desert 



The solutions are there but how affordable and accessible are they? A typical Canadian passive house cost an arm and a leg, and one needs to climb into debt to afford one.


This need not be the way! One of the strategic ways to move onto the land and build ones home, on a tight budget, ain’t a piece of cake and requires a thoughtful step-by-step process. The way to stay away from climbing into debt when building up one's homestead and home is to:


  1. Learn the principles of successful bio architecture for your own climatic conditions

  2. Using these principles to learn how to design your own home for your own budget

  3. Learn simple, low-tech or UPcycled and almost free DIY materials to use in the construction process 

  4. Build a home like a fractal and have a strategy on how to move on your land FAST

  5. Do what you love and love what you do to create an income for the development of your homestead



Join Bio-Veda's 2D > 3D Bio-Architecture design and drawing class ( and learn how to conceptualise, draw on graph paper and then model in 3D software your own home, for your own budget, within your climatic zone. 


Remember to use "PUT YOUR CO NAME HERE" when registering in order to receive a complimentary lesson on how to build a food growing machine in one weekend.

Longer emailable text for drawing course #2:  

A friend of mine has dedicated his life towards developing a permaculture Off-Grid Living Bio Shelter that biomimics nature’s form and operates on laws of physics and bacteria.

He is facilitating a 3 month long online training in which you will learn how to conceptualise, design and draw a self-heating, solar passive Earthship hybrid for Subzero t° and most erratic weather conditions. He will also share modifications that need to be made to obtain a comfortable temperature for your specific climatic condition.


Every week he will send you 2 pre-recorded tutorials and each Saturday, for the duration of 12 weeks, he will do a live support session to get you through those 2 lessons.


You will learn how to draw an earthship hybrid on graph paper using pencil, compass and a ruler. Then you will learn to model the this same design in a professional and intuitive 3D software. At the end of the course you will be able to draw up a professional set of blueprints that can be used on a construction site and that will be required by any building authorities.


Alosha's course is made up of 3 parts: 


  • theory on principles of biological eco home design - where he shares how and why he got to this particular home design

  • drawing a home on graph paper - loads of practical wisdom will be covered here from 15 years of natural building experience. Alosha covers construction style from super adobe, wooden rafters, bricks, tyres and bottles  

  • modelling the same home in 3D software - you will be guided and assisted every saturday for 12 weeks , and if you still did not understand Rhino, provided you practice you can join any of Alosha's future drawing classes until you get it !!!


Check out his course info page: and remember to use my name at the payment check out as we are assisting to promote each other's work.


Wautillarium Living Bio Shelter


This lesson is taken from Bio-Veda's NEW step-by-step course where you'll learn how to construct a lo-tech & low cost, food producing Living Earthship Bio Shelter that emulates the models, systems, elements and geometry of nature to achieve year-round comfortable t°. To passively cool and heat itself Wautillarium uses laws of physics + the mean temperature of the earth as well as compost producing thermophilic bacteria. Check out the info page for more info and Bio-Veda's weekly Zoom brainstorming and Q&A sessions;

Subject line or  heading: 


Learn to build an off-grid bioshelter 

Learn to build a self-heating, food producing home

surTHRIVING the 6th extinction with Bio-Tecture


Text for Wautillarium course:


After 13 years of R&D mixed with loads of hands-on construction Alosha from Academy of Bio-Architecture started the Wautillarium video trainingWautillarium is an innovative eco home, inspired by & in alignment with nature, that threads lightly on the Earth and your budget.


Emulating the models, systems, and elements of nature, Wautillarium Living Bio Shelter is developed to achieve year-round comfortable t°, using laws of physics, mean t° of the earth as well as compost producing thermophilic bacteria to passively cool and heat itself in the Sub Zero as well as hot climates.


Inspired by nature's geometry, Wautillarium is able to achieve superior compressive strength, by using  10x less materials.


Alosha synthesised the greatest minds of the planet in the fields of water ecosystem design, living machines, simple to build vaulted roofs and eco-construction; to engineer a fully autonomous lo-tech buriable solar passive home that is elegant and stealth. 


In his interactive video training you'll learn  how to build this Earthship Hybrid with your own hands and your available local materials. Their weekly ZOOM Q&A calls provide the necessary support where you'll share your assignments and eco-tech research with other members of Bio-Veda tribe.




Subject line or  heading: Learn how to build 2 types of domes


Text for dome course:  

Learn how to construct 2 types of domes: using light weight bricks as well as a standard Super and Hyper adobe methods.

Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology combined DomeGaia as well as CalEarth building methods and blended them with curvilinear botanical cells for waste water purifications as well as sacred geometrical proportions and designs.


With their self-paced, step-by-step theoretical and practical video tutorials you'll learn how to: 
  • Integrate Solar passive design and tree orientation in your home

  • Design Bio Geometrically to evoke harmonic resonance

  • Plan the overhead and cross section view on graph paper

  • Plan all of your electrical and plumping on paper and on site

  • Test your soil and Air Crete Mix for safe construction

  • Learn how to design openings and support them with buttresses

  • Install door and windows into the Sandbag / Air Crete medium

  • How to waterproof your home and stop the capillary action

  • How to build a 3D sky light - Almanac Solar & Lunar Calendar

  • Apply plastering and finishing techniques

  • Build  your own self supporting archways for all the openings

  • Building of an Air Crete & Sandbag dome from ground up


The course also includes a variety of SuperAdobe projects for natural pool conversion (drinking quality water), a wavy flood barrier wall as well as terraces which turn your garden into a living sponge.

Check out Bio-Veda's Living Bio Dome info video on the following page: and remember to use my name at the payment check out as we are assisting to promote each other's work.




Subject line or  heading: Low-tech DIY water autonomy in any climate

Your water = your freedom  

Text for drawing course:  

In Bio-Veda's water tutorials, you'll learn how to build your own life-supporting off-the-water-grid ecosystem, that harvests, stores and filters rain and then pressurizes this water to all your taps. All the grey and black water are UPcycled for garden irrigation and flushing of toilets. Alosha who is nature inspired inventor, developed a curvilinear DIY Off-The-Water-Grid eco systems that morphs and blends-in around any homestead. In his Abundance of Water Course you will learn how to: 


  • HARVEST RAIN from a roof as well as how to build permaculture spiral earthworks for harvesting of rain in the ground

  • Build powerful yet simple BIO-CHAR slow sand treatment plant for RAIN WATER FILTRATION

  • Plumb up a Water Organising Module ( WOM ) - the very same one an Earthship uses for all their water fresh water distribution 

  • Construct 3 types of WATER STORAGE tanks including an underground bunker and ferro cement reservoir

  • Develop an Aqua botanical cell for WASTE WATER UP-cycling 


There are also a few other DIY projects such a natural pool conversion, a flood-proof wall, custom Super-Adobe bath as well as contour line terraces that will transform your garden into a living sponge. 


Having your own abundant source of potable water and juicy regenerated soils  is paramount to your food and water sovereignty.

Check out Bio-Veda's Water Self Sufficiency info video on the following page: and remember to use my name at the payment check out as we are assisting to promote each other's work.

Drawing Course
Dome course
Water Couse


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