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Hi my name is Alësha Lynov. Being self employed all the way back from school days, coupled with a few years of homesteading, loads of travelling, learning from master builders and building curvilinear gaudi inspired homes, I came to some alternative conclusions that I would love to share with the world. My full bio is here.

 Below are a few questions topics to get a conversation going...


  • Why do I believe a home should be designed like a living bio shelter organism?

  • What are the biggest mistakes I made in my homesteading journey?

  • Why eco villages are a failure and what is a viable alternative to community?

  • My experience in one of the largest communities in the world (30 y/o & 7500 people)

  •  Why families can't sustain together?  Specific do's and don't to thrive a family.

  • What are rapid strategies to get started on the land even with little money

  • Does one need to leave the system or is the system in our heads? 

  • What are  cognitive wars, how to not become their victims and why is  most of our "civilised" world are under the attack?

  • How to raise self worth and  get out of that feeling: "I am not good enough"? No BS psychology, but the real unpopular inner work. 

  • What are some rapid and robust strategies to get started on the land?

  • What does it feel like being in Russia during the war? What is the other side of the story?

  • What is the #1 solution that will have the most positive long term impact on our humanity?

  • How my "bad"  emotional state twice crashed and bankrupted my homesteading journey, besides years of permaculture, natural building and entrepreneurship practice.

  • Why does almost everyone blames "them, the illuminati" in worlds' misfortunes? Why I believe most of us will repeat the same dark strategy, if placed in power?

To book an interview,  telegram or email me

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