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Messages from Water about Zuma

Bio Veda is an easy to digest online and live academy detailing with visual simplicity the Art of practical creation of Abundant Self Regenerative living environments in the midst of the city

    Discover simple DIY projects that significantly lower water & utility bills

  • Empower yourself with this FREE simple step by step action plan & Mind Map to get your home    OFF – GRID, cutting your bills by 55-78% whilst  producing an abundance of spring water and organic food flat / garden / home

Bio Veda Eco Academy practically lay out the creation of creating your own mini Heaven  in the form of low cost Eco Dome Shelter surrounded by Food Forest garden powered by Wetlands , Sun, Wind as well as Earth Energy.


The eco academy covers practical organic food growing, construction of low cost Dome home as well as Water catchment, filtration, storage, delivery to the house as well as all waste water upcycling for secondary and tertiary use. 

Our teachings utilise permaculture, biodynamic and nature inspired methodology combined with authentic and creative use of human waste to achieve a debt free model of Thriving on Earth.


BIO Veda Academy includes the wisdom of 10 international self sustainability courses and countless literature from Masters in their fields as well as combination of 16000 + hours of

practical wisdom to produce the most advanced and visually detailed course of it’s kind on the planet. 

 Eco Video Blog / Vlog

Interview with Thomas Linders on the  benefits of recycling your grey water.

10 key question on UP Cycling of Grey water

Abundance of Water practical

 I interview a self sustainable magician Tony Lopes

Alosha's Vision

I am an international speaker and edutainer inspiring our humanity to shape the Earth, co creating Self Regenerative kin domain habitats, that nurture and support families with Bio Geometric eco homes, living water & food forest gardens, producing an abundance of nutritionally dense medicinal super foods and nourishing air, all nested in Blissful communities of conscious friends.


These micro eco systemic lifeforms Bio Mimic Natures’ Genius to design a debt free thriving model of reality, awakening and raising the vibration in people so they can focus entirely on their Life Purpose  whilst experiencing a creator within in playful partnership with Grand Organised Designer to Rapidly shift Earth into a Bountiful Garden of Eden.


My Ethos is to treat waste water and garbage as assets all utilised creatively with Natures’ Geometry to manifest Self Sustaining preserves of paradise, infused with Beauty, Joy and Spacial Comfort evoking the Cosmic Intelligence in all beings.

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