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July 2023 NOTE: We are no longer going to be planning mass workshops...


If you want visit our country and take an internship, learning hands-on skills of eco home design & construction, from a master builder, then contact me  ( male students or couples {with traditional orientation} only ) . 

I fuse hi-tech 3D printer technology with curvilinear playful design of Antonio Gaudi, parametrism of Zaha Hadid as well as ancient traditional building methods with Biomimicry and Sacred Bio-Geometry.


Info below is an invite from our August 2023 workshop. Due to the Geopolitical situation it is becoming ever so harder for NATO block countries to release their citizens to visit Russia. 


Friends, I would love to invite you to our seventh hands-on vault building workshop with a rich cultural program. The building experience will be happening on our land, 60 miles from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe  - St. Petersburg


This will be an unusual building event mixed with loads of cultural outings as we really want you to experience the beauty & rich traditions as well as dome & vault architecture of our historic city.

We are going to be building a wooden vault on curvilinear hyperadobe walls. This will be the 4th woden vault and you will get to experience constructing a refined version.


I will prepare all the rammed tire foundations as well as 80% of Hyperadobe walls. Therefore this workshop will not be strenuous. but rather the craftsmanship of unique building technologies. Together we will create a horizontal binding beam for the earthen vault as well as mount the sockets for the second room that will hold the timber arches. 


You will also learn how to finish the vaults up with waterproofing using the bitumen membrane. I will also show you an alternative low cost method using the super adobe bags impregnated with bitumen emulsion, that I used on our domes in South Africa.

Insulation, the important clay lock, and now the roof of our hobbit edu centre will be ready to receive plants.


We see this collaborative build as the the meeting of the East & the West as well as the spark of immigration into our beautiful country. 

This celebration is for all those who want to:


Learn to build an affordable, lo-tech and incredibly fast to construct vault. The home you'll learn to build is developed  to stay under the strict Canadian and US building code radar so you can build in your own homeland without having to submit plans (the cost of the 333 sq. ft. vault, in the pic above, was 1000 USD and the one with the orange roof 3000 USD) - These vaults are fast and affordable way to get under roof 


Get to experience the cultural traditions of our country: 

  1. We are going to visit a traditional village home with a "banya" experience including an oak leafed "venichek"; (included)

  2. Mouth watering traditional Russian food (included)

  3. Boat trip through the Grand Neva River and water canals of St. Petersburg (optional)

  4. Picnics with a fire in the forest with a traditional ethnic russian band (included)

  5. Outing to "Hermitage" museum, symphonic orchestra and ballet (optional)


Learn the details about immigration to our homeland:


  1. getting citizenship - we will get a professional immigration officer / lawyer to explain how the whole process works

  2. opportunities to realise business ideas such as 3D printed property development business to meet the ever growing demand of people wanting to live in fascist-free countries

  3. purchasing your own private property

Our natural building gathering in Russia is all about: 


Outings, forums and friendships, to create opportunities for collaboration, mutual support and inspiration.


We are looking forward to be finally meeting you in person, in our friendly country. 



VISA: visa type should be just tourist visa. Not educational or anything else. Getting a tourist visa should be super simple, it’s just unfriendly nato countries kicked some Russian consulates out of their countries. Consulates still operate by email like in the case with US and continue to issue visas electronically.


DEPOSIT: The deposit is 500 USD. It can be used for any of our workshops. 90% of deposit is refundable if you notify us at least 8 weeks prior the start of the workshop. Once we receive your deposit we will provide an invitation letter.  Please send your passport information to alosha{at} 


Crypto payment is preferred, and it has a minimal fee to move money around. Your deposit will be valid for any other future workshops as well.


We will be running our workshops on yearly basis 


WORKSHOP START DATE: New  🌙 on August 16th 2023. Arrive a day before to settle in. Duration of the training will be 2 weeks. All the outings are excluded to make the price affordable for all.

PRICE OF THE TRAINING; The  price of the two week seminar will be 1750 USD. 


The $1750 price will include the following:


  • 15 nights of nice accommodation 1-2 people per room. We will rent 1-2 large houses / hotel.

  • all the food

  • travel to & from site as well as transfers to & from airport (if grouped together with other students)

  • forest/river picnic with a russian ethnic band.

  • an immigration professional to provide the information about the exact laws and knowhow with regards to relocating to our country 

  • 2x Russian saunas


Budget for 16-50 USD per outing incl. transport (theatre being most expensive everything else is really affordable). As usual, food will be served on site or at the house. You are welcome to eat before going to an outing alternatively budget an extra 7 USD for a good meal.

TRAVELLING TO ST. PETERSBURG FOR FUN: The city is safe any time of the day or night. Trains back to our site and house will go regularly, until 12:00 midnight. Uber operates swifty and taxi from the train stop back to your home should not be more than 3-4 USD., The train ride is 3 USD each way. The building site is 7 minutes walk from train station.

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