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Why will nothing help humanity until

During the process of evolution a hierarchical model gets comes together just through contact with the world, whereby an animal builds a relationship with life based on survival mode.

Either fight or flight, eat or be eaten - everything is based on the process of biocoenosis. One animal eats another just to feed itself, and therefore it does not analyse morally wether it's bag or good to take another's life away.

In our human society this trait of devouring another has become a pleasure and has nothing to do with necessity to feed ourselves!

The new warped out model sounds like this:

  • I devour you in order to get a doping kick whilst seeing how helpless you are in relation to me, yet no one should ever devour me.

But people will never admit this to be true! They will call their actions as forms of kindness such as; care for another, saving of the world, striving for success...

This entire atomic mix of evolution where by a hunting instinct coupled with constant suggestion to a child that; "to be come a human / a somebody, one needs to accomplish some grand success!"

This grandness is expressed by and understood by most as: people must be awed by you, applaud you, grovel in front of you, humiliate themselves for you.

A person who is striving towards success will always call above; love and respect, and NEVER will they speak out the real truth of calling 'a spade a spade' - I am thirsty for power!

(Power = my sinister doping / pleasure kick whilst another feels humiliated in front of me, whilst they raise me on pedestal)

Pyramid therefore will never work for the well being of humankind!

The mere fact that it is a pyramid means that there are those who collect the cream a la de crop from the top, whilst others serve them and eat the the left overs from their table.

There is only one solution - a fractal one !!!

Without detailed inner work, whereby we acknowledge and get to understand our past by learning how these beliefs where formed in our youth, it is impossible to leap into joyful life.

This is because all our striving and wishes are currently ONLY based for thirst of power!, whilst we name it: doing well, respect and love. This means that we are neither able to locally create a thriving life within our immediate family units nor globally within our planet.

Alosha & Zoya

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