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Saving others is a hidden form of manipulation

In this story I would like to share with you how I recently got screamed at whilst wanting to plant a fruit tree.

On one of my walks I saw a private nursery based at someones home. So I came up to the lady and said: "I would like to plant a fruit tree for YOUR COMMUNITY”. She replied: "MY COMMUNITY??". But I could have just asked wether the nursery sells fruit trees...

Suddenly another man jumped out and screamed at me rudely to get the hell out of there. I left immediately in shaken up mood.

From the side this story may seem utterly unjust but after a small analysis through a "magnifying glass" - completely other reality opens up. It is very important for me to share with my realisations...

From the start of my dialogue I positioned not on that I just wanted to buy a tree but on the fact that I am bringing good to others. This statement immediately gave me a role of the one above others: I am great and awesome who saves you meek and weak.

Instead of an ordinary intent of planting a fruit tree, I've transformed this simple action as into a manipulation. This forced others to feel shameful in relation to me, forcing them to stand below.

Within this tiny detail I have hidden such a massive lie. Behind the mask of purchasing a tree, in reality I wanted to force others to show me their shame and role of a victim. Then I stand all shaken up, opening my arms in confusion, asking: "Why have they been so rude to me !?!"

Even though I've been doing daily personal transformation work on my brain programs, my old mind still periodically spits out old programs which are based on hierarchical and competitive paradigm.

And now we wonder why capitalistic marketing brought us to a full catastrophe in all spheres of our lives: destruction of our planet; the death of all human relationships and total loneliness - on the way whilst we have been chasing our external material content we did not notice how we lost our internal content: Love and trust which makes up the happiness of real human relationships.

Truthfully speaking we are sincere in our intent to plant fruit trees, no matter where we go on our travels. However old programs still jump out, but we have strength to clearly see how we provoke aggressive reactions in others.

Because of the fact that we do not judge our selves whilst we realise and acknowledge we tenaciously observe and research our actions and reactions.

Because we do not fear to observe ourselves we move towards our new reality in which we stay far away from an old capitalistic models based on: greediness, feelingless, isolation and fragmentation which form an absolutely lonely and deep unhappy human being.

As we plant fruit trees all over the world we do not want to cynically call this goodness and saving of the world, positioning ourselves as "Christ who came down a cross" in the name of saving others.

We neither bring cheap sacrifice nor do we save anyone else. We just live a simple human lives. We breath the same oxygen from our only planet which one can not divide up into the oxygen of OUR community and community of OTHERS

Zoya & Alosha

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