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our upcoming workshops

Due to travel limitations to  our country from N A T O block countries al

Self-cooling Earthship Hybrid Biome    Brazil | Nov 2021

Please join us in Brazil for a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to build a self-cooling Living Bio Shelter Earthship Hybrid for multitudes of clomatic conditions andmost erratic westher patterns. We wil be working on the site where a new community is being formed.  Parallel to the build we’ll share ideas and engage in inner work process work to assist you with bulding a healthy inner relationships that will overflow to co-creation with your partner and then any community that you wish to join


Self Heating & Cooling Wautillarium    Russia | May 2022

This is my masterpiece that I am continuing to work on in order to prepare for the most erratic weather patterns. Inspired by Earthship Biotecture, Wautillarium will heat and cool itself with laws of physics as wel as thermophilic bacteria that breaks down carbon and nitrogen. Come and join me at our site in Russia where we'll build the first Solar Passive home based on Sacred Geometry.  


An in-depth internship with Alosha     Russia | May >> Oct

Come and work hand in hand with me to develop the eco tech I have been gathering all over the world into one seamless Living Bio Shelter Organism.

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