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Learn 3 affordable  home building methods @ one workshop:

Friends, we Zoya and Alosha Lynoff are inviting you to Russiafor a hands-on building workshop of a micro Wautillarium that will be able to meet the US code requirements ( <200 sq. ft.)


The construction will be interwoven with personal inner work on our emotional states. This consciousness integration work is inseparable and vital for all future projects. Without it, no matter how beneficial for the planet at the start, any type of construction will attract competition, rivalry, hierarchy, and a wish to build "mine better than yours" at the end of the day. 

We possess all these socially imprinted programs, whether we realize it or not.  Over time, our good intentions will slowly warp out, bringing us into competitive mode no matter how eco-friendly and wonderful our projects are. The process work will help us shed some of the trauma and baggage that hinders us from truly thriving. (more info here)

How our days at the workshop will roll out:

Each day we will gather for meals. This will be followed by a debrief session of the previous day and a theory on Wautillarium's ecosystems.

In the evenings there will be a lot of free time for exploration and relaxation where you can enjoy each other’s company with meaningful conversations with other students. We will also gather around the fire and enjoy singing combined with live musical instruments.


In practice you will learn how to:


  • Design your home using Bio-mimicry and solar passive design

  • Draw your future home on the ground

  • Wire and plaster a Ferro cement curvilinear roof 

  • Bake super adobe mix and build a Wautillarium center room

  • Make door and window forms and pour a window frame

  • Install a tire foundation and supporting buttresses

  • Plan the plumbing of greywater and potable water

  • Do plastering and finishing touches

  • Wire the basic electrical into a conduit

I invite you to participate in Wautillariums Vision to curb deforestation whilst learning how to make a comfortable and SUPER affordable eco home for yourself.


Theory that we will cover at our practical workshop



Thick wall mass including wall and roof insulation as per Earthship design. In addition we'll be adding insulation under the floor to stop "heat sink" effect.  Wautillarium will tap into Geothermal heat & use Jean Pain wood chip compost method to warm up water and air. It will include a "super efficient russian oven" which will double up for sauna + kitchen cooking with all excess heat storing in the walls and MASS couch. it is developed not to heat space in summer



The home will be build using tires in the foundation, earth, cans and bottles as per Earthship design. Superadobe will replace 2/3rds of the tyre walls. I have great experience and love for this material as seen from my previous living eco home training. By building this home with 200 tyres, cans and bottles you will counterbalance all the waste you will produce through out your life. 



I have reworked a typical W.O.M. from Earthship by combining it with our robust Slow Sand Bio Char filter. This allowed to substantially drop the price and increase the quality of drinking water whilst using up filtration medium which is prepared by home owner (gravel, sand and biochar) This module will include all the practical steps necessary to deliver stored water to all the taps. We will also include the implosion device to revitalize the drinking water.



This module will deliver electricity to your home and all of your appliances. In addition to standard solar we will also be using a steam powered 3 kWa generator which will be connected to the wood fired oven. This will give us big power only when we need it for power tools, whilst all excess heat will be stored in the mass wall for winter use. This contraption will greatly reduce the price of the off-the=power-grid battery bank and solar/wind/hydro system.



In summer the cool air will be pulled in from the northern side. In winter the fresh air will be taken underground 30 metres away, allowing it to be heated geothermally and enter into the oven. When the oven is not fired it will just be used as a warm fresh air inlet when fired it will create a very unique negative pressure zone (tried & tested) and warm the floor without conventional piping at a fraction of the cost. All air will be filtered with fungi filter 



During my bio-geometry training with Ibrahim Karim, I've learned about the harmful effects of geopathic stress and the importance of testing the land prior to the positioning of sleeping spaces. You'll learn how to test your own site. Certainertain geometries will be used in the construction + metal waste into the building material to create a protective layer. The entire home is designed using sacred geometry which will add to the overall wellness of the dweller.



The price of a global Earthship is 400.000 USD as stated by my teacher Mike Reynolds. I have redesigned the home adding some of the unique methods I've been building with for the last 13 years. With simplified tire septic, dream catcher mezzanine, DIY water reservoir, living roof, polycarbonate green house, significantly smaller solar system as well as superadobe walls; will bring the constrcution cost right down whilst making the actual build easier with way less crew.

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The tuition fee:  1500 USD including food and comfortable accommodation 


Your tuition fee will go towards the building of the full Wautillarium Living Bio Shelter Organism to be used as a research lab and communal creative space in Russia.

Date: WORKSHOP CANCELLED UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE...possibly may 2022 if borders open.   It will be a 3 - week workshop so you will have an extra week to experience Russia on your 1-month tourist visa 


Food and Accommodation is included. We will be renting a home nearby and provide daily transport to and from the site. We will prepare the food for you

Outings: We will do a trip to st Pietersburg to visit the cathedrals and amazing architectural pieces (travel and food for the day of +- $40 are excluded)  Also, we will get to visit a few evenings in the cultural town of Pushkinskiye Gory (10km from our building site) and do some hikes to see the beautiful nature reserve around Pushkinskye Gory. 

Visa and Logistics: Currently the Russian borders are still closed. We are hoping they will reopen before July. If not, we'll postpone the workshop when travel will be allowed once more. No vaccines are needed to enter our country except for the Covid negative test taken 3 days prior to travel and another one withinn 3 days after arrival. Please contact Russian Consulate in your country or research on the web for the latest updates. We will provide the invitation letter which might be needed for your tourist visa. We will pick you up from Pskov and take you to our land.


My name is Alosha Lynov, I am a founder of Bio-Veda Academy

My love for Bio Architecture and nature started back in 2000 with curvilinear decor of clubs and events (3D Deco). This set me on a journey around the world in search of structural Gaudi forms. In 2007 I went to Mexico on a flying concrete workshop with Steve Kohler and this spun me further on a journey around the world learning practical permaculture wisdom as well as EMR & Geopathic stress protection from international ecological masters Mike Reynolds (1 month Earthship academy and apprenticeship in Malawi), Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Design Course) Ibrahim Karim (Bio Geometry, Nader Khalili (Cal-Earth), Hajjar Gibran (Dome Gaia), Josh Kearns (slow sand biochar filtration), John Todd (living machines) and a few others.

I have practically experimented with all the learned wisdom on my farm as well as our urban permaculture playground homestead. Now that I have relocated to Russia I am busy redesigning an Earthship to be temperature stable in the harshest northern climates of our planet with no winter sun - WAUTILLARIUM BIOTECTURE


Making countless expensive mistakes in my permaculture ecosystems assisted me to perfect nature-inspired eco-tech.

My ethos to mimic nature's genius as we catch what comes from the sky, treat wastewater and garbage as assets, and creatively use natural resources to create self-regenerative Bio-Architectural homes induced with beauty, life force, and self-regeneration.

I am not prepared to close my eyes to the ecological disaster which is approaching at a scary pace, When one is not hiding from the truth like it is accustomed by our society, we clearly see the necessary steps that we ought to undertake in the shortest time frame. These exact action steps are what we are disseminating through our live and online training all over the world.


Together with my wife Zoya we are not just bringing up the urgency towards actions on our ecological state, we put the emphasis on our inner emotional states that result in our cancerous actions that lead towards an ecological catastrophe. Join our youtube channel 

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