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3rd - 17th of March 2019 at a Bio Dynamic farm in Nepal


Learn 2 affordable  Dome Home building methods in one workshop:

Air Crete & Super Adobe Dome home





Each day we will gather for meals and a quality debrief session of the previous day.

In the evenings there will be a lot of free time for exploration and relaxation where you can enjoy meaningful conversations with other students or take a stroll around the country side. We will also gather around the fire and enjoy singing combined with live musical instruments.

In the mornings, we will do yoga class or some planting in the garden.

You will learn how to:

  • Design your home using Bio mimicry and solar passive design

  • Draw your future home on the ground

  • Making of an air crete and brick preparation

  • Baking super adobe mix and building a 3 metre room

  • Making of door and window forms and pouring a window frame

  • Installing sandbag foundation and supporting buttresses

  • Installing of sky light, doors and windows (video tutorials). 

  • Building of the walls and roof with air crete bricks

  • Explanation of plumbing of grey water and potable water

  • Plastering and finishing touches (video tutorials and practical)

  • Running the electrical conduits in the walls and installing lights (video tutorials)

Workshop site - One World Biodynamic farm


What do other students say about our live dome training:

“The best way to learn the practical side of earthen bag and an AirCrete dome building techniques. Highly recommended” - JP Pieterse

“Hands-on co-creation at it's best. Truly helpful, insightful and inspirational. The food was awesome. Highly recommended" - Cameron Kirrane

“A playground for innovation, experimentation and connection. An experience I will definitely be repeating.” - Sam Eades

“GoDome! What an awesome, grounding, gathering journey into the elegance of Dome economics. Deep Gratitude.” - Murray van Wyk

“Construction meets Bio Geometry and ecological design, a unique experience for those wanting to change the world for the better.” - Toni Laderach

"Amazing how confident I am, that I am able to replicate everything that was taught at the Dome live training . Entered the workshop with no prior building experience but feel like skills rose from 0 to 100 in just 2 weeks"  - Paul Odendaal

"Thank you so much for not only sharing and introducing us to your library, but also for sharing your home, your family and your knowledge, with us. I learned so very much from those 2 weeks. Not only from the practical building skills but also from the assembled souls. Its hard to put into words the gratitude I feel to you.  Your energy and tenacity is so lovely and infectious. Please continue being you 😊😊 - Autumn Langis


We will be working 6 days a week. On Sunday we will have a trip to Bandipur, a beautiful medieval-like hillstation where you can enjoy stunning views on the Himalayan range.


We will have all meals catered for on site, and itwill all be fresh local
produce, prepared locally, and all good healthy organic produce, basically vegetarian, with
some fish and meat options for meat eaters.


Price of the workshop is 1000 USD and will include full catering. 100 USD for on site basic accommodation. Deposit is not refundable and can be exchanged for our online courses.


Accommodation will be at the site, we will provide two big community tents on a very beatiful camp site right next to the river. If you wish to stay in your own tent feel free to bring it with you. For people with special needs we can provide a room as well.

As the farm is a bit remote in rural Nepal more luxury acommodations will be not available.



Keep in mind that the farm is a rural area in the countryside, and there are few stores nearby. Some of items below may be available in Kathmandu or Pokhara. We will provide sleeping pads, and a foam sitting/meditation cushion, which some people use as a pillow.

  • Sun Hat, Sunscreen, light clothing for when it's sunny.

  • Tools: pliers, leather gloves, water proof gloves, dust mask, eye protection (cheap sunglasses will do), work clothes.

  • Any personal items you will need for the duration of the course, including probiotics, vitamins, and health supplements

  • Good walking/hiking shoes/boots

  • A headlamp or flashlight/torch and batteries

  • A reusable water bottle. Filtered drinking water will be provided at the farm.

  • A notebook for taking course notes

  • Yoga mat (optional; some people last year used their sleeping pads)

  • A sleeping bag, and any bedding you will need, optionally including a pillow

  • Extra Nepali rupees for personal expenses, and for an optional mid-course trip on our day off. There are no ATM machines or banks near the farm.

  • Songs, stories, and poetry or any special talent you wish to share with the group.

  • Small gifts for new friends

  • A mindful attitude...

In general, pack as light as possible.


The course will be held at the "Land of the Medicine Buddha" Biodynamic Farm, the first established Demeter farm in Nepal.

It in a lush and fertile valley in central Nepal, Gorka district, on the banks of the Marshyangdi river. Travel time is about 4-5 hours from Kathmandu and 2-3 hours from Pokhara.

The course location is a 30 minute walk from the highway through fields and farms, so keep this in mind when packing and planning. A backpack will be easier to carry than a suitcase. If you think you will have difficulty carrying your gear this distance, let us know; there should be some friendly hands to help you.


Please make plans to arrive in Kathmandu several days before our 3rd of March departure from Kathmandu to the farm.

Besides allowing for unexpected delays, those extra days will offer opportunity to rest, shop for supplies, or visit some of the Kathmandu valley's cultural, historical, and spiritual sites.


The Land of the Medicine Buddha Farm is in a subtropical zone of Nepal. In March days are pleasant and sunny, and between 25 -35 and nights are still pleasant band warm. Most probably there will be no rain during the workshop.


The cost of the course includes delicious local farm to table meals, and there may be opportunities to share our own favourite dishes.

You are welcome to bring your own tent, and there is plenty of space

to set it up. We provide group tents with individual sleeping areas, and also 2-person heavy-duty canvas tents will be available. If you want your own tent for the duration of the course, it will cost an additional $100. Please let us know well in advance if you want your own tent.


For most people, Nepal is a totally new country, so please be aware of how to take care of your health. Be careful about your water consumption, especially in the cities. Only consume bottled water, or water that has been boiled or filtered, and be careful with raw foods that may have been washed in unfiltered water. Sometimes you may have stomach issues at first just because the bacteria are very different form what your body is used to, not necessarily because the bacteria is harmful. You may have no problem at all, or it may just take a bit to adjust. In most of the pharmacies in Kathmandu or Pokhara they sell some herbal supplements for stomach and other common issues.

Some people find that eating local yogurt (called curd or dahi) helps acclimate their digestive system.

Here is what the US Center for Disease Control recommends for Travel in Nepal:

In regards to vaccines, please make your own decision based on your doctor's advice. I feel it's my responsibility to share this information with you, but personally, I haven't had a vaccine in years, and rarely have any problems in Nepal.


A visa is easy to obtain upon arrival at Kathmandu airport, or at most border crossings with India. All you need is a passport, 2 passport size photos (you can get at the airport), and US dollars to pay the fee. 30 days is $45, and 90 days is $100. Go ahead and exchange about 20 dollars to Nepali Rupees at the airport so that you can pay the taxi, but generally you'll get a much better exchange rate in the city, at money exchange shops. Also, the money changers across the street from the Main Boudha Gate give some of the best rates in Kathmandu.

We will have another mail confirming final details going out a few weeks before the workshop

Alosha , Peter and Daniel

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