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Inspire your children to experience a Self Sustainable Garden & Home

Take a tour of our urban eco garden and experience DIY Bio Mimicry in action !

We will go on a tour of our entire off grid garden & home and experience nature inspired / Bio  Mimicry systems at work.

  • Harvesting earthworks will be seen in out Permaculture food forest garden

  • Learn about various rain water harvesting strategies all working together in synchronicity

  • Rain Water filtration is achieved with Slow Sand Bio Char filter treating water at 300L p/d

  • Grey & black water recycling with 9 constructed wetlands treating all of our waste water

  • Fire up Bio Gas - Digester which makes flame from raw sewerage

  • see a 100.000 Litre eco pool being treated with plants and biology booming with frogs

  • learn about 3 types of DIY rain water storage 

  • Alternative curvilinear garden terraces storing water like a sponge

  • Walk a 54 m wall with "pockets" which one can have quiet time in.

  • Experience Sacred Geometry at work with our Geodesic Dome & Phi 1.618 ratio

  • A garden with 80 medicinal herbs collected from Margaret Roberts & others

  • enjoy 2 types of dome homes which are build with other students from all over the world

  • taste a little Barcelona and Gaudi with our 60 square metre sea shell roof

Together we will construct  2 eco projects which will treat Grey Water with aquatic plants build a small sand bag super adobe structure. We live on a river front so the attendants will understand the importance of grey water recycling with Constructed Wetlands.

There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature - Antoni Gaudi 

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