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We specialise in creating Abundant Water Solutions

for a variety of domestic & industrial properties

Together with our trained team we specialise in: 

  • Transformation of chlorine pools into eco ponds that can be used as a back up for water failure


  • Constructions of low cost bio char filters that treat 300 litres p/d of city rain into drinking water


  • Constructed wetlands that turn grey water and sewerage into usable water for irrigation


  • Beautiful and discreet water storage solutions that can mould and enhance any landscape


  • Curvilinear retaining terraces and earthworks that transform any landscape into flourishing garden

Ecological Consultations & Implementation

Alosha is  a visionary leader, designer, inventor, master geometer and water wizard. His passions lie with Creation of Heavenly earth in it’s most practical sense with food, shelter and water. 

He has converted his suburban house into a self sustaining and self regenerative living organisms that  is completely off the water grid without  tapping into any ancient water.

Alosha has completed his degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega and has attended over 10 international workshops on self sustainability in the fields of ecological housing , treatment of rain and UP cycling of waste water as well as growing of organic food. He has applied almost all of the practical wisdom that he has gathered from  live trainings at our Training academy in Johannesburg as well as on his rural experimentation site.

Spending 3 years on a farm he experimented with low cost dome shelters , Food growing Machines , earthworks, wetland constructions  and holistic ecological design.

His ethos is to catch what comes from the sky , treat waste water and garbage as assets and creatively use all these resources to create a self regenerative biospheres induced with beauty , life-force and spacial comfort.

A typical 1.5 – 2.5 hour consult will include the following practical information with regards to your Architectural Structure, Organic Food Garden and Abundance of Living Water.


Identifying various ways of capturing hard surface run off from your roof, pavement and road. Calculating the size of the roof and the quantity of war that can be harvested.


Identifying best positioning for water storage, be it an eco pond,  water tank attached to your property or a freestanding standing beautiful reservoir overgrown by creepers.


Establishing the quantity of litres that your building needs for drinking, cooking and potable purposes. Establishing positioning of a simple low cost biochar slow sand filtration system


Estimation of possibilities of recycling of all of the  grey water that can be reused for irrigation of your garden. This is  based on positioning of your plumbing outlets and elevation angles.


Estimating solar angles and positioning of ever green and deciduous (winder leaf dropping trees) so you can get comfortable temperature without excessive use of air-conditioning  or heating 


Establishing a perfect position for an odourless and neat compost bin or worm tower, that will turn all the food scraps and garden waste within 3 weeks into readymade nutritional and organic compost.


Establishing a perfect position for food forest  and / or  vegetable + herb garden

Pricing for a basic consult

  • R1300 -  for a private home 1 hour on Skype.

  • R2000 -  for a private home for 1.5 hour including travel around  GP

  • R2600 – R4260 for business or a complex for 2-3 hours

  • More complicated and detailed consults will be discussed thereafter.


Alosha Lynov: +2782 3333 748

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