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We will be constructing this awesome Dome home using two low cost methods of construction: Air-crete and Sandbags.

We will learn the following practical techniques:

  • Designing your home using Bio mimicry and solar passive design

  • Drawing of the home on the ground

  • Making of air crete and brick preparation

  • Making super adobe mix and building a medium size room with super adobe bags as per Cal Earth

  • Making of door and window forms and pouring a window frame

  • Installing sandbag foundation and supporting buttresses

  • Installing of sky light, doors and windows (video tutorials)

  • Building of the walls and roof with air crete bricks

  • Explanation of plumbing of grey water and potable water

  • Plastering and finishing touches (video tutorials and practical)

  • Running the electrical conduits in the walls and installing lights (video tutorials)

We will complete the construction to at least half way and we will record the rest on video tutorials which will show you with precision on how to complete this eco home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

(courtesy of my teacher - Hajjar Gibran from Dome Gaia)


When should I arrive?

Please arrive the day before to settle in. We will have a communal dinner the evening before the start of the workshop.


Is the airfare included 

No airfare is not included neither is the transportation to our site. 

What are the hours of work?

From 8:00 till 17:00, 6 days a week

I have special dietary requirements


Time to sight see during event? 

We will be working 6 days a week. On Sunday we will be taking a boat trip to uninhabited island and explore the beautiful city of Bordrum.

Will I miss anything important if I don’t come for all the days? 

The Turkey workshop will have recording of the lessons so you can watch them any time. 


What should I bring?

Work clothes, shoes, gloves, rubber gloves, safety glasses, dust mask, trowel, notebook and pen, Sun hat, towel to swim.  Feel free to bring other tools that you think would benefit the workshop such as a cordless drill and measuring tape. 


When should I buy my airplane ticket?

PLEASE DO NOT BUY YOUR PLANE TICKET earlier than 30 days before the workshop.


Can you accommodate my special diet?

We will be providing a healthy diet mainly of fresh vegetables with lots of raw options with good fish. We will make even afford to cater to all dietary requirements. Please send us any information with regards to your diet.


I have a disability. Can I still come?

Yes. Everyone contributes at their own pace and ability.


Can I bring my dog?

We prefer you leave your dog at home. In some cases you can make special arrangements with the host.


Can I bring someone who won’t participate in the workshop?

Yes, however accommodation and food will need to be paid separately.

Can I arrive a day early?

Yes, you are welcome to arrive a day before and stay a day after if that helps your travel plans. Accommodation is booked strictly for the days of the workshop starting on Sunday eve (the day before the start of the workshop) and ending on Sunday AM (last day of the workshop) 


Additional Information

Workshops move at a comfortable pace so everyone has a chance to get involved.  There's also time for Q&A related to your personal project. Morning session starts after breakfast. And continues again after a leisurely lunch.  After dinner we often find ways to celebrate the days accomplishment.

Workshop hosts sometimes provide free camping for tents or camper vehicles where possible, with bathroom facilities provided.  Each workshop offers unique accommodations available on or near the site. We'll post that information on our website and you can contact the host for more information. Or do your own research into for example. 

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