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Coop Kin Domain Eco Villages - the ARCs of today

RODINA - 9 pillars of successful community design

1 – Beauty and Harmony Weaved into our Communities


Beauty brings inspiration, builds passion, resonates with life, and increases life of a community. Makes us feel like we are part of a greater whole.


  • Adhering to Sacred Geometrical Proportions in Design

  • Design that is Intelligent, Practical, and Functional

  • Nature and Natural Surroundings

  • Electrical Cables Buried

  • Land is Tidy-Building materials grouped and organised. No eyesores.

  • Use of curvilinear lines. (There are no straight lines in nature)

  • Utility in Beauty

  • Sound is Frozen Geometry

  • Harmonizes with participants

  • Cash Flow from Eco-Tourism


2 – Natural Law

  • Celestial Bodies; moon and sun

  • Ancestral Calendar (Lunar and Cosmic Based)

  • 7 Immutable Laws (Hermetic Principles)

    • Law of Correspondence

    • Law of Vibration

    • Law of Polarity

    • Law of Rhythm

    • Law of Cause and Effect

    • Law of Gender

    • Law of Mentalism

  • Earth-Air-Fire-Water-Ether and Compass of Elemental Actions

  • Alchemical Transmutation

  • The Sacred Feminine – Women Circles bring balance

  • Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

  • Frequency of Coherence

  • Magnetism

  • Fibonacci Spiral, Vortexing and Implosion Energies

  • Sound Resonance

  • BioDynamic Wisdom

  • Vastu and Fengshui

  • Rhythm – Necessary for Thriving


3 - Remembrance: Cultural traditions truthful history and ancestral knowledge


Reverance of Ancestral Spirits is a key to engage our communal spirit and wisdom.

  • Knowledge of our Roots and History of our People by the People - not narrow-minded interests meant to whitewash past events to further agendas

  • Awaken Healthy Traditions in accordance with Lunar, Solar, and Galactic Cycles increasing our Cosmic Awareness

  • Indigenous Traditions Invoked – Never Forget Our Responsibilities as Stewards of the Land


4 - Awakening the creator within through celebrations, and play


Games break rigidity in communities when old and young come and play, pulling our children away from digital escapism. Games and traditions are of significant importance to the social aspect of any community.

  • Children’s Interactive Park

  • Abundant Outdoor Fun and Interactive Games

  • Nature Based Outdoor Education

  • Interactive tree houses and hikes

  • Play spaces with levers (newton laws)

  • Large variety of experiential activities for Children

  • Walking Distance (All reachable within a reasonable amount of walking time)

  • Multiple Festivals – Brings in outside talent and new inspiration


5 – Resilience through Bio-Mimicry and Self-Regenerative Bio-Diverse Design


  • Permaculture

  • Earthworks (staying true to contours and patterns of the land)

  • Food Forest Gardening

  • Living Eco-Machines

  • Regenerative Bio-Tecture


6 – Unity via Common Vision and magnificence of Individuals Passions and Strengths


Having a unified vision for our communities is crucial in order to establish a few working business models and link up our global network that will not only sustain, but thrive. 

Difference in visions have a splintering affect which breaks the supportive Master Mind entity.

Assembling the right people who love what they do, and do what they love, while aligning with the communal vision solidifies communities. This gives them the ability to withstand and go through all internal and external challenges.

  • Individuals have functional responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Diversity united as a Team

  • Working with each member’s unique set of values (

  • Human Resources

  • Importance of Realizing the What and Why of our Doing

  • Inner-standing of the community’s theme; Picking Folks supportive of our vision and team

  • Inner-standing of our Target Market


7 – Human Aspect and the importance of immediate conflict resolution


  • Fractal Unified Model of Cooperation (not based on one leader)

  • New Idea Generation

  • Relationships

  • Listening – Important! (Ears and Heart are Connected)

  • 24 hour conflict resolution rule

  • Psychology

  • Shadow Work

  • Knowledge of Thyself

  • Create a Space for Folk to Express Themselves

  • Ritual work


8 – Evolving Spirituality

  • The approach to land

  • The approach to all sentient beings

  • Elemental World

  • Abundance of Comfortable Discussion Circles for work and educational processes

  • Shaping Beliefs – Round Circle Discussions

  • Presentation of Natural Law – Immutable Evolution

  • Working with Pain and Sound to Activate the Will

  • Temple – Quiet Space


9 - Economy and Cooperation

  • Interconnectedness with other communities

  • Various Accomodation Options

  • Professional Business Plans for all micro-businesses (agro/eco tourism)

  • Design of Entire Project with Cost Projections

  • Money dynamics between each other as well as other communities

  • Make our own Building Materials

  • Splitting Profits

  • Funds for Medical, Transport, Education, etc.

  • Differing Agreements per individual: Investor, Craftsmen, Volunteer

  • Clear Entrance and Exit Procedures for the cooperatives

  • Festivals and Workshops

  • People are owners of the land, businesses, and cooperatives

  • Land is split – Ownership and Business

  • Commercial Activity on the Land

  • Business Lease Arrangement with the People

  • Business employs the people

  • Two sources of Income: Business Rent and Employment from Business

  • Profits distributed into two

  • Money for all participants

  • Funds for medical education and infrastructure (Motivational for professionals to return to community after learning from university)


  • Start up Team – Conscious Entrepreneurs, Food Growers, and Master Craftsmen

  • Finding and Acknowledging Power Spots on the Land

  • Co-creation – Useful Gift for Neighboring Village/Town with Clear Intention

  • Multiple Investment Models to Fund the Land, Micro-Businesses, and Community Creation

  • Actioning off property development arm once ¼ of our Land is developed

  • Living Cell Design – 50+Businesses Cooperation on the Land

  • 30 year Trial and Error Period is not an option – We do not have this luxury

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Animals – Key to Land Regenerative Programs

  • Road Map to plan activities ensuring successful communities

  • People with the following 3 qualities are necessary:

    • Certain level of Spiritual Development

    • Arrive from a position of Giving

    • Love to work Physically or with Hands- 

  • Fair Energy Exchange (emphasis on sharing)

  • Starting with communal business, then personal homestead

  • Voting Structure – Council of Elders. 1 person, 1 vote

  • Community placement – Close to city/town/village to sell produce/products

  • Create Market to sell produce, building materials, crafts, etc.

  • Acknowledge and Voice Benefits to people, land, surrounding towns and government

  • Being able to create 1000+ jobs in nearby towns and villages

  • Lengthy verification time for anyone accepted into cooperative. Testing period.

  • Gradual transition model out of our cities




  • Various Investment Models

  • Crowd Funding for a test model and to test our team

  • Pensioner Investment

  • Conscious Angel Investor

  • Virtual Interactive Game based on the actual land (sim city) e.g. vote for the baker

  • Motivational Film (pre-sale)

  • Property Sales – Homestead to members at reduced rate

  • Property development on separate neighboring land

  • BitCoin multi-millionaires seeking opportunity to invest into lucrative eco-projects

  • First Three Years of Building without paying interest to our investors

So what is the difference between our community vision and any other property development?


  • Start up team living on the land 

  • no private land ownerships

  • wholistic and full complex approach



Unlike lone-wolf homesteader, community is able to invest greater funds into playgrounds, infrastructure and business development 


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -Buckminster Fuller 

Join Us in Co-Creating a New Reality…

Are you among those who resonate with the call to co-create a new reality? At this pivotal time in history, Wauilli Arkaim welcomes dreamers, artists, poets, wizards, musicians, singers, builders, permaculture gurus, elders, herbal healers, teachers, and anyone else who’s had enough of this current broken reality.


Do you want to live in a debt-free community of friends nested in a food forest garden integrated with wilderness?  Wauilli Arkaim is a group of high-minded, high energy individuals who envision a bright future for humanity. If you feel the clarion call to be the change you wish to see, we invite you to join us and let’s co-create a new reality together.  

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Can We Call This a Dead or Dying Dinosaur? 

The powers that were, financial institutions, who’ve been in bed for milennia with our governments, have been methodically moving us toward a grim reality, where we were all destined to become their slaves. These service-to-self groups have very carefully woven a reality, which no longer serves the best interests of an evolving humanity.


Whilst our basic needs were provided, survival has come at a steep price. The price is life-long enslavement to a false matrix that has replaced abundance with scarcity, while covertly taking power away from the hands of the people, inch-by-inch. The primary goal of this unjust construct is to dumb us down and numb our free will through toxic air, food and water. Having lost our sovereignty, we have become slaves to an endless cycle of debt, taxes, war and disease.  


Is this the legacy that we wish to leave to our children? Do we wish to continue feeding corporate interests that vaccinate us, poison our bodies, our rivers, lands and foods?


If the vision of Wauilli Arkaim resonates with you, join with us and let’s pull our brothers and sisters out of the downward spiral of suffering into a land of dreams, a true paradise on earth, as our creator intended from the beginning of time, to be the true birthright for every single sovereign being on this planet.


We Will Live by the Time of the Moon and the Sun...

Let us live by universal laws, sun, moon, and natural phenomena, as well as the energies of our earth. Let us design our new eco-cities to fully integrate with nature and support each other in thriving together.


If you’ve had enough of this irreparable outworn paradigm, and wish to participate in a thriving community of people who care for their sick and their elderly; a like-minded community of friends and family, then Wauilli Arkaim welcomes you to step up to your vision in co-creating a new-reality… kin domain, co-housing eco villages.


Imagine sharing regular meals together, sitting by a cozy bonfire, while enjoying music and singing under the stars. Our new homes, will have fresh air, living water, and organic food as part of who we are and what we do.  


This is not some pie in the sky pipe-dream, but a vision that is currently being achieved by many like-minded individuals all over the world. Catch the vision for yourself and envision a better way of co-existing on this planet together… a more harmonious, sustainable and abundant future for all.

My role, Alosha Lynov, will be to design, facilitate, teach and mentor in the co-creation of multiple co-housing ecovillage paradises on multiple continents. I, personally, bring the knowledge of bio-geometry and geomancy, dome eco-shelter construction, food forest and bio-intensive gardening, water self-sufficiency, as well as my vision, my passion and my drive. 

If you’ve been longing to be the change you wish to see in the world, then, take a moment to check the links posted below. Be sure to fill out the form and to let us know how you wish to assist in community co-creation. Once we can organize a meeting in your area, we would love to be able to call upon your talents or skills. 


I look forward to co creating together. Namaste! 


Somewhere in southeast of Russia, surrounded by pristine nature stands the most beautiful International Bio Geometric Radial City. You would not really call it a city, it resembles more like a biological and curvilinear wonder, but very well designed according to sacred geometrical proportions, and patterns of rivers and indigenous forests.

Mimicking Nature's genius, this living environment is a home for an intentional community of wise folk coming to share their wisdom, songs, art, and poetry with others. Teachers, bards, artists, visionaries, and mavericks from all over the world come to find their tranquil living.

All colours mimic the surrounding natural palette. Earthy touches of natural greens, as well as rock colours, are replicated to blend in with the accents of colourful diversity of the surrounding environment.

Divine Inspiration is impregnated into the very fabric of this energising environment.

Wautilli Arkaim is geometrically divided up into smaller plots, working with and around the power spots and lay lines that travel in various directions.


The city is surrounded by a large community of like-minded visionaries, who all share the same concept of co-creating a paradise on earth. They all live in their own 1 Hectare (2.5 acre) Kin Domains (Rodovye Pomestya). 


There is much joy and freedom in the air, as people's energies are pouring into self-regenerative edible landscapes, such as food forest gardens, interwoven with an abundance of colourful medicinal herbs and flowers.


Children are playing everywhere, not fearing anything. Hundreds of thousands of fruit and nut trees feed everyone. New types of schools are build by the children, guided by elders of the community.


The wise men (VOLHV) travel between various schools within Wautilli Arkaim, teaching through their master classes of specifically researched and practiced topics.


The community members set the curriculum, which actually fully fits into government regulations, as every student who completes one of the community schools has a 100 % pass rate, allowing them to enjoy any future education they choose.


However, the children, like little sponges, are absorbing so much more. Boredom and hatred of school is no longer present, as the excited ones learn about consciousness engineering, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, biomimicry, aquaculture, natural sciences, story telling, permaculture, bee keeping, eco-building, carpentry, pottery, singing, martial arts & food forest gardening, as well as a myriad of awesome new-reality subjects, which teach them to be wholesome and balanced individuals that uplift our planet, and humanity as a whole.


All the subjects have one thing in common: Abundance for all, fair energy exchange, and wholesomeness of experience.


There are still a few mainstream subjects, just to pass those exams, but your kids are learning a lot more than before. They are learning from Nature how to mimic 3.8 billion years worth of R & D.

The excess of organic food produce gets shipped on BioDiesel trucks to surrounding areas, and the energy exchange boosts and nourishes those that produced the food.


Energy is made freely by tapping into ether through electromagnetism. All such generators produce healing vibrations within a kilometre radius.


Russian Government and other countries are sending their employees to learn from the master classes on how to uplift their countries by integrating Natural patterns and processes, all the way through every sector of life. They are coming to learn how to construct such successful and wealthy cities.


They are all interested in what Wautilli Arkaim has to offer, because it is pulling in masses of the top biodiverse intelligence of our planet. Other governments want to replicate this city in order to boost creativity, joy, health, and co-creation in their own countries.


President Putin has a permanent residence in one of these 1 hectare paradises. The community looks after him and his family just like their own.


Juice bars, raw food cafes, and fresh aquaculture farms provide the most nourishing and living foods one could find on the planet, all freshly harvested and consumed at correct lunar times, within the same day. The need for fridges and salt is non-existent.


Winter aquaculture green houses continue to provide masses of living organic food.


BioGeometric sculptures, standing on all power spots, neutralise Electro Magnetic Radiation from all man-made technology, humanising the technology to be in sync with our biological bodies.


Fresh air is constantly produced by the scenic edible forests, combined with organic living food. Zero levels of harmful radiation combined with living food and water results in everyone's life spans more than doubling.


Zero debt, minimal stress, no homes built on geopathic zones, no EMR coupled with gorgeous scenery and inspiring lifestyle, and good eating habits, result in diseases and illnesses being long forgotten.


All of human sweat equity is channelled for upliftment of community, and Wautilli Arkaim as a whole. Everyone benefits from everyone's efforts.


All taxes go towards upliftment of the city, and a percentage goes towards Russian Government for its protection of the city and all the people dwelling therein.


There are successful programs that integrate and educate all those wishing to join or come for extended periods to learn from the master classes and observe, as well as practically participate in the creation of a new reality that thrives with Abundance.


Wautilli Arkaim has a diameter of 1000 km. It operates in radial clusters surrounded by 1 hectare kin domains. The radial hubs are interconnected by vacuum airways and alternative silent eco methods of transportation.

As a whole, Wautilli Arkaim is a home to over 100,000,000 most fascinating visionaries and manifestors of the earth. It is a spiritual and inspirational healing centre of the planet, practically exhibiting a new way of being.


The traditional slavic & Vedic festivals give wisdom and inspiration throughout the year, marking the equinoxes, solstices, and other key lunar and solar times of the year. The energy from all over the universe channels into Wautilli Arkaim, due to the living geometries and harmonic resonances that are present everywhere.


People living within and around the city all manifest their dreams and visions with ease and joy, due to the sheer number of other people that want to co-create with others.

After a few years, people who wish to stay will receive their own one hectare plots to set up their own kin domain gardens of Eden.


In fact, co-creation is what Wautilli Arkaim is all about.

The blueprint of Wautilli Arkaim is freely available to download and learn, and folk from all over the planet are coming to replicate these cities. By 2060, there will be over 100 cities of this kind present all over the globe.


It is rated, by all those living within and travelling through, as the most nourishing space to live on Earth.


The Russian Government freely provides visas for all those who have been accepted to live at Wautilli Arkaim, as this worldwide attraction is bringing it a lot of foreign capital and investors to finance our mother land.


As you drive from all over the world, you see radial signs in the distance, translated in all languages: 


Welcome to Wautilli Arkaim.

Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise.

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